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Just a couple of days after the government announced that they would be reviewing costs in dole and pension pay an entirely new initiative has been announced.

Newlyweds across Australia will be given a $200 voucher for marriage counselling, as part of a $20 million trial to strengthen relationships and avoid family breakdowns.

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The scheme would proceed with a 12-month trial of 100,000 couples starting on July 1.

The focus will be on couples who are married or intending to marry, but couples who are in a committed relationship, including same-sex couples, will also be eligible for the payment.

The Federal Government says the move will strengthen relationships, create more happiness and stability in the home and create a better environment for children.

“The evidence shows that strong relationships between parents make a substantial difference to a child,” Mr Andrews said.

“Australian research also consistently finds that marriage and relationship education assists committed, married, engaged or cohabiting couples to move through the phases of their relationship with improved relationship skills, strengthening relationships for up to five years.”

Let us know you say, should the Government give money to couples to attend marriage counselling?


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  1. This was something your church did for free, years ago. But now no one goes to church. And the gov is now going to fund counselling, the costs will skyrocket as does everything else the gov tries to do and what happens if divorce does eventuate does that mean some idiot couple will sue the gov cause their marriage didn’t work. get a grip people, grow up, accept responsibility for your decisions and actions. My ‘friend’ has 4 lousy marriages behind her, two due to chasing after someones elses partner and she is now a psychologist!!!! Like I said, stand up, grow up, use yr brains.

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    • Totally agree. There is free services available if you know where to look.

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