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It might not be the winter problem that you are expecting. You get in your car and notice that it doesn’t start right or maybe runs a bit rough. Perhaps some of the electrics might suddenly stop, or fluids need to be topped up more frequently. It’s not gremlins that are causing you grief, though the problem is a bit furry.

Winter forces rats to seek warmer shelter and as many Aussies are finding out the internals of your car are a prime location. Rats are the prime suspects in about 200 claims every winter according to Suncorp Group Insurance. The furry little critters have racked up $3.5 million dollars in claims since 2011.

Suncorp Group spokesman Jake Krausmann told the Herald Sun “Rodents routinely do several thousand dollars’ damage, typically costing $3000 to $4000 to repair”. They are not picky about the car being top of the line or budget friendly either because it’s the oils used in certain plastics that they love to nibble.

Customers have reported chewed wiring, holes in wiper and brake fluid reservoirs, and in some cases completely chewed through brake and fuel lines. All damages could result in a serious accident and will cause a serious drain on your wallet.

To find out your best options to combat the rat issue, you should consult a pest control professional. Though another option maybe a few rescue cats, they can keep the rat population down and are good company as well.

Have you ever had a car problem because of a rat? What are your tips for keeping the rats out of the garage?

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