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Cate and Bronte Campbell after their event in Rio.

After having set another Olympic record when qualifying for the women’s 100m freestyle final at the Rio Games, all bets were on Cate Campbell and her sister Bronte to win the top medals on the final showdown.

However, fans were shocked when neither of the super swimming sisters managed to hit the top spot.

Simone Manuel (USA) and Penny Oleksiak (Canada) gave a solid finish for gold while Cate finished in sixth position and Bronte in fourth.

The sisters had been preparing hard for the event and the results during their training as well as the semi final were extremely promising.

At the semi-final on Wednesday night, Cate won with 52.71 seconds, some 0.07s quicker than the Olympic record she set earlier in the day in her heat.

When interviewed at the end of the competition, Cate who was understandably upset, said, “I don’t need a gold medal to prove my self worth and that’s really being put to the test right now.”

Asked about how she felt the competition went for her, Bronte said,” I’ve already won, I got to swim in the Olympic final with my sister,”

“The Olympics is not about winning, I think it’s about trying to win,” Bronte said.

Bronte joined her sister in acknowledging the support of Australians saying, “We’d like to thank everyone who supported us.”


Well done, Cate and Bronte! How do you feel about the results?

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  1. Do not understand especially as you both came 1/2 in the heats, feel something went against you both. Must congratulate you both as you are both tops and have a fantastic attitude to everything. In my heart you are still the tops. You are such strong persons and work out a way to accept and wait in anticipation for your next finals. Good luck.xx

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    • QUESTION: all our competitors on that day missed their own pb’s by mili seconds, all were or appeared confused with their own individual results which should have seen success? all were trying their hearts out but each individual performance appeared sluggish?
      are all these kids staying in the same air conditioned accommodation? eating in the same canteen? this doesn’t feel right,
      Were these Olympic competitors nobbled ???
      When you see the extremes countries like Russia will go to to win? then really nothing is out of the question for supremacy.

  2. You cannot win every race girls…..all Australians are very proud of you for getting out there & giving it your all….well done. You are both incredible Australian champion athletes. Love from home in Oz. xx

  3. Congratulations to you both. You are amazing young women who gave your all for your country in your chosen field. Don’t let the negatives get you down. You have wonderful memories and you have shared these with us. Great job

  4. Congratulations, you will always be gold to us. You are both so gracious and wonderful role models.

  5. They have nothing to be ashamed of. The media on the other hand !!!!

  6. Winning is important I know, but the most important thing is just participating. Well done girls, you have done us proud

  7. Be proud girls that you participated & I feel for you both as I do Cam McEvoy after putting in so much hard work to get where you have. The important thing is, you have done your best on the day.

  8. Good effort girls , but there is always some newcomer just around the corner & the 16 year old Canadian girl as well as the American proved it on the day

  9. We love you both and are so very proud of you both, you know you did us proud…

  10. You are both our Golden Girls Congratulations on a great met

  11. Congratulations on a great swim. I think the media have a lot to answer for regarding their “build up” of all our competitors. They keep saying that they are going to win gold and build them up so much that they must feel that they have let their country down (which they haven’t), instead of just saying they have a good chance of a win in this event and leaving it at that.

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