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A key security advisor says the time has come for Australia to deploy forces in Syria, expanding our role in the war Islamic State terrorists.

Victorian Liberal MP Dan Tehan, who is chairman of the federal Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security, says we are “ignoring the suffering of innocent Syrians”.

He proposes Australia steps up its commitment by sending Australian Special Forces soldiers and intelligence officials into Syria, plus Hornet jet fighters to bomb terrorist cells.

At present, Australia’s contribution to the United Nations-led push to defeat IS in the Middle East is limited to warplanes attacking IS in Iraq, which neighbours Syria.

Around 600 ADF members are supporting Operation Okra, which includes a surveillance plane and a midair refuelling aircraft, plus 300 troops on the ground in Iraq training and advising Iraqi forces.

Writing in the Herald Sun, Mr Tehan says, “The time has come for Australia to join the military coalition seeking to destroy Daesh (IS) in Syria.

“We are acting in Iraq against Daesh, with our Hornets launching air strikes on a regular basis. We should be doing the same in Syria.’’

The Herald Sun reports that Prime Minister Tony Abbott has privately indicated support for sending Hornets to Syria and that informal talks with the Obama Administration have begun on missions that would target Australian jihadists in the Middle East.

The military expansion is a timely proposal, with news today there are eight Australians, including defence officials, public servants and a Victorian MP, on the list of up to 1500 people on an Islamic State death list. Private details of these people, such as phone numbers and addresses have been shared on social media by the terror group.

Tell us, would you support Australia sending bombers and troops into Syria to target Islamic State?


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  1. Just pray that the maddness in this world can soon be cleansed and a solution can be found for eradicating all of the hate .

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  2. we need to do something

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    • Yes Gayle we do! We need to tell the USA to bugger off! The Middle East is like Vietnam all over again. There will be no winners. Just families losing their young sons and daughters to tyranny and murder.

  3. Jesus! when is it ever going to end? wars solves nothing..

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  4. Why not nuke the Place, it goes faster, solves all Problems, and saves a lot of money, What a BS because Abbott and friends are on a dead list, we are escalating a War, Grow Up!!!!!!

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    • There should never be an atomic bomb dropped on a country ever again. The radiation does not diminish, hardly ever.

  5. The Iraq war gave rise to all these terrorists, Saddam had all these crackpot groups under control, we killed Saddam , and in turn that made us a target. They need to be very careful what they do and think it all out before doing anything

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    • The boys in this Islam religion & the little girls are controlled from a very young age. They are “brain-washed” into believing things that are quite simply, not correct! I think it was the taliban or terrorist men who believed if they died for Islam or Allah, they would go to heaven and be greeted by 12 virgins or something of that nature. What idiot would want to do that, I ask you?

    • Keep them dumb, keep them controlled. Many of them have never read the Koran, they just believe what their imams tell them, because “they wouldn’t lie apparently”. Got that from one who was abusing Aussies for “murdering 20 million Aborigines” and when I corrected him, he told ME I didn’t know what I was talking about!

  6. If the people Syrians who live there don’t know who is fighting for who or right from wrong how can our defense force know? They are destroying the country, approx 85% of Syria is now without power. It is too big and has gone too far to have any hope for a resolution. We can only help to pick up the pieces when it is all over. The world leaders should be trying to find out where isis is getting its weapons and funding but it is not in their interest because they are all making money out of this disaster.

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  7. Fight the war here not overseas ! They are infiltrating us and our way of life and doing it on such a devious level that Aussies don’t even realise it’s happening! Stop the islamisation of Australia!

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  8. They have been fighting for years in these country’s Australia should stay out of it .

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    • And they all like to blame America for it too..trouble is they were murdering each other long before America was America.

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