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Everyone (well, almost everyone) loves to have a sneak peek at what the Royals are up to, and this week you can do it for free, without paying for one of those pesky mags! On the week when the Countess of Wessex, Sophie, turned 50 and the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate looked blooming in her alleged sixth month of pregnancy.

The Duchess of Cornwall turned 50 this week and she looks better than ever.

The Duchess of Cambridge was out in all her royal pregnant glory opening The Kensington Leisure Centre.

Rebecca Wilson

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  1. “women’s” not “womens’ ” ! “Women” is already plural. Also, Sophie, Countess of Wessex, is 50 this week, not the Duchess of Cornwall, who is Camilla, Prince Charles’ wife.

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    • I am glad to see that some one else notices the important things like grammar and titles. It is a wonder that Catherine was not called a princess (which she often is ).

    • These spelling and grammar mistakes annoy me. The people who write these articles are not careful enough. My parents were so strict with grammar. I bet when Charles is king, people will start calling Kate “Princess”, because she will be one step nearer …

    • I don’t mean to sound aggressive, but the American sites are full of mistakes, so was surprised to see them on an Australian site.

  2. I wouldn’t buy a magazine to see what any royals are doing but it was very nice to look on my own computer and see these young people looking so fine. Good luck and every to them. I wouldn’t have their life for quids.

  3. More important things to worry about in the world!!!! I couldn’t give a toss what the Royals are up to

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    • Ok, well then why are you looking and commenting. No one really wants to hear comments so sour, you sound like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders. Stop commenting and have a rest.

  4. Countess looking great at 50. One Royal we don’t see much of.

  5. Where’s Andrew, hi there he is under the rock! Should be interesting how that one pans out. Poor old Lissie, just when you think it’s all going smoothly!

  6. Two classy ladies, both former “commoners”, showing some of the younger royal women how it is done. Sophie and Kate always get it right.

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