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Around 150,000 Australians will be affected by Telstra’s next measures to cut costs – particularly those who live rurally. Telstra has announced they will cut off internet services by December to those who are still on the superseded network.

It’s been around 5-10 years since the majority of us have switched from dial-up internet, but there are many who still use the old and faithful, albeit outdated, system.

The familiar whirring and static of the dial-up connection will be a distant memory when Telstra retires the 25-year-old service, although luckily around 97 per cent of Australia can access fast internet at home and on our electronic devices,

Bill Birtles, co-founder of NetConnect Communications – one of the first Regional Internet Service Providers in Australia – told Business Insider that patchy broadband connections have meant some have had no option but to use dial-up internet over their phone lines.

“I think that in regional and rural areas there’s very much a case of people (who) will hang onto technologies that are trusted and reliable for as long as they can before they move to anything else, unless it is proven that they work reliably,” he said.

“So in the transition between dial-up and ADSL we did find that there was a little bit of resistance from moving from what they knew to something that was different”.

And this is a changing world, with more and more people needing unlimited usage packages to support their downloading habits – something dial-up could never compete with.

Any website with photos would not be able to downloaded over a dial-up service, let alone a video.

In contrast, at typical speeds over ADSL2+ it would take around two minutes to download a 150MB video.

All Telstra dial-up services will be eliminated by December but the telco will offer customers alternative means of internet access. For the meantime, iiNet said it will continue to offer dial-up connections to customers.


Tell us, do you know someone who will be affected by this? When was the last time you used dial-up?

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  1. Australian telecommunication is 3rd world standard as it is……

    1 REPLY
    • I have found that a lot of 3rd world countries have superior internet because they haven’t had the outdated technology and are jumping straight to the new.

  2. I have a Prepaid, so won’t affect me

    2 REPLY
    • My prepaid is with Optus

      1 REPLY
      • This is nothing to do with phones, prepaid or otherwise – its the connection to the system for computers that is affected. Can’t imagine why anyone would want dial-up now anyway, so much slower, and dearer too!

  3. the way the service is out in the bush it wouldn’t make much difference…sometimes they would get better communications with a smoke signal…it’s hard enough for the bushies now… just like telstra to put the boot in

  4. Ha! I dont care because I dont have Telstra Internet. I will shop around for the best deal and I bet it wont be Telstra.

    3 REPLY
    • Daniel Blundstone
      Once again, it is only dial up internet services that will be affected.
      So you need to get your facts straight before having a smart alec go at others.

    • Hi I don’t know you but TPG who runs via optus has great deals on internet. My landline and internet are with Telstra but I have my mobile phone with TPG and get $550 calls and texts for $20 month using an unlocked phone, the initial set up costs $59 I think. I think the GB on data is 1GB. If you look up their deals Philomena, you might find them quite competitive.

      1 REPLY
      • To clarify that’s I Gb on the phone data.

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