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Former PM Tony Abbott has given another interview this week and shows no signs of quietly fading away.

In an interview with 2GB’s Ray Hadley earlier today he criticised those who orchestrated his downfall. He claimed that the result of the Canning by-election five days after he was replaced would probably have been just as positive if he remained leader.

“A strong result in Canning– which is what we were going to get – would have put paid to this notion that somehow I was unelectable because of the polls,” The Australian reports he said.

Mr Abbott also said he hoped his departure would be the end of ongoing leadership changes.

“People of character and steadiness don’t panic at the polls,” he said.

He said it would be terrible if people were to abandon the Coalition because of the leadership change.

“Even if they have to do it through gritted teeth, support the Coalition, support the Prime Minister, support the Government.”

He also claimed there had been no policy changes since his departure.

On the topic of backstabbing, Mr Abbott said: “I’ve always thought that you should focus on the other side, expose their flaws, where there are problems with the other side it’s your job as the leader of one side to expose all of that mercilessly.

“I’ve never believed in watching my own back. I always thought that the important thing was to focus on those who are supposed to be your opponents and that’s what I’ve done.”

The Australian says his call on conservative voters to support Mr Turnbull through “gritted teeth” to ensure continuity of leadership was immediately dismissed by the Labor Party.

What do you think? Does Mr Abbott have a right to set the record straight from his own point of view? Or should he just quietly head off into the distance and let the new man at the Lodge get on with the job unhindered? 


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  1. No! Hang around and keep reminding the electorate what greedy, incompetent, corrupt sociopaths the LNP really are.

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    • The “debt crisis” was a pure invention of the LNP and Murdoch media. At the time of the Global Financial Crisis, Australian debt was the lowest in the developed world and the envy of the rest of the G20…about 28% of GDP compared to around 70% in the USA and 88% in the UK for example.

      However, after 18 months of failed LNP policies (which are more about keeping Gina Rinehart happy than what;s good for the country), debt and unemployment are up, the dollar is down and services to the most vulnerable are under threat.

      Of course not many know this since the government has also allowed 68% of Australian media (by readership/viewership) to be owned by their supporter Rupert Murdoch.

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      • Bob ,not sure where you get your figures from but their wrong debt currently 26 percent GDP so come down since Rudd Gillard Rudd oh and before them no Debt

    • Oh, you mean the Rudd government that made Australia the only G20 country not to enter recession during the Global Financial Crisis? The government that kept it’s promises about widrawal from Iraq and apologising to the Aboriginal community? That one?

      Or the one that the Murdoch media brainwashed you about?

    • Wow Bob all this in 2 yrs what’s for the future with the Libs sure to stay in power for many more yrs ?

    • you right Bob, the Liberals have doubled the debt and the economy is up the crapper, unemployed people everywhere, even the dollar fell

    • I have lived through 60+ years and have seen this country systematically destroyed…..Rudd was just a voice crying in the wilderness as most too blind to see his good works. I now see locality allowances taken away ( this for working in woop woop where most wouldn’t!). Penalty rates now tabled for the cut….wonder how many prepared to work shifts in the health industry, late,night and weekends for no extra??? ……. few I think!!! This government ( and I use that term loosely) is at full capacity with self serving arses. SHAME!!!!!

    • What about the pink bats Bob. Don’t forget the pink bats & the school halls, corruption in the union movement – you get my drift.

    • Michelle Maher you need to do the research , read some of the links these nice people have given you, because you can bet the majority of people commenting about the debt being doubled have done their homework 🙂

    • As for the falling dollar…yes it DOES have to do with Abbott, at least in the longer term.

      The main cause just now is, of course, falling commodity prices…coal and iron ore particularly. However, this trend was obvious several years ago to anyone and a smart government would have been investing in renewables and also education to move Australia from an exporter of raw materials to a modern high tech economy.

      Clearly Abbott couldn’t do this in 18 months–but, quite frankly, his pronouncements like “coal is good for humanity”, his raising of university costs and his cutting of funding to the CSIRO and renewable energy projects all served to rattle the financial markets by showing that there’s no good vision for a future Australia.

    • Libby Johnson you can’t expect to get back all the money labor lost in such a short amount of time.
      Labour left us in a bigger debt than they are willing to admit

    • But three things…the debt Labor left was actually very small in terms of a percent of GDP–the phrase “debt crisis” was made up fear mongering not born out by facts.

      More important, the reason the debt went up was the successful efforts to keep Australia out of recession when EVERY OTHER DEVELOPED ECONOMY did endure a period of recession. We were lucky, not in trouble.

      Third, while it would be unfair to expect the LNP to recoup even the modest debt incurred during the GFC, their flawed financial policies are, in fact, RAISING the debt but not in any way that benefits ordinary Australians. The only beneficiaries of LNP policies are billionaires and LNP politicians.

    • Bob. There is non so blind as those who will not see. You sound like you have been completely brainwashed.

    • You can research all those facts for yourself…you don’t need to listen to me. Heck, don’t even trust government figures…check the OMF and OECD.

      If there’s brainwashing involved, it’s anyone who gets their info from the Murdoch-controlled media.

    • Bob Howes the World’s Greatest Treasurer, Wayne Swan rode out the Global Financial Crisis on the surplus left by Peter Costello which should put the rest of your fairy tale in perspective.

    • Sorry but the facts…and I invite you to check them for yourself…don’t back up that ludicrous statement. The Australian debt as a percentage of GDP was around 10% when Labor took over. It went up to a bit under 28% fighting off the GFC which most consider money well spent. However, the debt is still rising despite cuts to all sorts of services that the most vulnerable in society need. The beneficiaries? A few billionaires.

      Believe as you wish…but do check your facts.

  2. I think he should only give interviews that show support for Mr Turnbull. In this interview he does that.

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    • I watched his interview and sugggest you do, he was whining about being ousted because the opinion polls, he think he could have won the next election.. he has lost the plot and all the while he is out surfing and playing Fireman, and NOT in Parliament doing the job he is payed to do

  3. Tony Abbott appears to have Narcissistic Personality Disorder. It will never be his fault, always someone else’s. It will be good for Labor if he sticks around griping and moaning till the next election. Keep it up Tony Abbott please.

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  4. I wish he would go away but he wont while the media keep giving him the attention he appears to crave. So please stop writing about him.

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