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The Prime Minister and Treasurer have delivered strong, fist-pumping speeches at the Rebuilding Foundations for Reform conference about the future of Australia’s economy and the almighty overhaul we can expect from the impending reform of our economy.

Scott Morrison has emphasised that no decisions have been made on the “features” of reform, but here at Starts at 60, we’re deeply concerned that the main focus of the plan will leave older Australians out in the cold.

One thing is clear: the Treasurer and his boss expect Australians to work and the entire tax system will conspire to make them want to do so.

“We want to see more people in the workforce,” said Mr Morrison, adding that a modern and collaborative workforce was the way of the future.

“The best form of welfare for those able to work is a job,” he said.

His words echoed those of Malcolm Turnbull, who used the forum to present his vision for Australia’s economy.

“We need to explain that every vessel, every sinew of out government’s policy is designed to deliver better jobs and better opportunities,” said Mr Turnbull.

Well, there is one small problem with that, as this Tweet so elegantly sums it up:

In other words, what happens to those who face discrimination, health problems, have other responsibilities or who simply don’t want to work, having “done their time”?

Over the course of the morning, older Australians were mentioned just once, in passing, when the treasurer was describing the challenges of the modern tax system (you got it, “the ageing population”).

Mr Morrison outlined what he described as the “apps” for future economic growth, such as competition reform and productivity, with no acknowledgement of the fears and concerns of older Australians, such as the spiralling cost of living, a potential increase of the GST and whether our pensions will be increased sufficiently to cover these costs.

Let’s talk: Do you feel left out of the picture on economic reform? Does the government’s focus on “hard working Australians” concern you? 



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  1. They should come and join us in the real world where age discrimination as well as other discrimination’s certainly do exist, I’m 61 now and have been looking for work since I was 57 plus I live in the country. There are no jobs around for anyone over 55. Wake up Australia and smell the grass, it is not all rosy out there

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    • Lyn, my husband went for about 4 years without finding a job, he was about 59, worked in computers programming and design, university degree he was told he was to overqualified, lucky I was still working and able to pay the bills

    • I’m lucky my husband is still employed as well, they have no idea what it’s really like for us. Probably like you I don’t qualify for any benefits to help ease the burden because hubby is working and I’ve got another 4 years until the pension.It’s ridiculous

    • I have friends who are mid 50’s and qualified tradesmen who can’t get work, I had one friend recently tell me he was going bush soon because he could not afford to live on the dole, they only get $280 per week that does not even cover the rent

    • Over 55, well Im 66 now but back when I was 40 and had moved to Rockhampton Qld, the then CES refused to send me out for jobs because I was over 35, so a big change hey, too old back then and now they want us to work until 70

    • If you are young should be no problem putting savings away, for old age, with Super should be able to retire early,

  2. I do not trust the Liberal Government or Scott Morrison for one second to do the right thing by older Australian’s, there are no jobs out there for young fit and healthy people, so how does this man expect anyone over 60 to find a job. He needs to get out in the real world and talk to real people

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    • “TRUST?” this is a word not in their ‘agenda’ !! WE ALL of us, are their ‘pawns’ to enable the rich to obtain even more than they have now.

    • That’s the trouble with these politions they only go to places they know they won’t get asked the hard questions.

    • I hear you Libby but I choose to continue to work & I am 65… I personally know many people who are over 60 & work. I love when I go to Bunnings & I am assisted by a older person. We are all living longer healthier lives these days so perhaps working longer is ok for some. I also continue to pay taxes so perhaps this contributes to those who are not able to work.

    • Robyn some people HAVE to work because they lost their jobs. If it is a choice and can find a job thats great. Don’t forget the others tho.

    • He doesn’t expect them to find a job but he does not want to pay pension. Think like the refugees he would like us all to be homeless and on NewStart.

    • Guess we could lounge around and smoke cigars. Obviously we are too poor to have cars? So crippled we walk and use public transport. Wait in the heat for busses. No hospital transport just ambulances.

    • Ann Cleveland-Dunn I read this ,he never said old age pensioners had to work. What a lot of rubbish from you. We managed under Gillard ,carbon tax & all, & pension hasn’t gone down,

    • Carolyn Oestreich Thank goodness for his Policy , otherwise there would be thousands more to KEEP .

    • You can blame the Labor Party for the lack of jobs and the state of finances. We were in the black before they got in.

    • There is nothing saying aged pensioners have to work, talking about the unemployed and when I was working before retirement knew long standing unemployed who basically had NEVER looked for work and were proud of it. I worked the majority of my life and found this unthinkable. Unfortunately there are many people in Australia who think the world owes them. So thankfully we may at last have a government who won’t be too scared to do something about it.

