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Former Australian cricketer Shane Warne has bowled a spinner into the controversy over the booing of indigenous AFL player Adam Goodes by tweeting that he thinks fans can boo and cheer for whomever they wish.

It’s not the first time the spin bowler has made inflammatory remarks on social media, and we’re sure it won’t be the last.

The cricketer tweeted:

However, this is Warnie’s second attack on Adam Goodes, a Brownlow medal winning player.

Last year, he questioned why the two-time premiership winner was honoured as Australian of the Year.

“Shocked as I just found out Goodes was Aust of the year, wow! Who votes for that?” Tweeted Warnie.

Goodes responded by telling the Spin King that his colleague Adam Gilchrist was on the panel that was in charge of selecting the Australian of the Year.

“Thanks for your support mate maybe ask Gilchrist who votes for it he is the chair of the Australia Day Council,” Goodes tweeted back.

Goodes has taken indefinite leave from AFL in response to crowds booing him, which has occurred ever since he verbally abused a 13-year-old girl who called him a monkey.

Australian celebrities have been debating the attacks and whether they are racially motivated, with some saying “it’s just sport” like Shane Warne and other saying “it’s all about race” and needs to stop.

Hugh Jackman tweeted, “(Adam Goodes), Australian of the Year, one of the greats of the game… If we can’t all be proud of him, then shame on us!”

What do you think? Is Adam Goodes being overly sensitive or is the booing wrong?

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  1. I agree with Shane. It’s one of the few sensible things he’s said.

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    • Me too. Goodes is a Tool!! Playing on his race & colour to protect him from any criticism.

    • I totally agree with Shane. Most normal people go with his view!

  2. Shane is right in my opinion. It’s footy. Ignore the idiots and remember if the rest didn’t show up,the players wouldn’t get paid what they do. Polly Farmer got paid a Holden car to go from Perth to Geelong to play football Back in the day when indigenous was black and they weren’t treated all that well, but he never complained and he was much loved. This uproar with Adam has just proved that it is time WE, whether it is you or me and in particular the government, stop looking at race or colour and remember we are Australian. Treat us all the same instead of singling out indigenous or white. Stop saying they deserve this because or we should get that because. This goes for all areas of our lives including sport. We are not white,black or purple. We just ARE.

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    • It is a shame that the australian way of life is being eroded by this constant complaining about race. Very well said Fran

    • Someone said the same thing happened to Michael Long in the 90’s. Can someone clarify that for me?

    • I totally agree , but also in this case it’s Goodes who won’t let it go , he acts like he dislikes all white people .

    • Think before you speak. Do I have all the facts? Do I have the right facts? How would I feel if it were me?

    • Booing is unaustralian . And this is mass not one person getting carried away with the moment . Stop all play for five minutes . People will show more respect for players .

    • Isn’t it about u Aussie start seeing the real picture u r a white only country I don’t see any indigenous people have the same rights in r country and sport mad Aussie hold sport up ads trophy come on

    • Actually I thought booing was very Australian. We boo at our local games when a player fouls another player, but in a nice way (if you can call booing nice). We don’t even think about their colour…..they are just AFL players. I love the melting pot of Australia.

    • Dallas Scot wrote an article in regard to this, and from a respected Aboriginal he puts this into perspective.

    • Why does everything have to be snout Race! What is it Goode wants! He is a FOOTBALLER, and people of all races boo or cheer PLAYERS! That’s it! The media and some PREVIOUS individuals create racism! Get over yourselves! Move on!!!

    • Media sensationalise racism… Blow it up out of proportion, they are the trouble makers and all too often the public buy into it even and especially in politics…

      AND Starts at 60 can be trouble makers… Although I have noticed a small shift in their disposition of late except they still show a side to their questions at times ie they make it easy to see which side of the fence they sit on and in my opinion they ought not to…

    • It doesn’t matter what role he plays, or that he is a privileged sports person. It’s that he is being treated terribly by so called sports fans and that may or may not have anything to do with his heritage. Being wealthy or privileged doesn’t make you immune from feeling like the rest of the population. it’s about common decency and we need to stop the systematic booing like we’ve never seen before. He is a human just like everyone else.

    • Wel said Fran, most of the trouble is of the thin skin of some people in the limelight.

    • Oh dear. everyone loves a black sportsman who keeps quiet, doesnt complain but when an indigenous person speaks up, there’s a problem ? Come on people ! really ? This is a person being booed for no reason other than he stood up for himself against racist comments. AND this is the current Australian of the Year ! If it”s racist call it and deal with this ugly scourge Now I know why I never thought much of Shane Warne !

  3. I think everyone should take a step back and take a deep breath!

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    • Maybe Adam Goodes should just shut up, it would have all gone away by now, but he keeps going on and on about it

    • The media are also liking a feeding pack of sharks. As i said, step back take a deep breath and take stock until the hysteria dies down and then make informed statements??

