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There have been hateful scenes in the streets of Melbourne today as anti-Islam protests were overwhelmed by anti-racism counter-action.

A group called Reclaim Australia organised a rally this morning calling for “freedom, equality, democracy”. And while some supporters insisted the protest wasn’t “anti-muslim”, the leading banner read, “We say NO to Islamic racism, hatred and intolerance.”

One supporter wrote on the Reclaim Australia Facebook page: “If I hear one more person say this is an Anti Muslim Rally I will slap them. We are not racist, we are only against Sharia law and the religion that condones terrorism, end of story, get your facts right.”

Another countered, “I was mad too when they kept calling us anti-Islamic..but that is exactly what we are…..we are against Islam…so we are anti -islamic…so say it with pride….because we are against an ideology of hate and disgusting sex……..I am anti-Islamic.. are you?..”

Either way, the protest – and another held by the United Patriots Front (UPF), which describes itself as a “nation wide movement, opposing the spread of Left wing treason and spread of Islamism” – was a red flag to anti-racism group No Room for Racism, which staged its own gathering, attracting far stronger crowds.

Unsurprisingly, the day turned violent as the groups clashed and police were forced to use capsicum spray to control the crowds.

While people from both sides of the heated protest seem to have suffered casualties from the spray, so far there are only reports of a handful of injuries requiring paramedic assistance.

Racism in Australia is nothing new, but today has shown the dangerous tension that simmers just below the surface.

Australia is considered one of the most tolerant nations in the world but days like today, you’d be forgiven for wondering if that’s really the case.

What are your thoughts on today’s protest. Are you shocked that this has occurred here in Australia? 



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  1. I wish the people who go on about Sharia law taking over Australia I will scream. The extremes of fundamentalist Islamic religions is awful, but so is the fundamentalist Christians or any other religion. What does it say in the Bible, love your neighbours, well do it.

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    • Yep, I was brought up a Catholic and had Jesus drummed into me … If your neighbour strikes you, turn the other cheek. Well we all know where that got him.

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    • My job entails a significant amount of interaction with followers of Islam. My experience has been to be treated with the greatest of respect and the giving of a far greater tolerance of christianity than is they themselves receive. I am more amazed by the amount of ‘same’ that is found. Both religions believe in the same god. Personally, I believe in no god.

    • sorel, you say other religions behave as these radical people who call themselves peaceful. Well I have never seen Buddists,Catholics, The latter day Saints The Church of England and many more call for people to be decapitated if they don’t believe in their so called religion. Please I wonder why so many are against these so called religious scum who dictate violence and death to anyone who doesn’t believe in their beliefs. Does that make me rascist? No it does not.

  2. This makes me feel sick, I can believe this happening in Australia, right wing Neo Nazi holding up siGNS to keep Australia white. How dare they, this is a multi racial country, it makes me feel ashamed

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    • The comments here are enough to make me ashamed. It seems Abbott’s hate and fear campaign have worked

    • Blame Abbott, now that’s the Aussie way.

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      • Blame Abbott? You must be joking, he is the one who shouts down racism. Why blame him for everything that you think goes wrong. What about looking at this so called religion who has a young boy holding up a severed head. And you wonder why our Country is scared of these disgusting things going on to what used to be a peaceful Country. I am not racist I just want our wonderful Australia to be what it used to be before these wretched radical people entered our country and tried to tell us that they will decapitate anyone who doesn’t believe in their so called religion. Please give me a break. I know there are peaceful Muslims but don’t blame us for not wanting the radical ones coming here and dictating to our way of life.

    • libbi i see you have the gay colours on your picture, well if the so called multicultured islamists get a hold in this country your gay friends will be the first to go how multicultured is that

  3. All Australians want is for people to come and integrate and live here and abide by our laws regardless of what colour, creed or religion you happen to be or uphold. We are a very tolerant country; we certainly would not be allowed to live in another country and build our own Churches, as is allowed here. Or demonstrate our feelings. Racism does exist; however, it is a two-sided thing!! I am sick of having the finger pointed at just Australians.

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    • I agree with you Christa, if they all go with the flow when they arrived in Australia there would not be a problem , but what I am against, they come to this peaceful & beautiful country & want to change US & the way we live & our culture.

    • Thank you all for your support. I think Rozzy has totally misunderstood my comments, also Robyn. As Joan says “don’t lump everyone together.” Racism is definitely a two-way thing and Bryan has a valid point too.

