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As we draw closer to Bill Shorten’s same-sex marriage bill, there’s so many questions being discussed. However one that should be – but isn’t – is what is driving our personal opinion and whether or not, our MPs should be able to vote on conscience instead of having to follow their parties position?

The Opposition Leader is likely to call for a Liberal MP to step forward and co-sponsor the Labor bill, in a move that will put more pressure on the Prime Minister to allow his party a free vote.

Deputy Labor Leader Tanya Pilbersek has actually offered to remove her name from the bill to make space the legislation bipartisan.

She said to Fairfax Media yesterday, “We’ve always said the support of members of both major parties is crucial to this reform succeeding. If a Liberal MP agrees to second this bill to achieve marriage equality, I will step aside as the seconder.”

This brings us an interesting perspective on things for our MPs (who probably won’t even get to vote until August or November). Gay Marriage is something that has almost been used as political leverage for the last five years or so but in fact, aside from passing legislation, it has very little do to with politics. So should political party preference have nothing to do with our position on this?

What do you believe? I know many Liberal voters who believe it should be legalised yet I also know Labor voters who disagree with it all. So on something like this, that is so removed from politics, should every person be allowed to break down political barriers, actually form a bridge with other voters and agree to support the same cause?

Sadly, bipartisanship is something we don’t often see unless we’re looking at terrorism and border protection, so if more Liberal MPs put forward their support for the bill, will we see the parties actually support each other for one of the first times in a long time?

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  1. No, its not the natural behavior when it comes to being a couple.

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  2. I have no problem with two males or two females living together if that is what they both want, BUT, I do have a problem with those who want to destroy the meaning and concept of marriage. Marriage is a part of the fabric of our society and there are obviously some who have such a hatred of our society that they want to destroy a part of its fabric. Invent another word, don’t destroy what we have!

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    • Paul there are many people just living together with children and are vet happy but if Anyone wants to get married they should be able to. Same sex or not.

    • Unfortunatley Paul the meaning of marriage lost its sanctity and meaning a long time ago. I cant understand for the life of me why gays are so hell bent on it. Two of my hetrosexual children are in committed relationships and have children but are not married. I was married but not anymore. 50% end in divorce but hey its the new course on the agenda for gays.
      After they’ve won the right to marry their lifelong soulmate what will be next on the agenda to fight for? I’m sure the Left will find them something!

    • There are also a lot of your so called “normal” couples who now chose NOT to get married….those who wish to should be able to regardless of their sex

    • We should not be so negative as to what marriage is not, but, rather what marriage is. Leave

    • ‘marriage ” alone and call these relationships something else! Is there a hidden agenda here?

    • @ Libbi you don’t need a “Legal Document” to be “In Love.” However A Marriage Ceremony requires the signing of a Legal Document. Go & read the following – High Court throws out ACT’s same-sex marriage laws!!!

    • How are they going to destroy the meaning and concept of marriage ? Are they not adding to this concept of marriage by getting married and making a commitment to each other . This is 2015 not the Victorian age

    • Please, before you can change something, you must first of all destroy the original and then make something new. Yes this is 2015 not the dark ages. If these people who want this change can guarantee there is no hidden agenda please state it.

  3. I definately support marriage equality between two consenting adults who love each other and want to spend their lives together.

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