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It might be Good Friday but that hasn’t stopped an Australian bishop from calling out his fellow bishops and asking them to resign.

Retired Roman Catholic Bishop Geoffrey Robinson said he is asking Pope Francis to request the resignation of every bishop who has failed to properly address cases of child sexual abuse in the church.

He also said this Easter there needed to be “death and resurrection” in the church this Easter to restore trust and credibility, reports the ABC.

“Every bishop who has ever been responsible for the abuse of a child, because he did not do what he should have done, should be asked to resign,” Bishop Robinson, said in an interview with ABC Radio religion specialist Noel Debien.

If every bishop who was privy to information about sexual abuse in the church was forced to resign, hundreds of bishops across the world would leave churches empty.

But it must be done, he said, as “the church has lost almost all credibility,” he said.

“It has got to be seen to be confronting anything and everything which has contributed”.

The former Bishop also said the church must “get rid of obligatory celibacy” and women should become more involved in every level of the church.

He said Catholic teaching on sexuality must be “looked at again from the beginning” — including homosexuality.

“They must look at gay people, and that concept of what’s natural,” he said.

Through his work in the Church, Bishop Robinson was one of the first to act on the Australian Catholic Church’s response to child sexual abuse by members of the clergy, as well as on the Bishops’ National Committee for Professional Standards.


So we want to know your thoughts today: Should bishops across the world resign and give the Church an overhaul? Or is it too late to change anything?


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  1. Bishop Robinson shouldn’t have to ask Pop Francis to get resignations from said Bishops. It should be mandatory.

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    • These parasites should not be given the opportunity to “resign”. They should be ignominiously SACKED,FIRED, SENT TO COVENTRY, Publicly named shamed and finally JAILED for what they have done to these children. They hypocritical, sanctimonious arse holes.

      I was a victim in Kenya in the 50’s.

  2. Not only should they resign, they should go to prison for concealing and abetting these horrendous crimes. Our children are our future. If we cannot protect them, what chance do we have?

  3. Yes, I think they should go to prison. Other perpetrators in the community go to prison for such crimes. They take advantage of their position to prey on their victims while keeping up the appearance of being holy people. They are doubly despicable.

  4. Absolutely….they choose this belonging to the church,have failed,get rid of them,perhaps they may fined willing partners ,once they have left the church

  5. Yes, they should all resign or be sacked.

  6. Yes, of course they should resign, just like the boss of ANY business, and then they should be charged and made to appear in court. But I wouldn’t expect that to happen until the churches pay taxes like the rest of us – I’ll be dead a long time before THAT happens!

  7. Not only should they resign but they should be charged and pay the consequences. Other perpetrators in the community go to prison for such crimes. They take advantage of their position to prey on their victims while keeping up the appearance of being holy people. They are doubly despicable.

  8. Any Bishop who is aware of such conduct and does nothing should not only be made to resign but also to call to account any clergy responsible for such behaviour. I don’t think the Pope needs to be involved. The Bishop who is asking other Bishops to resign knows who they are. They should be marched quick smart to the Police station get locked up till their day in court then thrown in jail like any other citizen who commits the same offences.

  9. Not only must the church have their resignation, they need to be excommunicated.

  10. Yes they should & also be accountable for their own actions. The ones that cover up those actions are more than likely guilty of doing the same thing and just covering their own backsides, they should be put in prison for life never to be released, I don’t care whether they are old, sick (they are sicko’s anyway) or infirm they are guilty of committing horrendous crimes & also have destroyed so many young lives, they deserve all they get and more. Hopefully when they die they will go to hell for time immortal and get a taste of the hell their young victims have suffered for their entire life…

  11. The paedaphile Catholic Brothers both Marist & Christian were moved from school to school by their superiors until most were eventually ferreted out. Bad luck for those boys who met them in the mean time. Many people in all churches have committed serious crimes & gone unpunished.

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