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It might be hard to believe but Australia isn’t donating enough aid to the countries that need it. But less than 25 per cent of our aid money is going to the poorest countries in the world, according to a new analysis by aid organisation One.

Our main aid focus has been on the Asia-Pacific region, and less on the African nations, such as Ethiopia, who need it most.

And we’ve just slashed our aid budget too by over $11 billion, though we did still give $4.7 billion in the last financial year. However only 5 per cent ($240 million) went to sub-Saharan Africa. And now, it’s lost even more funding in the most recent Budget; 70 per cent of the total they typically receive from Australia.

Aid group One is calling for donor countries like Australia to adopt new goals for next week’s aid conference in Ethiopia.

The United Nations financing for development conference is attempting to find a way to end extreme poverty by 2030, and needs the support of wealthy countries.

And to commit to ending world poverty, we need to give 0.7% of our gross national income (GNI), of which 50% should go to the world’s least developed countries.

“2015 could be a game changer for the world’s most vulnerable people, but decisions taken in Addis Ababa will determine whether the opportunity is seized or squandered,” said One’s director of global policy, Eloise Todd. “We won’t see an end to extreme poverty unless countries like Australia shift focus to the poorest countries and the poorest people”.

“So far, the Abbott government has been historic for all the wrong reasons, overseeing cuts to the aid budget that have set Australia down the path to being the least generous it’s ever been in terms of aid,” she said, reports The Guardian.

We currently spend 0.27% of GNI in aid – Britain has met the 0.7% aid goal, and they and the US have increased their aid to sub-Saharan Africa by more than 7% in the last year.

Tanya Plibersek will be attending the conference while the foreign minister, Julie Bishop, was yet to confirm.


Tell us, should we increase our foreign aid budget to Africa? Will it end poverty if we do?

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  1. Before we give aide to anyone, we need to look in our backyard and do something about getting the homeless off the streets and eradicating poverty here, then any money that is left we should help others

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    • our governments do not care about the problems of people at home or abroad. They have an alternative agenda. We must care about all peoples and do what we can. Improving poorer economies builds markets and improves job prospects at home. With jobs many of our social problems will be helped.

    • mike here-I believe that when we send money to Indonesia we pays our ransom, without which the hoardes would be coming.

    • Nice sentiment Libbi but try telling that to the current Liberal Govt who have cut services to shelters for the homeless, closed aboriginal communities because of their lifestyle choices, cut funding for shelters for domestic violence victims, cut aged pensions, cut the disability pension, cut funding for rehab units for people with mental health issues and cut funding for drug and alcohol rehab units, cut funding for home help for the aged, cut funding for Medicare for GP visits- need I go on. These are all cuts that will affect an already marginalised society and Abbott just does not care so you can see our current Govt is not looking as you so quaintly put it in our own backyard and never will so we continue to have a morally and socially corrupt Govt in power.

  2. We should have every male over the age of twelve, desexed and keep it up for ten years. I’m sick to death of seeing poor starving kids and mothers with the dads standing with a shovel, smoke in mouth burying them. I’d pay to have their goo lies fixed. When their population becomes sustainable let then start reproducing.

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    • I have shared your opinion for many years. I am tired of seeing starving woman surrounded by under nourished children. The men might be Hungary but that does not seem to prevent them siring more children.

  3. It would be wonderful if Australia could end all the ills of the world. Reality is we can’t. Neither is it surprising what aid we do give is to our local region. If African countries stop their tribal conflicts that leave so many without the ability to try to help themselves then providing aid may achieve something.

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    • and if any monies donated went directly to the poor. but it does not…a high percentage of money goes for bribes and payouts so to allow the medical teams to enter the areas. These countries have governments that take take and take, returning nothing in medical or schooling. If the people cant pay a fee for schooling then their kids miss out. so bloody wrong.

    • Yes exactly the corruption in African countries ensures that very little, if any aid gets to those that need it.

    • Anything that gets through is better than nothing.

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      • What gets though is probably about 5 cents in every dollar and that is taken by the warlords. If they were fair dinkum they would accept food and clothing but they prefer the cash. Cut more of our aid program until our elderly and homeless are looked after. Make people without jobs relocate to where there are jobs. Get rid of the welfare mentality where single mothers with 4 or 5 kids by different fathers receive upwards of $1000 a week or our money while pensioners struggle along in the winter on less than half that a fortninght. There is a lot we could do right here but we wont.

    • Yes Kerrie it maybe but I really think Australia is not in the financial position to pump money into an area if is not going to be effective. Donating to Australian aid agencies working in the region is probably the best way to do it.

    • Dont forget the high admin charges that the so called charities exude from your $, its all a con

    • Agree with all the comments … The really needy gets very little money / aid and the dictators gets richer. Jacob Zuma has recently used British aid money to build his dream home ( £19 million was given and he used £17 million on himself )

    • mike here-I understand that at the time of the Ethiopian tragedy the US Gov sent boatloads of grain to the country but sailed away again when they were refused entry to the ports because they wouldn’t pay exhorbitant port fees,The grain went ?

  4. I say look after our own first than give to a country that is helping themselves to get out of poverty. Africa is not helping it’s own people and to much conflict amongest it’s own people always in the news why have they not helped them with getting out and of having baby’s put bromide in the water

  5. Yes, after all the pple in Australian live in a home and all children dont live under the poverty line.

  6. When we have sorted out the assistance needed in our own country, then I think we should help countries in our region only, i.e. mostly Asian Pacific countries. Crazy to think that we can solve world wide issues, let us concentrate on our “neighbours” then we could be more generous.

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