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Meryl Streep is backing a controversial documentary that has already been banned in India but she’s standing strong in her beliefs.

India’s Daughter chronicles 23-year-old Jyoti Singh who was brutally gang rapped in 2012. Singh boarded a bus after watching a movie and was raped by the male passengers, dumped on the side of the road where she died soon after from her injuries. Now the film has been banned in India and Streep is at the forefront of the controversy. We are aware that this kind of abuse exists but it is necessary to show such explicit content for everyone to see? Did India make the right decision to ban this film?

According to Vanity Fair, Streep stated at the New York premiere, “Tonight we light these candles to honor the value and the work of Jyoti Singh’s short, promising life . . . She was India’s daughter. Tonight she’s our daughter too”.  As International Women’s Day has just passed, the film, India’s Daughter, is a hot topic of discussion. Do you think that India’s decision to not air the film is disrespectful to Singh?

By not airing the film, are they trying to say that it never happened? The broadcaster simply aired a black screen throughout the entire allocated time slot. What message does this send to us?

As Streep suggests, we must respect Singh and her life, and although it ended in tragedy, it did happen. We must acknowledge the atrocities to bring awareness to the issue with the hope that it will stop, even one girl’s tragic end.

Do you think that Streep should have gotten involved in this controversy?

Should India have pulled the film from television? Or do you agree with Streep that people should acknowledge the issue to bring awareness to women’s rights? Share with us below.

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  1. I absolutely believe Meryl’s decision to back this film is the right thing to do. It is a truly dreadful story that needs to be told.

  2. Merryl has the ability to make people stand up and listen, and I admire her stance. The poor and lower caste women of India are subjugated enough, without the world ignoring the violence they routinely have to put up with. The Government and the people of India needs to face up to the fact that they have to address this insidious cultural cancer.

  3. Yes she is high profile and people listen to her. The perpetrators even blamed the victim for going out. This was a terrible atrocity and should never occur again. It will though

  4. Somebody had to. It happens too much over there. Good on you Meryl

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    • Yes Gail happens in other countries but the pieces of shit that do it and their lawyers rarely say that is the womens fault she was gang raped and if she had just laid there and let them do it, they wouldnt have hurt her so bad. Also not sure there are too many other countries with prisoners who have raped 200 times (that they remember) and still think they have the right to rape

  5. Who else if not a high profile personality will get this the publicity that it needs? If countries like India want to belong in the so called civilised world they need to rethink how they treat not just their women and girls but people within their countries. Right behind you Meryl!

  6. Why not? She’s a human being just like the rat of us….why should her fame stop her from having an opinion. This is the first I’ve heard about this atrocity and it should not be swept under the carpet as though it never happened…just like so many other atrocities that happen. If we stop rejecting this kind of horror, evil has won. As the saying goes “Evil grows when good people do nothing” or words to that effect. Maybe, using her fame to highlight this problem will bring about some kind of change with the ‘powers that be’ in India.

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