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60 Minutes journalist Tara Brown had hoped to learn her fate overnight. Instead, she’s been led away in handcuffs and locked up again with no answers.

It was a tense day of closed-door negotiations for the Australian reporter. Alongside the mother at the centre of the scandal, Sally Faulkner, Brown made a brief appearance before the investigating judge.

It was the third time the women had appeared in court following their arrest almost two weeks ago after a failed attempt to grab Faulkner’s two children.

Tara Brown left the court handcuffed after the case was adjourned. (Reuters: Mohamed Azakir)
Tara Brown left the court handcuffed after the case was adjourned. (Reuters: Mohamed Azakir)


The children were returned to their father soon after and the 60 Minutes team in Lebanon — Brown, Benjamin Williamson, David Ballment and Stephen Rice — were arrested.

The judge stressed the seriousness of the charges Brown, her colleagues and Faulkner are facing.

“This is not a custody case,” Judge Abdullah said. “They are charged with kidnapping two kids.”

Faulkner has reportedly pleaded with her estranged husband Ali Elamine to drop the child abduction charges in exchange for her renouncing all claims to custody and cooperating in getting a divorce.

In Australia, Faulkner was given sole custody of the children by the Family Court. When Elamine took the children to Lebanon he got his own custody ruling for a religious court there, but it is not clear when it was issued.

El-Amien wants to see Faulkner, Brown and the Channel 9 crew and the child recovery team punished, and is concerned withdrawing the charges would benefit them all.

The families of the Brown and her 60 Minutes crew recently made a public statement asking for the public to reserve judgement of the situation until all the facts are known.

Australia’s foreign minister Julie Bishop spoke to The Project said there is an option of forming a joint working committee to resolve the issue.

Do you think Australia needs to increase diplomatic pressure on Lebanon to secure the release of Brown and the rest of the group?

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  1. Yes and they should make sure it does not happen again the channel is too blame for giving the money and sending them all over.

    1 REPLY
    • Well he kidnapped the kids in the first place SO yes Australia should ask why them and not him ? Journos ,, the mother was siting in the car wow . Extradite him for wrong doing ??? He should be charged as well

  2. Definatly. .. just amazing this type of thing can happen in this day & age.. I feel for the 60 minutes crew knowing they have family here.They were doing their job.. To my way of thinking we should all stick to our own race when marrying.. Lebanons way of life , religion etc are so different from ours.. I think a lesson learnt.. As far as the father of these two children he’s done the wrong thing by them by taking them or should i say kidnapping them cause thats basically what it boils down to… I sincerely hope all can be resolved & our Aussies come back home…

    1 REPLY
    • The father and his family see the children as Lebanese. The father seems quite reasonable and speaks well. He obviously loves the children too. It is all very sad, and I’m not sure how there can be a happy outcome for everyone. It is a shame that channel nine saw fit to involve themselves. Of course they were just doing it for money and ratings.

  3. Who do these Journos think they are, a law unto themselves? My heart goes out to the mum but there are professional people who do this a Journalist should have been the last choice.

  4. I pray that they will be released ASAP, and watching this story closely, how it will unfold, feel for the families , desperate to see more of this story on the news.

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