    • wake up Rozzy Battles and stop spreading the hate, you are part of the problem. most Aussies from all over the world who now call Australia home. we do not want people here who hate us and our way of life. we do not want sharia law, we do not want halal items forced on us. people who fled the horror of their own countries must be terrified that the horror will follow them here. that IS WHAT RECLAIM AUSTRALIA IS ALL ABOUT.

    • no immigrants before have demanded that we adopt their culture and religeon .is anyone realy surprised that we have a back lash ..the left of course see this as a lttery win australia devided so they are trying to stir up the population against ones who feel threatened …no sane person however could act i

    • Are you saying that Muslim Australians are demanding that we adopt their culture and religion Graeme?

    • I agree. The money earned from halal certification may not fund terrorism but it funds the building of mosques and Islamic schools. And we are paying for that. Everything we buy is halal. I Also don’t like the ritual slaughter of animals.

    • We have had Islamic and Jewish and Muslim and Buddhists churches in Australia for 100 years. We have Catholic and Protestent churches as well. Look into the history of the Catholics and the Protestents and it not exactly nice. Wars, tortures, killings, sexual and physical abuse of children. Yet all these wonderful good Christian people think that they have a right to preach. Yeh..


    • Graeme, politics doesn’t really come into it. Left or right, we as Australians just want EVERYONE to share our great way of life and abide by our laws, REGARDLESS of who or what you are.
      Ruth, yes have had all sorts of churches here in Australia. The point is ‘try building our churches in other countries. Stop missing the point and read my comments as they were intended to be read and understood.

    • Sue – The Australian Law Reform Commission currently has an application before it for the introduction of Sharia Law for Divorce to be incorporated into Australian Family Law. Basically the women will have to buy their way out of a bad marriage and Sharia Law also allows a man to beat his wife. Seems a big contradiction to all our advances and the work of people like Ken Lay and Rosie Batty.

    • You are totally and utterly wrong Rozzy Battles.The average Aussie is not at all like the people who are in your photo.

    • I don’t think Christian people think they have any right to preach. Most would look back in history and be appalled by the terrible way people were treated many centuries ago. We have now a civilised world and will continue to be appalled by bad behaviour hatred and violence. Most Australians want peace not preachers who preach hate. Our streets violent trying to change our lives from peace. I do believe these people who do not want peace and want to change Australians into other religions should be sent back to the country where their feelings come from even if born here. I don’t think anyone has the right to try to convert anyone into or out of their beliefs but laws should be in place if this crosses the line to hatred, violence or brain washing within or out of religion. The only other solution is to ban ALL RELIGION AND RELIGIOUS PRACTICES in Australia.

    • Christa I dont want to build a church in another country do you?
      I haven’t had anyone push their religion on me and like ruth said Catholic and protestents etc…had wars and killings. As for halal and mosques don’t go in or buy. The companys who make their products halal friendly are doing it to sell more, go protest to them.
      That idiot who said in the film where’s your burqa is just that, an idiot.
      The muslims have a right to have their own schools and mosques just like the catholics, christians etc..
      If you dont like halal meat or food dont buy it theres plenty of other butchers around.

  4. reclaim Australia exersise their right to peacefully protest and are attacked

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    • Perhaps we should deport all people with an IQ of less than 20 and if so than most of these hillbilly hick reclaim Australia would be out the door. I want to reclaim Australia from all racist homophobic KKK worshiping hillbilly incestuous hicks like these

    • i was at the rally in april and there were people from a lot of different ethnic origins protesting together

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      • h Thankyou Dave,I do not have a problem with anyone migrating here,as long as they abide by our laws,and leave our way of life alone,and above all integrate into societies not have areas under sharia only.We have the right to go where ever we choose.A lot of other religions co exist here without a problem.

    • and i will be there tomorrow so keep up your childish name calling because that is never going to stop me doing what i believe is right

    • Pekens Jacob obviously agrees with child molestation, Rape of non-muslim women, the killing of gay people and all other Islamic “rights” and he has the hide to call peaceful protesters from all ethnic backgrounds in Australia “rednecks” – have a good hard look in the mirror and get some education – you sound like a fool

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      • Agreed, some ppls need to open their eyes to the reality of what’s coming.

    • If you took time to study what reclaim Australia was all about Pekens Jacob you would find they are all everyday Australians wanting whats best for their son, daughters and grandchildren, We do not want sharia law in this country. This was a beautiful country until islam came and caused trouble like they have to every country in the world!

