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Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Mexico are bunkered down beneath the strongest ever recorded storm in the Western Hemisphere, Hurricane Patricia, pictured above.

The category 5 hurricane (which is the same as a cyclone here in the southern hemisphere) has now made landfall and is expected to have devastating and catastrophic effects.

The area affected is home to Pacific beach resort Puerto Vallarta and Manzanillo, the nation’s busiest container port, and meteorologists are predicting a catastrophe to riva Hurricane Katrina, in the face of a much larger storm.

“With this type of wind the damage is catastrophic; there are very few structures that withstand this” strength of hurricane, Dennis Feltgen, a meteorologist and spokesman for the National Hurricane Centre, told Fairfax.

“The trees are long gone, we’re talking building ripped off foundations.”

Tens of thousands of people have already fled and many tourists have been evacuated, but there are many more left behind.

While it’s the worst storm for the area, it’s not the most vicious storm ever recorded. National Geographic explains that Typhoon Haiyan, which hit the Philippines in 2013.

Meanwhile, Super typhoon Tip grazed Japan in October 1979 and holds the record for the most powerful tropical cyclone on record based on minimum atmospheric pressure measurements.

However, Patricia is frightening because of how quickly she intensified into a deadly storm.

“This is the type of worst case scenario that we fear,”  says Derrick Herndon, an atmospheric scientist at the Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies in Madison, Wisconsin.

Join us in wishing the people of Mexico safety, hope and rapid recovery. 


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  1. do you think praying will make it go away?

    8 REPLY
    • God performs miracles every day and prayer works more times than not. It certainly isn’t going to hurt to pray and yes, it may even help!!!

    • pray all you like , it won’t change a single thing, but keep fooling yourself and leave me out of it.

    • It can give comfort. God works in mysterious ways. If there is a ‘force’ that causes bad stuff, could not there equally be something that causes the good stuff?

    • Nobody asked you to respond in the first place, Fred Avery!!! You put your two cents in all on your own. Should’ve just scrolled right on past this post.

    • Donna Pacheco don’t need your permission, keep you stupid prayer circle away from public places it makes you look idiotic.

  2. My goodness those people over in Mexico with that bearing down on them. It would be terrifying to be there. You can only imagine what it would be like. Scary. Imagine being there on a holiday and experiencing this.

  3. Interesting this hurricane, the strongest ever is called PATRICIA….

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  4. I can’t conceive what that would be like having only been in a much smaller one that moved buildings, removed roofs etc. My heart goes out to them. I don’t pray because a God wouldn’t allow all these atrocities we are having, but I sincerely hope that they stay safe.

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