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Damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t: either way, if Bronwyn Bishop stays or goes, she will still be getting a big pay day from the government. We thought our taxpayer funds would be safe after she resigned, and if she quits parliament, but it’s actually quite the contrary.

If Ms Bishop quits, she will be entitled to a taxpayer-funded $255,000 pension, and here’s the clincher: she also gets 10 free domestic return flights per year. Let’s hope they’re on Jetstar.

Tony Abbott is strongly hinting to the former Speaker to resign but she’s dug her heels in well and good for the time being.

Fairfax reports that Mrs Bishop’s office told them that she intended to renominate for her seat at the next poll in 2016. It remains to be seen if her electorate would vote for her considering the recent furore but either way, it seems no one will be happy about the money she’ll still be getting from the public purse.


The $255,000 figure is based on the fact Bronwyn has had a parliamentary career of 29 years next year –meaning she will be entitled not only to 75 per cent of the base salary, worth $115,000 a year, but to additional bonuses totalling 75 per cent of the highest office held.

Mrs Bishop also qualifies for the Life Gold Pass scheme, which entitles her to 10 domestic return trips a year.

So what have we learned from Bronwyn Bishop’s catastrophic fall from grace? The PM swears that there’ll be a new entitlements system within a few months and wanted to make sure it was done right.

“I’m focused on trying to ensure that within a few months we have a new system – a new system that engenders public confidence that members of Parliament are doing what they need to do but they’re doing it in a reasonable, prudent and, wherever possible, frugal way,” he said.


Tell us, do you think Bronwyn Bishop should be stripped of her pension entitlements considering what happened? Is it right to give her $255,000 per year?

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  1. She has served in Parliament all these years, however I am sure she has rorted much more than she has been found out in that period, she is a very arrogant women. I feel , that when your the topic of discussion right across Australia and in a negative way that she should quit and give someone younger and fresher a chance at her seat. But she won’t listen to Australia..she thinks she is the Queen.

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    • I’m waiting for Idiot boy to bestow a knighthood on her for ‘services to the nation’

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      • Now that is about what he would do.
        She should be charged with Fraud and Jailed .
        Loose all the super which should be put back into the government coffers to make up for the money she has taken from us.
        When she gets out of Jail call centrelink

    • she is a little woman that hangs on to everything like a Jack Russell and wont let go… she feel entitled and above everyone else, so many do.

    • Partisan politics and calling our PM names is crass and puts on show your lack of understanding.

    • Lack of understanding of what Ben? I would like to see her treated the way she treated Peter Slipper. If she is not, then that reflects across the whole government. It makes them all complicit.

    • Excuse me Ben Trim I have not called anyone names and I don’t appreciate you inferring that I have, perhaps you should go and tell those Liberal voters who come in here using derogatory names when they are talking of Bill Shorten, like most Liberal voters , your a hypocrite

    • I did Libbi. I called Abbott Idiot boy and I’ll stand by it. Don’t understand Ben? Oh we understand all right, never think for a minute we don’t understand

    • I thought Idiot boy was accurate and inoffensive actually. I can think of a lot more names he deserves

    • I could call him a lot more him a lot more than ‘idiot boy’ ….. but I won’t. The pension entitlements for politicians seriously needs to be reviewed. It’s amazing the entitlements they get once they leave parliament. I worked in one job for nearly 30 years, imagine if I’d been in the public service !

    • Everywhere I turn on the internet, there is that woman’s sour old face and the comments would make an elephant blush Ben Trim, she is the most disliked person in Australia

    • Ben Trim, this government campaigned on accountability, professionalism and a set of promises. oh, and fixing the budget. They promised they wouldn’t ‘lie’ as they had accused Gillard of doing. We have had nothing but lies, broken promises, a lack of accountability, a budget gone completely haywire, and certainly no professionalism. The only word that describes them is hypocrites. If their side does something wrong, it’s a mistake, but if they even suspect the other side has done something wrong they spend billions on royal commissions. and don’t get me started on sustainable energy. This government is a farce, an international embarrassment 100 times worse than the dysfunctional mob they replaced.

    • We are not the uneducated low lives that LNP supporters believe us to be. I glanced over some comments recently on a Lib page and was horrified at the venom and hate written there.

    • The Liberal Party is being judged on this Rhonda Shorrock and they are not coming out looking good, especially after they crucified Slipper

    • For fuck sake leave her alone…its all of them!

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      • There is no call for words like that- doesn’t anyone monitor this site for bad language?

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        • Four letter words will arise dealing with these inept pollies, they all have their snout in the trough, to consume as much wealth as possible while they are there and to take as much as they can stuff into their pockets, pensions and super b4 they go. They are all bad at their jobs and many only there for one term, then they’re set for life. It goes from the top right down to state and even local Gov. How can we change it?

    • The problem where Tony Abbott is concerned is that he opens his mouth and says such strange things.

  2. Wrong Wrong Wrong again. She ruined her chances and all these privileges should be forfeited. We don’t reward criminals. That is fraudulent.