    • It wasn’t Adam Goodes who blew this out of proportion Jane Fisher, it was the lazy journalists and the Media! Then you have attacks made by people on social media, with their hatred and bias comments! Racism is rampant in junior AFL, I have witnessed this myself… How would you handle it?

    • am not buying into this Libby, I am telling you because you won’t yell at me 🙂 I am the most unqualified here to speak I don’t watch the football !!!

    • And don’t forget about the reverse racism , the black against the White, and yes it does happen on a regular basis

  4. I am with Adam Goodes. None of these white guys, speaking against him, have endured what he has. As Stan Grant said – there is no indigenous player who has not had to put up with racism in footy. I just hope Adam gets enough support for him to choose to stay in the game. Finally – my Mum taught me not to boo at a game. I agree. No booing.

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    • Boo hoo hoo……why is it that out of all the aboriginal players ….he is the only one who gets booed?

    • Merran I find it quite insulting for you to refer to fair skinned people as these white guys when we are not allowed to refer to the colour of your skin without it being called racism. So please be respectful of each and everyone. We never refer to any of our nieces and nephews by their colour or which country their parents may have been born. They are all our family.

    • What Stan Grant said … “that there is no indigenous player who has not had to put up with racism in footy” .. is BS and totally inflammatory. Aussies don’t like mug lairs … racism has nothing to do with it.

    • When we “white guys” hear those words we think they are Racist so it works both ways. Not to take anything away from Adam but it is a two way street

    • Warne should stick to cricket the only thing he was any good at least Adam Goodes can keeep his fly done up

    • I saw Stan Grant on telly and he is a stirrer Merran. People like him make trouble where there is none.

    • That’s odd, Goode’s himself said in an interview that he hadn’t experienced racism in his career. That was before he carried on like a pork chop at a young girl. The crowd started booing after that. The sequence of events tells all that needs to be known.

    • I am with Peter Fitzimmonds on this – and Adam Goodes. We (and please.. I am a white person and in this case I mean any person other than an aboriginal). Peter says ‘we are not from a group that has suffered 225 years of the most appalling violence and racism and have no clue’. Adam is a champion who spoke up – he had reached his limit. I think it will be just a horrid shame the game may lose one of the best over this. There needs to be leadership to settle this down. I watch and wait.

    • …and what appalling violence and racism has Goodes been subject to?

      I assume you’re referring to Peter Fitzsimons – the far left wing bleeding heart socialist who puts down Australia at every opportunity. Using his opinions as a reference offers no credibility.

    • Yes Ken – that is who I am referencing. I stand corrected with spelling. His name is Peter FitzSimons (and yes that is how he prefers to write it) and he is someone I respect.

    • Well said and explained, Merran. Booing is wrong for ANY reason. Grow up Australia. School Bully tactics in a stadium…

    • Merran where do you get off saying “none of these white guys…have endured what he has.”

      You have no idea what I have had to endure.

      Living and working in the communities I have for the past 15 years I have had countless people call me a white dog or a Captain Cook c..t (that’s a real favourite) or accuse me of murdering and raping their ancestors.

      If I had a dollar every time I’ve heard some racist comment directed at me I could retire.

      Want to know how many times I’ve returned any racial abuse…..not once!

      And in my field I’m far from alone. I’ve also heard Aboriginal colleagues referred to as coconuts….brown on the outside with white insides.

      Racism is alive and well but it’s far from one sided.

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      • Been there and had to put up with all the comments from the general population around me. Fair enough I am white on the outside and my wife came from indigenous decedents and she has white skin. I will not repeat some of the innuendoes that she had to suffer because she chose to live with me at the clinic. Now as to ben just shut up and get over it, you keep antagonizing the crowd and do not like their response.

    • Totally agree with you Darren , and if you do turn round and say hey cut that nonsense out you are threatened with violence, especially from the younger generation.

    • True Darren. It does go both ways I know. Today I am merely interested in how this particular controversy plays out with Goodes. I don’t mean to offend anyone with my view. I too have my story – re abuse, bullying and discrimination – and it is not relevant at this point – for me. But currently I am referring to Adam Goodes and the furor over this controversial topic of him calling out racism in footy and the constant booing. I am very interested in it and am watching with fascination how we in Australia manage it and want to see some great leadership displayed.

    • Cheryl – yes – true. I just hope something sensible comes out of all this. As I said – I am waiting for some leadership…to me…it is fascinating.

    • Yaaaay. Some news! ALL AFL Captains stand united and have called for the booing against Adam Goodes to stop. Something had to be done. Now let’s see if it all dies down. i hope so.

    • But while you are referring to Goodes you are demeaning my life experiences. They were your words. Either stand by them, denounce them, or look like a hypocrite.

    • You wouldn’t have any idea what some white guys have suffered, I’m white and I know only full well what I went through growing up. So don’t assume to know how or what any gas suffered. If you want to go down the racist party how about you look at what has been said from his side of the fence and tell me if it’s racist or not, if you call wolf and throw stones some one will throw back and this I feel what has been the cause of this,

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