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For too long, veterans have had to live with the mental scars of their time at war. But Prince Harry is determined to break down the stigma attached to trauma and post-traumatic stress.

In a heartfelt speech at a military base in Virginia, in the US, the Prince said, “I’m in no doubt that my two deployments to Afghanistan changed the direction of my life. There’s very little that can truly prepare you for the reality of war.”

He spoke about his last flight home from Afghanistan alongside wounded and dead comrades and the moment that he realised that war was a life-changing experience for those who survived it.

“From that moment I knew I had the responsibility to help all veterans who had made huge personal sacrifices for their country to lead healthy and dignified lives.”

Prince Harry joined Michelle Obama at Virginia’s Fort Belvoir, visiting wounded servicemen and women and watching a basketball game with the First Lady.

He is Patron on the Invictus Games, an event for wounded veterans that he launched in 2014. He and Mrs Obama launched the 2016 Invictus Games, which will be held in Orlando.

Harry retired from the army in June having served two tours to Afghanistan. Speaking to fellow soldiers, he wore a wristband with the words ‘I Am The Master’, and an I AM badge, in reference to a line from the poem Invictus, which means “unconquered”: I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul.

Prince Harry said, “The games epitomise the very best of the human spirit.”

See his moving speech here and tell us, do you support Prince Harry’s efforts to break down the stigma attached to veterans’ mental health?


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  1. Really moving speech but how sad that it does nothing to stop the futility of war. The fallout of post traumatic stress not only affects the victims but also their families.

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    • Lyn, look beyond the the tree, you will see a beautiful creation, every photo & every speech William & Harry are putting out there on the victims behalf, IS making a statement. “The Price of war goes far beyond the battlefield” slowly but surely the message will sink in, to even the thickest of skulls..

    • actions speak louder than words, they need to get some real and genuine help out there but I agree with your first statement

    • David, William & Harry are very hands on but there are just so many hours in a day, & so many organisations who rely on able bodied volunteers and these days very few are prepared to go unrewarded, sadly even in their own ranks, I believe the RSL in Australia has failed in their purpose, they are reluctant to be involved away from their bars, only coming out on remembrance days, who thinks to help their mate get to a baseball game or lawn bowling, set up the grounds for them, place the mats, move the bench’s or help with setting up a basketball court, get to & from work do a bit of gardening, change a light bulb. we have become very selfish and too willing to leave it to the next bloke.

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      • Jean, you are obviously out of date re RSL, most of the old boys are in nursing homes or have passed on, and Vietnam vets are running the show these days, very hands-on in the interests of all vets, as you will recall the tough times they faced after coming home.

  2. did he mention the 2 US marines that were killed defending him …whilst safe in his bunker …Camp Bastion …may they rip …

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    • I am so so sorry at your loss. I cant bring him back but I can thank him.

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