    • well Annette. Elliot all I can say is the Liberal Party had better have a good strong base, because many won’t be voting for them the next time around..including me

    • Yes Gwen BRIEN .we were in the black.then the GFC hit the world. And all the western world went into meltdown. And all went into massive dept. and massive recession Australia didn’t. And our dept was nothing like other countries. Mind it’s climbing now ….

    • Libbi Elliot Why for telling the truth. Of course, sensible people are Labor supporters . And d this is a Labor page. Yet to see ONE post on Labor, Have been many opportunities but not one on here.

    • Dawn I am joking and Dawn I am not well so I can’t have our regular little spat 🙂 but have a nice day anyway

    • Dawn Bruce you trolled enough for one day if you want something to look at look at this Graph if Turnbull puts the GST up and note the poor will be worse off..the rich will be ok..nothing new is it 🙂

  3. I was forced to retire due to ill health. I would have kept on working if I could but now I have been retired for several years who would employ me? I paid my share of tax over the years, the government should not be discriminating against us because of our age. I could go on and on but I am worried about my future if the cost of fresh food rises and I don’t get a substantial pension increase to cover all the other costs which will increase.

  4. All spin and rhetoric. Sadly they are incapable of handling an economy. They are definitely trying to demonise older Australians and to get the rest of the population against us. I would not be surprised to see an ‘old tax’….

  5. Yes and they forget how many of us there are to vote them out!

  6. Morrison is Hockey with a different face, he has total disregard for asylum seekers and he transferred that animosity to baby boomers. He is a contemptible man

    7 REPLY
    • He is a Shirelive Christian from THE Shire in Sydney, the area is white area in Sydney, they do not like outsiders like other Nationalities. Who in the Liberal party has any feelings for anyone but themselves. Imagine having Scott Morrison as your son and knowing you raised such a bigot

    • thanks John, that just gives me an even lower opinion of him, he really is a despicable man, if he was my son I would be ashamed of him but I taught my children that we are all equal to each other

    • John MacLaine and who in the labor party is going to do better they are the ones just get us in debt all the time as the victorian labor party has at the moment plunged victoria ito debt in such a short period

    • Larry Attenborough The Liberal Pary has more than doubled the deficit and Turnbull now wants to borrow billions more for public transport. The ALP can do no worse than this Government and what have we got to show for this doubling of the deficit.. nothing ,, just the Liberals rorting alot

    • Larry Attenborough Waste of time talking to people on here, only remembers BUDGET, don’t realise just WHAT Gillard left us with, all these policies in forward estimates, funding for schools not given to the 3 states , had to be given back, NO funding in budget from Dec 2013 for Detention centres, , NDIS is proving to be a big worry, will cost a lot more than was estimated by Julia , we should have known anything she touched was flawed .

    • Dawn Bruce, everyone is entitled to an opinion and people don’t have to agree with you or larry

  7. I will believe politicians when they live in the real world. I think they told us ” the age of entitlements is over” when is that going to start. I personally paid taxes from the age of 14 yrs five months till aged 72. Now I am ready for my entitlements, no Super in my days at work.

  8. You realize that if you used to buy 7 apples per week, once the 15% goes on – you will only get less than 6 apples for the same price. i.e. We will have to have more than one foodless day per week.

    7 REPLY
    • Rubbish you will not have to go without any food, you will have to make what you buy go further than it does now. Have less, buy in bulk, not waste as much, not eat out as much, buy lesser cuts etc, etc, etc….

      2 REPLY
      • Who on the pension eats out much less eat out less , and buy lesser cuts ? Of what . Can’t get any less than mince meat.

      • It is very well to say buy lesser cuts etc but can you tell me how to do that when we are paying $44.00 or over for most meat cuts now. I took my elderly mother shopping the other day and watched her cry when I told her the price of a small piece of steak. She then asked me what would she be able to afford to eat if her and my pensions were cut anymore. Can you please tell because I sure as hell do not know

    • Do tell me how to make less than 6 apples turn back into 7 apples. The extra GST on fuel and power will make even those 5.95 apples more expensive. I’d say we will have to make 4 days of food last 7 days then. Not to mention the extra GST cost of gas and electricity.

    • Judith, yes, make the food go further. Make 6 days’ food last for 7 days. No waste here. We fill one supermarket bag per week for the rubbish bin.

    • Judith why should we have to suffer so the criminal government can rip us off sounds like you don’t have to worry

    • Judith Forbes has answers for everything, she will cure the worlds hunger problems with just one small bag off groceries.. our money can only stretch so far

  9. Apart from the fact they they the government had let most jobs go offshore and the young people who want a job and can’t get one, we’ve paid our taxes and Medicare levy so we should get trested better.

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