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Shane Warne has never shied away from controversy, but nor is he afraid of speaking from the heart. His emotional new words, covering both camps, are sure to have people divided.

Speaking to The Herald Sun, the 46-year-old cricket legend gave his thoughts on Australia as it once was – and why he feels the country may have lost what made it great.

‘I believe Australia was, not now, but was, the best country in the world,’ he said.

“I just feel that over the last bit of time everyone is being careful of what they say, everyone is really careful of saying the wrong thing or rubbing someone up the wrong way”.

“Australians say it the way it is and that’s the Australian way. I think if we lose that we’re losing our DNA of what we are”.

He described this Australian spirit of honesty as one of the reasons for his own popularity, joking that he was “impossible not to like”.

“Why I think people still like me is I’ve never ever pretended to be someone I’m not,” he told the paper.

“I think there are too many people out there who pretend to be something they’re not and when the so-called proverbial hits the fan, if they pretend to be high and mighty and say all the right things and then be seen to do something which is against what they stand for, then that’s when all sorts of trouble starts”.

“I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs over a long time, but for the last five or six years I’ve been pretty good, I’ve just been doing my thing”.

“I guess I’m a little bit more thoughtful in what I push for, but if I strongly believe in something I say it… If that rubs the do-gooders up the wrong way, or isn’t politically correct, then so be it”.

“That’s where we’ve got to be careful in Australia… I look around now and some of the things, people have a go at … like when Lewis Hamilton was in Australia and was doing doughnuts, I thought that was sensational, but suddenly he’s in all sorts of trouble with the do-gooders and the fun police”.

“We’ve just got to be really careful. Australia is such a wonderful place and it’s everything that people want when they go on holidays: sun, beach, lifestyle, food, shopping, night-life, sports”.

Do you agree with Warnie’s words? Is Australia really losing its way due to political correctness? Or is the honest Aussie spirit still alive and well?

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  1. Yep, I think he is right, the days of the fair go in this country are well truely gone, instead Australia has become the Nanny State, we are told what we can do and where we can do it , free thinkers are stiffled here now, the days of the laid back Aussie have gone

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    • his sex life is none of my business Ann and I am not going to comment on that anymore than I would appreciate others commenting on mine but his opinions he has made public and I will comment on that

    • I do agree, David. We are becoming a nation of politically correct appeasers and we are losing our identity and our freedoms including of speech and choice. Did think Ann was quick however, seems we can have our sense of humour a little longer

    • Well by not enjoying the joke and it was a good one you are being rather like the over PC people he was talking about….

    • Sorry Julie Campbell I don’t joke about people’s sex life, it is none of my business and unless you are sleping with him, I don’t thiNk it is any of yours

    • I don’t see the humour in it either Julie and so far only 5 people do, we don’t all laugh at the same things, why make a big deal out of a bad joke ?, don’t worry about the man listen to what he is saying.

  2. Why is his opinion so important?

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  3. I agree with him, look at all the bigotry and racism we have here now, they even march on the streets !! That would never have happened even a few years ago

  4. Totally agree with him… free speech without being called racist, no rights for farmers and definitely have a helicopter govt. We have always had the right to march Rosalind… Vietnam war, unions etc

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    • I listened to a speaker Karen at one of these marches, he said First we get rid of The Muslims , then we get rid of the Jews, then we get rid of the Asian’s. How long will it be before they want to get rid of you?

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      • Rosalind Battles, the original statement was made by Pastor Martin Niemoller, A German Protestant Pastor. He could not remember when he first made that statement, but acknowledged he spoke several different versions of it. I think it was first published in the recognised form post WW2. Pastor Niemoller was interned in the Nazi concentration camps from 1937 until the war’s end, after he became disillusioned at what the Nazis were doing, and became active against themFirst they came for the Communists,
        and I didn’t speak up,
        because I wasn’t a Communist.
        Then they came for the Jews,
        and I didn’t speak up,
        because I wasn’t a Jew.
        Then they came for the Catholics,
        and I didn’t speak up,
        because I was a Protestant.
        Then they came for me,
        and by that time there was no one
        left to speak up for me.

    • I listened too Rosalind and they were the Socialists saying that…the ones who persecuted the Jews during the Second World War and they are racist but that wasn’t your comment sweety

    • Leanna is correct, it was on the news this bald headed Neo Nazi was saying it, the far right are full of nutters

    • Yes he is guys….and apparently has a criminal record…the police are watching him. These people really need to disassociate them selves from he n his lot……hence the violence. However my point was that we have always had the right to march against things that we feel strongly about and that we have ie the Vietnam marches.

    • Karen it is not something I would associate myself with and I march in the anti Vietnam rallies and in the work choices rally’s. Only 150 people marched in Sydney, that is a pathetic turnout Sydney is multi cultural. I think Abott stirred up trouble but Turnbull is trying to quell it. He has more common sense

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      • Turnbull might appear to have more common sense Libby but he is still ruled by the far right and has to obey those nutters to stay in power. Hence their policies will never change. They might as well have left Abbott in charge.

  5. I agree, and Political correctness is way over the top however I don’t worry about being politically correct and I certainly don’t put up with it when someone feels the need to remind me of it, as I’m quick to remind them their opinion is not needed OR ASKED FOR.

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