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This week, Fairfax announced the findings of the latest newspoll regarding political party preference. The Liberal party still held majority support with 38% and the Labour party had 36% support. However what really caught my attention was that within the Liberal party, the statistics for the preferred leader had changed significantly since the last poll. Malcolm Turnbull is the preferred leader with 35% support, however Julie Bishop, our Foreign Minister, had found equal support alongside Tony Abbott, the current Prime Minister – both holding 20% support.

Although it seems silly, I hadn’t really ever considered what it would be like for Australia to be lead by Julie Bishop. And when I did think about it, I realised that as an Australian woman, she is someone that I truly admire.

Why? Because last week, she did something that was incredibly brave that angered thousands of women everywhere. But to the women who want to find success in their own lives as their own people, she inspired them.

Last week, Julie Bishop stood in front of the National Press Club and told them all, “I am not a feminist”. She said that while she recognised and understood the women’s movement and the barriers it had faced, “feminist” is not a term that she finds particularly useful these days. She made it very clear that while she was a woman, she would not let her gender define herself, her opportunities, her role or her success. She said, “I am a female politician. I’m a female foreign minister… get over it”.

While I was listening to talk back radio as I was driving home during the week, they were interviewing two media personalities about their perceptions and thoughts about the Foreign Minister. When asked about whether or not Julie Bishop has done much for the cause of women in Australia, the female journalist told us that she believes she hasn’t done anything for women. Why? Because she hadn’t fought for the cause of women.

Now, I’m not looking for an argument, but I certainly do have one. For so many years, women in positions of responsibility have used their gender to champion them and increase their satisfaction and esteem in holding that role. They have acted as though they had defied nature by getting there too.

What Julie Bishop has done is prove to women of all ages everywhere, that you do not need to define or limit your perceived opportunities by your gender. You do not need to celebrate your successes like you were against all odds because you are a woman. Women have fought for equality for years and part of the reason, I believe, that we haven’t had as much success as we’d like is because we’ve had this attitude. We haven’t let ourselves succeed without tying our success or challenges to gender.

Julie Bishop is a woman who has succeeded on her own merit. She was born into a farming family, went to a well known high school and worked hard enough to be a prefect, a debating captain and one of the highest achievers of her year. She went to university and then she studied again at Harvard. From the day she went into politics, she has carried out her role to the best of her ability, and because of her hard work, she has often found success.

This 58-year-old woman doesn’t seem to be at the peak of her career. She has worked hard, and the recent news polls suggest that perhaps before too long, she could be the leader of this country.

I admire Julie Bishop’s strength and hard work. I also admire her for standing in front of that room and telling us all that she refuses to define herself or her career to gender, because she is one of the very few female politicians who has ever been that brave.


How would you feel if Julie Bishop was our Prime Minister?

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  1. This woman may have achieved highly academically but there is no way one could admire her for she lacks all elements of humanity and compassion for her fellow man. A cold callous bit of work which she openly displays.

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    • I agree with Lorna,what a nasty piece of works she is & yes Sharon I’d prefer Julia as prime minister today then the idiot we have in there now

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      • The difference between “Then” and ” Than” could be slip of the finger – the authors of this article, however, have spelt “Labor” as “Labour”?

    • Julie isn’t afraid to confront the big issues. Look at what she achieved for the people who lost loved ones in plane crash in Ukraine. Julia qould never have done that for fear of losing votes.

    • Here we go again, if you dare to say something the libs don’t like you are a Labor troll lol. Arrogant assumption, but then arrogance and being judgmental goes with the territory I suppose. Monkey see, monkey do. And at least we’re not being paid for OUR opinions.

    • Murray Hastie, Just because Sharon has an opinion that is obviously different from yours doesn’t make her ‘brainwashed’. If Sharon held the same opinion as you would that also make her ‘brainwashed’?

    • Love Julie and it’s interesting to see women denigrating her and the job she does. Would we see the same comments about Tania Plybesek I wonder? Come on what’s fair for one is fair for the other. And over 60 why aren’t these troll comments removed?

    • Remember Bernie? Ask Bernie’s family about her. ‘Cold’ and ‘callous’ are entirely appropriate here.

    • Why should someone move to North Korea simply because you don’t like their opinion Martin Harrington? How did your comment contribute to this discussion in any way?

    • A message for Frances Clark: have you already forgotten the thousands of female Liberal trolls who said really brutal things about Julia Gillard? Typical Lib sentiments with selective amnesia!

    • some think if they call us trolls our opinions won’t count and the LNP will magically win the next election or perhaps they are hoping this post will be removed too.. you can silence us but you can’t change our vote

    • Cold, cruel and callous. A woman almost entirely bereft of humanity easily supported by evidence for example her heartless blocking of compensation for asbestos victims in favour of her big business LNP buddies!

