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A 14-year-old girl with a devastating story has launched a petition asking Christopher Pyne and Malcolm Turnbull to “Stop domestic violence killing mums like mine”.

The brave teenager has already successfully petitioned for domestic violence to be included in the New South Wales school curriculum, she is now calling on the Education Minister to make it a national priority.

Here are her heartbreaking words from her petition on Change.org.

My name is Josie and I am 14. I hate domestic violence – it took my mum’s life earlier this year. It broke her and she saw no other way of escaping than suicide. Just 3 weeks after, i got onto my Gran’s laptop and started a petition on Change.org, calling on NSW schools to teach kids about domestic violence, desperate to help make it stop.

And it won – with the support of 100,000 of you – NSW agreed to include it in the syllabus. But achieving change in just NSW isn’t enough – we need education across all of Australia.

62 women have died because of domestic violence this year alone.That number makes me feel sick – it’s disgusting. We need to do more than just talk about how sad this is – we need to be active in educating people on the dangers of domestic violence, to save the lives of beautiful women.

You see i grew up surrounded by abuse and never knew anything was wrong until it was too late. I strongly believe that if I was told about family violence, how to recognise and respond to it in class – I would have been able to seek help and even save mum.

I might be only one voice, but I am backed by thousands. We can make a change if we rally together. Let’s get Education Minister Christopher Pyne to make education on domestic violence compulsory in ALL schools across Australia.

What do you think of Josie’s mission? Do you agree that this will make a difference? Share your messages of support in the comments. 

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  1. Whilst I do not agree with the Domestic Violence that takes lives lives why is there never any thought towards the Domestic Violence towards men.. I believe that this is in the area of 21 suicides per week through another method of Domestic Violence. Why do we only hear about women with DV when many more women are the cause of DV.

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    • It’s not intended to be one sided Daryll, it’s the fact it impacts women more. Any violence is not acceptable.

    • 62 for women and approx 21 per week male sounds like it impacts on men more to me but as we all know they are not the headlining facts. Women make headlines.

    • I think it stands for violence against anyone , its not right regardless of the sex of a person .

  2. Daryl, domestic violence I’d domestic violence regardless of whether the victim is male or female. But no-one deserves to be beaten to a pulp or even killed. It is a well known fact that more women suffer than men, but the men need to come forward. Everyone needs to come forward. It will never stop otherwise.

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    • I totally agree with you Fran, but the emphasis is always placed on the female. I think somewhere about 62 this year but 21 men a week. Nothing ever changes for the men, I have my own fair share of Mental DV, I survive it by shutting my ears to it. I have had things thrown at me, denigrated in front of my kids and grandkids and have been told that I would get a knife in the stomach etc while I’m sleeping. When I’ve complained all I get told is your a man, build a bridge.

    • I do not complain to our kids or grandkids because I don’t want them taking sides over this. The kids are entitled to their mother, and I do applaud the young lady who has brought it to attention.

  3. Daryl, where did you get those figures? It’s hard to believe that 31 men are taking their lives every week because they are suffering abuse from their partners

  4. Darryl, if you are being abused now, you need to make them listen. It is not right, no matter who it is happening to. I couldn’t get help many years ago and was nearly killed several times. They tell me it is different now, so make someone listen. It’s not that women think they are the only ones, it’s that right now women are being murdered. It has to stop. Good luck Darryl.

  5. I’m sure this is true but women are more vulnerable and susceptible to physical violence.Nobody should be a victim no- one

  6. SAS, I think we should get a committee or something in each state and get some sort of signatures document together and take to each premier and get each state to act and then maybe the federal government will do something.

  7. I agree that it should be addressed in school. Please don’t think that you are in anyway responsible for what adults do. People need to not be close enough to physically get injured when someone is angry. Children need at least 5 close adults that they can talk to confidentially . Unconditional love is shown by seeking help to change the unacceptable behaviour. I’m so sorry for your loss! Thank you for attempting to turn a negative into a posative. xx

  8. Absolutely and in the home though boys have to be taught how to control their frustrations and tempers without violence

  9. Josie, I’m a survivor and feel very sorry that you are alone now without your mother. I was lucky and finally made the decision that it was time to get out of the situation to protect both myself and my children. In most incidences, it is not easy for the victim to make this decision and you need a lot of external support afterwards. Some victims are not able to make this decision due to threats etc from the other party in the relationship, it can be extremely hard mentally as well as physically. This is becoming too common in society today and should be addressed by the Gov in all aspects of this problem whether it be male or female who is the victim. I am sure that your mother would be very proud of your achievement it getting this addressed in the school room where it can help reduce this problem in the future. God bless you in the future

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