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The world has been buzzing over the past week or so that the Star of Bethlehem has appeared for the first time in 2,000 years. Interesting story historically, and the scientific explanation of it is equally interesting.

This is all related to the story we wrote last week on what is a rare event in the night sky, the ‘coming together’ of Jupiter and Venus.

Conjecture has always surrounded what the Star of Bethlehem actually was. Over the years Christians have of course linked the event to the birth of Jesus, and ancient Greeks, Romans and Hebrews had their own views on significant people being born in association with astronomical phenomena

Or was it simply an astronomical event, such as a comet, nova, pulsar, or a conjunction of planets?

That last one, a planetary conjunction, has rung true with astronomers.

Fred Schaaf, of Sky & Telescope magazine, has noted that the current Jupiter and Venus event would have last been seen in about the year 2 BC.

”As has been the case in 2014–15,” he explains, “the first two conjunctions back then were extremely close, the last one separated by about 1°, all three occurred not far from Regulus, and all were similarly high up in the sky.”

So there you have it. Be your beliefs religious, or your explanations bound by science, either way it’s not something that happens every day.

If you’d like to see this in your night sky, the best time to do so is not long after dark, and for the next couple of nights.

Have you had a look up the sky yet to catch Jupiter and Venus ‘showing off’? Let us know what you thought of this rare event in our night sky.



Brett Wilson

  1. Logistically, if the three wise men had actually seen this star and travelled to Jerusuleum on camels, it would have taken them around two years to do the trip. The bible is full of inconsistenties.

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    • Sharon. I said the bible was full of inconsistenties. It claims Jesus was a man. And thanks to you, now we know it is a woman…. LOL

    • Ralph.
      It was assumed they came from China. Over 800 klms. Travelling around 10klms a day and staying for weeks at different towns for supplies and rest breaks.

    • no Ruth — no inconsistences — just the way you have interpreted it — who said first there were 3 wisemen — the Bible doesn’t but it does say that the wisemen visited the child in the Gospels not a baby — man has brought about the inconsistencies of the birth of Christ — lets not blame the Bible.

    • The wise men visited Jesus at a house (Matthew 2:11)not in a stable where he was born. He was about 2 years old by then. Verse 16 confirms this. Herod sent soldiers into Bethlehem and the surrounding coastal regions to kill all children 2years and under.

    • I thought they travelled to Bethlehem, not Jerusalem. If it did take two years to get to wherever then, he would probably rather have had Lego than gold frankincense and myrrh.

  2. There so many wonderful things in our sky. Those we can see with our eyes and others with those big telescopes

  3. It,s spectacular tonight!

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    • Maybe a bit less cloud drifting in front of it, where you are. Other than that, it’s the same old hell-hole – average temperature, 750C !!!!

    • Scientific fact. It’s not a star, it’s a planet.
      Surface temperature hot enough to melt lead, atmospheric pressure 90 times that of Earth, little or no oxygen, but mostly carbon dioxide with clouds of sulphuric acid.
      Not my idea of paradise.
      I think if the Boss upstairs wanted to organise a special star, he might choose something better than that, ay.

  4. Oh, for Heaven’s sakes, it’s only the planet Venus – and it’s always been there!

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  5. Jesus was 2yrs old not a little newborn baby when the astrologers arrived in Bethlehem…..also the bible doesn’t say that there was three of them,just three gifts.
    King Herod had all boys two years old killed .

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