  2. Actually I like her she has worked hard to get where she is and is respected by world leaders alike. No where is she anything like juliard guilard who used the mosodginy card

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    • Juliar Gillard deserved all she got and more! She is nastiest piece of work I’ve ever come across.She can dish out dirt but can’t take it! Thank god she’s gone hopefully forever!

    • What a nasty sour bit of gear you must be Jacqueline Johnston, I never never heard Julie Gillard carry on like that !!!

    • And continues to do so. Julie B’scattacks on Julia were often childish. Remember miaow?

    • If you don’t want the misogyny card dealt, keep it out of the deck. No male politician has ever been treated the way she was. The sexist crap she dealt with was almost beyond belief. Why is it “playing the card” to call it out? That expression was designed by reactionaries to totally blame the victims of various forms of discrimination.

    • And why is it so hard to spell the first name of a former PM correctly Jacqueline? Or is this just more evidence of the way she was treated, then and now?

    • Many world Leaders have beaten a path to Julia’s door since she left office. She is that busy doing good work it is incredible. She is one ex Prime Minister still driving the good work she did in education when in office. The world’s gain was because of our loss.

    • Exactly Rob! Our former PM is heading up an organisation that is bringing education to young girls living in the remotest parts of the world, providing opportunities to escape life long poverty whereas our former minister for education is part of a party who are trying to deprive Australia’s poor of the chance at a tertiary education by deregulating uni fees!!

  3. It is said that during her time as a lawyer she deliberately delayed cases of dying asbestos workers. She seems a little harsh and unfeeling to be the leader of our country.

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    • She is a typical LNP go getter or should I say the party of “Entitlement” she is defiantly a piece of work, don’t be fooled. Remember Phoney Tony pre election, pure evil!

  4. She is very confident, a lot like Bronwyn bishop, those kinda of ladies, need more off…

  5. I agree totally,she got there on her own merritts,not because she was “allocated” & don’t worry about Lorna or Keith Leggett,they are as mad as a cut snake with left wing tendencies it would appear

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    • Robin although you are what they call a right winger don’t you realise this system of govt does not work for all of the populace. This outdated Pommie Westminister system style of govt has been failing the country for a long time now and with people like you that have been totally brainwashed into their way of thinking that it works. Yeh works for them but bugger everyone else. It’s time for a massive change. Time for a Republic and not the Yankee style either

    • Murry,I’m certainly not a brain washed right winger,but you must be pretty dull if you can’t see what left wing politics had done to load up every Man Woman & child with excessive debt

    • Robin This Government doubled the debt in six months. They are spending money like drunken sailors, off shoring jobs, using 457 visas for other jobs, letting Corporations pay minimal tax and attacking the vulnerable, pensioners and taxing the poorest whilst on track to reduce pensions in real terms.

    • Rob,I can see you have no idea how financing Australia works,budgets don’t change on election night,the increased debt is due to the previous Gov.budget blowing if the projected debt(caused by the previous Gov.) is not curtailed,it is projected to reach $667billion in the next few years (around $400billion now)

    • Robin The budget did start to change almost immediately with the now Treasurer announcing many changes that added Billions of Dollars of debt within days of being sworn in. There is plenty of information showing that this Government has descended into a spending spiral. 1/2 illion here, a billion there etc and it will just deteriorate as has the unemployment figure.

    • That’s funny Rob. You claim that they’re spending “like drunken sailors” and yet the left has been whining since the budget about the “terrible cuts”.

      So they’ve cut spending in all areas but are spending more than ever before. Please organise with your handlers to get the stories straight.

  6. She may not think she is a feminist but she has benefited from all that feminists have achieved over history. I cant agree with the writers views either

  7. A “KEEPER” for sure !

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    • Well you “KEEP” her, out of our country would be nice, the smiling assassin is your JULIE! BEWARE!

    • I’ll be PROUD to. Also, I haven’t heard anything about her getting any home reno’s done by Fraud Money, ect, ect !!!!!

    • Gillard was not implicated or guilty of any charges… She did not break any laws while Bishop deliberately slowed down legal procedures in asbestos victims claims. My father in law died as a result with little or no compensation!!!!

    • Noel pushing the twenty year old line that has been proven incorrect time after time, year after year even in a Royal Commission which was a waste of hundreds of millions of dollars aimed at denigrating one person and which failed to do so. That money could have been spent elsewhere to benefit the public.

    • Well Julia is the only one game enough to stand at a Press Conference and answer each and every question thrown at her for hours until the media, biased and otherwise could not think of any more questions. She also sat in the Royal Commission and again answered each and every question. The Royal Commission which was set up to get her could find NO EVIDENCE. To speculate continually with gossip is not very endearing. I would like to see any member of this Government dare to stand in a Press Conference or Royal Commission and answer all questions. Does not happen.

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