  5. A disgusting display from the far right, Sharia law will never be enacted in this country, they are just being the nasty racists they really are

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    • They have already forced their will on us Everything being Halal certified that’s against our will !!!! We should have a choice too

    • But it’s an Ideology that not technically a race
      The thing is they have come to our country forced their Ideology on us and if anyone says they don’t like it They are Bigots and Racists it works both side they hate our Culture and want to change it they are Bigots and Racist too
      This is all starting to get out of hand We are a MultiCultural Nation of Intergrated Nationalities No force by any one of them it all through choice I grew up with it And proud of our heritage

    • Sharia law will never come to this land!! Tell that to the 12 and her mother, where the child was forced by her father to marry a man 24. mother was against it. the two men are now in jail for 7-8 years. how many others is this happening to that are faling thru the cracks

    • Rubbish Loraine, you people are delusional..they could not even get the pension cuts through Parliament ..there is no way Sharia law will ever be passed here

    • John Fearnley, there is scientific argument that claims there is only one race. This would make the whole concept of racism impossible. Would you prefer to use the word ‘bigot’?

  6. Just look what a nasty mean spirited country we have become since the Liberals took Government, what a disgraceful display I feel sorry the Police had to become involved in this

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    • So I hope you pay your taxes to support those who are Hell bent on taking your job, and life style away from you and other Australians.!!

    • David I feel like you but I think both pokice and armed forces are as racist and bigotted as the redt of these morons

    • This exactly why they wn’t win the next election Dawn Bruce..Australia wide a few thousand out screeching and demanding a white Australia out of a country of 23 million people..well news flash we have a lot of Asians here and people from other countries, even Europeans who are not white..they are olive skinned

    • Having 50,000 mainly Muslim Boatpeople forces don to us by Crudd and JuLiar is what caused all this .Too many burning down detention centres while being impatient to wait to be processed .

  7. Well I do not see the christians going and beheading the muslims..nor do i see the christians campaigning to have things in the kuran changed because they offend them..muslims do it to christians…over and over muslims say this and that offends them…and they win when they want something stopped or changed because it offends. Islam is not the most persecuted is christianity…..persecuted christians are overlooked for immigration but not muslims. We do not just have to keep an eye on the extreist muslims..we have to keep an eye on them all..after all, it is not just the extremists who get things changed because it offends. Christians have very few rights of freedom anymore…muslims are gaining more rights. Just because we disagree with muslim carry on and maybe vocalize it….does not mean we hate them…it is their actions and words that show what they are up to. Noone is standing up for christians anymore…but a lot are standing for muslims. People need to get all the facts and instances and see that it is now virtually impossible to tell the good muslim from the bad one. If you read the koran you will see it is a hate religion if they do what they are supposed to…christianity is not… wonder people get away with murdering them etc all over the world..and even in our so called countries of freedom.

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    • let me ask you the Port Aurthr Massacare where over 30 people were slaughtered was done by a Christian Martin Byrant but did we call on all Christians to be labeled terrorists did we complain that all Christians were murderers (now dont forget most of the Nazi Party were Christians and also German citizens too)and did we call on them to be chucked out of Australia did we call Christians whatever because of what they did to the Jews NO we put the blame where it belonged no on a religion but on a bunch of fanatics

    • Yeah well at least ya can tell the difference with christians….and their teachings are nothing to do with killing non believers etc like islam. As for Bryant being a christian….not everyone who says they are a christian is….by their actions etc you can tell who is one and who is not….oh and the fact that christians on the whole were not blamed etc..that was at a time when the world still had christianity as being free to practice…prayer was not banned…bibles were not being forbidden etc etc..the world Oh and we did not have ISIS and muslims wanting words removed from the christian Bible because “they offend” etc etc… one cannot compare that time with this time anymore…that period of time no longer exists……I said it is hard, even impossible to tell the difference between muslims now..because ordinary ones have called for the christian Bible to have things removed from it..why would muslims care about another religions book..and there is this group and that group amongst them…each fighting for more islam rules and things to be done their way….

    • No Alli you can’t tell. And goodness me – Islam believes in Jesus and believes Jesus will return. I don’t believe it but each to his own. Scientology has some extremely weird beliefs but well they’re white so I guess it’s ok. Re the bible, Islam states that the Koran is the word of God. Christians claim the bible is the word of God. Do you have proof of who is right? No I thought not.

