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As the race begins to clean up after the race that stops a nation, it’s time to take stock of what actually happened yesterday. History (or for the 70s feminists out there, “herstory”) was made yesterday, however Australia’s highest figurehead has been accused of missing the point entirely.

A Fairfax Media editorial today says the Governor-General was “utterly controlled by what seemed to be a pre-prepared speech” and his failure to deviate from the words on the page was a “faux pas” in the face of such a moment.

Writer Crispin Hull says Sir Cosgrove should have cast off the pre-written speech with it’s “fill in the blanks” spots for horse, trainer and jockey.

“Why didn’t he just chuck away his prop – his prepared speech – and seize the moment of history. For the first time in the 155 years of its running, a female jockey won the Melbourne Cup,” writes Hull.

Meanwhile, the Emirates representative was just as bad – even the trainer scored poorly for leaving it until last to mention Michelle Payne’s feat.

“The glossy failure of the Governor-General and the Emirates representative to seize the moment of history illustrates the desperate poverty of a large part of public life in Australia today: safety, bum-covering, offend no-one, no spontaneity,” writes Hull.

At least the GG wasn’t drunk… Do you remember this speech from Sir John Kirr in 1977? It was just after the Dismissal of the Labor government, and he faced hecklers and boos from the crowd.

Fortified by a drink or seven, he got through his speech and made a different kind of Melbourne Cup history.


Do you think Sir Peter Cosgrove could have done better? 

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  1. There is quite a bit of controversy going on now about Kerr’s involvement with Frazer going on the moment, documents pertaining to the Palace and Kerr are not going to be released until 50 years after Kerr’s death. Kerr was a disgusting drunk and embarrassment to the country. I would never place Cosgrove in the same basket as Kerr. But he could have improvised a bit, it would have given that lady Jockey a real thrill

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  2. Michelle Payne put herself and her horse into Melbourne Cup history. A seemingly delightful young woman who doesn’t mind a bit of a chat and isn’t afraid to voice an opinion. I loved the “…..get stuffed” reference to racing administration. As for the GGs speech; well so what if his pre prepared lines were a bit off the mark. Who really cares and who will remember. Everyone will remember Michelle’s ride, the horse and her brother. It beats me why an issue is made of a mistake in a speech.

  3. He gets paid a fortune, for doing nothing. You’d think the least he could do is make an appropriate speech!

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    • Have you the faintest idea of what this man has done in his career? I think not. And suggest if you want to make comments like that, you should at least do a bit of research. He has done more for Australia than you realise,

    • I stand by my comment! For his outrageous salary one would expect that he can respond intelligently to current events!

    • Get a life Marlene it sounds like you are one of the University Graduates who has managed to wreck this great country of ours.

    • You mean the liberals Wendy, Rhodes scholars, etc? I guess they are living proof that education does not always equal intelligence….

    • Well Marlene you definitely have prove Wendy’s point, now go suck some more lemons, this man is ten times better than you.

    • I have had little respect for this man since he followed the example of some of the senior Liberals at Gough Whitlams funeral and did not applaud a couple of the speeches. Regardless of how he personally felt about the truth or exaggeration in those speeches as GG he should be outside of politics and politely applauded.

    • Cosgrove isn’t quite the man some of you think he is, I don’t think you should be so hard on Marlene.

    • I’m not talking about our political parties Marlene I’m talking about those people out there who think they have brains but no common sense and think they should run everyone’s life.
      This man has done a lot for this country in his working life and also as head of disaster relief and he did not do it sitting in front of a computer.

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      • Wendy, Cosgrove has done no more for this Country than any other person except supporting the LNP which obviously has furthered his career.

    • My comment for this case still stands Wendy. And while he may have done good in his life, so have a lot of other people. And with considerably less reward.

  4. The critics are so small minded, how many medals do they have on their chest and how have they served our country apart from spread scandle

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    • You stupid woman the first thing he did as you obviously did not watch it was to bring her to the front and praise her.

    • You stupid woman the first thing he did as you obviously did not watch it was to bring her to the front and praise her.

    • Grahame Perceval he didn’t earn my respect nor you for calling Barbara Easthope a ‘Stupid Woman’!

    • A stupid woman, hey! There in lies why you would think someone who did nothing to address the deep seated problems of sexual assault and bastardisation when he had the power to do something is a good bloke.

  5. just a royal sycophant …just imagine the savings made if all the government houses ( and their staff ) were actually used for something useful …think we have 7 in Oz …..

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    • Quentin Bryce sure made good use of the house & our MONEY . Flowers cost $$$$$$$$ per year, as every room need to have them

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  6. I think he did well, I think we have to stop any gender bias and think what a marvellous feat for the Jockey and her marvellous strapper, or have you lost the point that the strapper has Downes?

  7. Trust the Fairfax press to dwell on something as insignificant as this. All they seem to care about is sinking the boot into Abbott at every chance and anything to do with Political Correctness. No wonder people have stopped reading that crap paper.

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    • Same reason they’ve stopped reading the biased Murdoch papers

  8. Wow so he didnt mention her name so what. All he was there for was to present a trophy. I didnt see anything wrong with any of the presentations. Maybe I just see the simple side of life.

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