  3. they shouldnt be able to get so much hey had a job just ike anyone else in australia why should they end up so priviliged, so much for the golden age of privilige being over

  4. We have always been aware of their pensions when they finish their political careers, however it is not right they should be forced to provide for themselves like every other Australian TAXPAYER it is just not acceptable to continue this practice when Pensions are being told to cut back repeatedly because the country CAN’T AFFORD IT, then we definitely can’t continue to pay Politicians these Pensions for the rest of their lives.

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    • Aged pension has had generous increases in reçent years so whats your point??

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      • Name a decent/generous Ben. Pensioners are pver 50% below the minimum wage. True we dont need as m,uch as we used to when we were working but we need at least another $50 a week more than we are getting now.

    • So Ben you think it is OK for our Politicians to RIP OFF THE AUSTRALIAN TAXPAYER, obviously you don’t have to live on a full pension, because by the time you have paid all your utilities there is really nothing much left to live on and paying my bills is my number one priority. LUCKY FOR YOU.

    • It’s obvious that Ben must have an excellent Super Fund to rely on, unfortunately Super didn’t start for me until 1996 because my employer didn’t have to pay into it until I was earning $400 per week, so it didn’t give you much time to build wealth for Retirement.

    • Generouse Pensions, wow, she gets more in 1 year than an average pensioner gets in 10 years, the aged pension sure is generouse

    • Ben I think the point is that any pensioners would LOVE to get the same as the politicians yet they keep cutting the entitlements for the everyday pensioner.
      YES it it time that the whole entitlements issue for travel, expenses, spouse entitlements, retiring politicians be TOTALLY overhauled and ASAP. Maybe something the GG can be responsible for as an unbiased position, get a tribunal together to manage it? The politicians won’t like losing all their perks.

      On this morning’s news, I loved Peter Beattie and John Hewson who suggested that there should be a governing body that approves expenditure for spouses or families and EVERY time public monies are spent it is up on a website for total visibility and I bet the practice would stop overnight, then get the rules changes ASAP to stop this ludicrous practice. If they don’t like the terms of being a politician don’t do it.
      Many people have jobs where they are away a lot yet the company does not pay for families to travel with them. BECAUSE of the role they ARE paid more to compensate. Anyone who has a corporate card has to justify EVERY expenditure so why do politicians think they are above everyone else? Oh there is the problem straight away….. explains lots

    • The whole system needs to be reviewed. There needs to be a cap on the amounts and times. For instance we should not pay a PM who is in office a short for the rest of their lives! Enough is enough!!

    • They also get other perks such as office space admin staff etc. ALL PERKS SHOULD STOP when they retire or are sacked by the voters.

    • Bronwyn Crocker it will never happen because they are all greedy and they cover each others backs.

    • Plus they are still allowed to earn mega money on the seminar talks they attend. Or get jobs with their high up mates they made richer.

    • They get these outlandish pensions…then wen they die they get a state funeral….paid by the taxpayers…they really have it hard…

    • Hi Trish I am 100% behind your comment mate………Also may I add she has committ fraud and should face these charges just…………… like Pauline Hanson had to………if you bring up the esopide of Pauline you be very surprise who was the main person in what happen to her.

    • Thanks Maria, I’m just over our Politicians taking advantage of the hard working taxpayers, can you imagine what our poor Grandkids are going to have to endure when they are old enough to Retire if they ever do get to Retire thanks to our corrupt POLITICIANS.

    • Cheryl it was not rude and nasty just a joke. I bet you laughed at remarks about Julia Gillard like ditch the witch etc which were rude and nasty!

  5. No No No I’d like to see her get what other pensioners get to live with but No she Earned the Right !!!! I DONT THINK SO

  6. Don’t forget she has been in parliament many years, look at past politicians payouts for shorter terms. And this applies to both sides of parliament.

  7. My husband recently retired, his employer won’t be paying him 75% of his wage. Those are our tax dollars, they would be far better used to increase the pensions of those who actually worked hard and helped build this nation

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    • Agree Sue but it’s the system and Im advocating a sensible review for all pollies entitlements.

    • The system is wrong. Taxes weren’t introduced to feather their nests and provide them and their families with flights and other perks. They were introduced to build infrastructure for the benefit of all Australians. The only good thing Bishop has done in all her decades in politics is highlight the rorting. All this while Hockey is telling us the age of entitlement is over. It’s an obscene situation, and now is our chance to try and force change. Don’t for one minute think that I think Labor are not doing it too, they all need to be stopped

    • No, he was in his job for over 55 years. He was an interstate truckie who got his licence when he was 17 (SA). He did road trains through the territory for 25 years, then the East coast in a B-Double. In April, aged 71, he had a cardiac arrest while he was unloading the truck and is very lucky to be alive. He retired that day

    • I was Bruce ….. 29 years, had a 6 year break, then back for 7. New managements don’t like long term, loyal employees, they would rather bring in there own people who bow to them !

    • Well said. I think everyone agrees. Does she even qualify for a pension after the wage she’s had? Means test?

    • Lord no, no means test for them! Half of them are millionaires in their own right, or their spouses are. That makes no difference to their ‘entitlements’.

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