    • I suggest you have a good look into the history of the Christian faith. All those things you say Christians don’t do; they have done and more.
      Even today there are children being abused and sexually assulted by so called Christian leaders.

    • Just because Martin Bryant lives in a once Christian country does not make him a real Christian. Real Christians don’t do what he did.

    • Robyn why do you capitalize the word Koran and give the Bible a small ‘b’? Is this another example of how Christianity is under fire.
      By the way if you have read the Koran you should know that is full of hate to towards unbelievers of all kinds. That includes Christians, Jews, Atheists and anyone who is not Muslim.

    • and that includes you robyn and’re infidels, they’ll use you then kill’s their duty according to the koran, but don’t take my word for it, do some research, look what IS happening o/s, in britain and Europe, read the koran then tell me it’s a religion of peace, which brings us round to is Islam a religion or a race?…

    • This is a Christian country if you want to live here do not try to change our ways laws and beliefs. I do not want to go out to eat and be told pork is off the menu or go to the schools and be told there will be no Xmas nativity or anything else that may be stopped for fear of offending a minority religious group of Muslims. If you don’t like our ways religions laws then feel free to leave and live in one of the many Muslim countries that will welcome you and live to your ways. I do not want to pay for Halal registered foods or eat meat slaughtered the Halal way. If this is what you want then open your own stores and slaughter houses the way many other immigrants have done.

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      • Well put Pauline,took the words right out of my mouth.I will be attending the rally in Canberra tomorrow,just to show my support for the things,I hold dear.freedom!

    • Martin Bryant was just a fucking evil scheming Lunatic, who should have been hanged, nothing to do with Christianity, Islam, or any other religious calling, he was an evil barstard and should not be sharing the air we breath.

    • Nothing is too precious …… Until you’ve lost it …. Then it’s to late to be concerned

    • Alli June meant to add dont you remember we invented must modern tourture devises the Iron Maiden The Dunking Machine where people were tied to a pole and drowned) the rack and many more all in the name of Christianity we invaded their world back in the 17 the and 18th centure we made them our slaves AND you say they are the agressors hell girl go and invest some of your dole money into a history book

    • To all you who call yourselves Christians, although some are not acting like one, you do realise that Jesus was supposedly born in Bethlehem, which is in the West Bank where 80% of the population is Muslim? He wasn’t the white anglo-saxon that he’s depicted as, he was middle eastern

    • Marilyn I didn’t intentionally. I have no problem with Christianity for those who believe in it. Isn’t it funny – there is still major conflict between the prods and the Catholics in Ireland. There were some dreadful atrocities carried out there but no one seems to care overly much. Is that because they are white and Abbott isn’t constantly telling us that they’re coming to get us.

    • Actually the British (presumably Christian ones) did behead insurgents in Malaysia post WW2, and there have been reports of Israelis carrying out beheadings in Palestine. The moral is don’t judge a race or religion by the behaviour of a minority.

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    • Goodness gracious Alli, what a lot of clap trap are you on about?
      Half way thru your rant I just started laughing! You and your Christians! I could feel a halo light up over my head and I now feel whiter than white!
      Please start googling a bit & reading some history books, you really need to educate yourself.

    • sadly I have to agree with most of your comments, my daugther’s last christmas at preschool the state run kindy the whole christmas thing was cancelled due to ONE child being muslim, no tree permitted, how can 1 voice dictate to the rest, and we allowed, we were all either too polite, scared not wanting to rock the boat or busy either way they dictated in what is a prodominately christian country what took place for 90 kids, wrong on many levels.

    • You did well Brigitte, by the time I got halfway through Alli’s comment my head was spinning so I gave up. Learning a bit of English and punctuation wouldn’t go astray while she’s brushing up on her history

  8. Why can’t we express our feelings, after all it was okay for them to hold a “rally” in Sydney a couple of years ago, even had a child holding up a sign saying to,behead infidels, protester trashed a police car, kicked a police dog and assaulted police. Sick of being labelled racist by the do gooders.

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    • Perhaps we should deport all people with an IQ of less than 20 and if so than most of these hillbilly hick reclaim Australia would be out the door. I want to reclaim Australia from all racist homophobic KKK worshiping hillbilly incestuous hicks like these or better still hire a private investigator to follow them around they are all probably closet gay anyway lets unmask them lets let their employers know what sort of idiots they have working for them

    • So by that rant, they don’t have rights to express their feelings? Plus homophobic comments, and you call these people idiots.

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