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Caitlyn Jenner is a woman you probably haven’t heard of until today. She’s graced the cover of her first magazine, Vanity Fair, with the headline “Call Me Caitlyn”. This has already become one of the most tweeted images of all time and there is nothing coming up on our Facebook feeds today except Caitlyn Jenner. Why? Because she’s a 65-year-old, transgender woman who in fact, was once the incredible Olympian athlete, decathlon star, Bruce Jenner. The internet is going berserk for Caitlyn, but we’re wondering is it because the world supports transgender people or do we just have a sick fascination with pop culture?

Caitlyn Jenner was a member of the Kardashian family when she was formerly married to Kris Jenner – mum of Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kylie and Kendall and has spent much of her last 15 years in the spotlight, surrounded by women. The Kardashian family are considered by many “famous for absolutely nothing”, yet society has a kind of twisted obsession with their existence.

The family and so many others have come out with incredible support for Caitlyn…





There’s no doubt that Caitlyn is incredibly brave and is one of the first few transgender women to ever appear on a magazine cover and it’s everywhere today. But is that because we’re proud of a transgender person standing out and being who they are freely or is it because we’re obsessed with the scandalous, dramatic and story spinning angle this puts on the life of someone so many people have watched for years?

Have your say today… is Caitlyn Jenner breaking your social media today? Is she everywhere? Do you think it’s because people genuinely support her or is it because people are obsessed with pop culture? Share your thoughts in the comments below… 

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  1. I’m surprised the name doesn’t start with a ‘K’ ! Isn’t that her head imposed on another body ?

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    • I can’t see her body..all I can see her her head and upper shoulders, but I did notice there is no adams apple

    • “Apparently” is the right word Starts at 60. Neither you nor anyone but the surgeons know what has really happened and they ain’t saying.What s(he) actually looks like in real life will be a very different appearance and nothing like the photoshop that has been published.

  2. Is there anyone who cares what s(he) or the Kardashians do ? It is all publicity for payment and this is the most obvious photo shopped photo ever.

    6 REPLY
  3. way more attractive that his wife, how old is he? 65 ish? Wish I could lok like that at the same age

    1 REPLY
    • All of the ladies in our office are jealous of her legs! Maybe we should take up decathlon ;-D

  4. I think she is brave, maybe it will give others courage. I’d like to see her without the air brushing though.

  5. So obviously photoshopped. When did any transexual male turn into a body that shape overnight.

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