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ABC’s Kitchen Cabinet with Annabel Crabb is back for its fifth season and going to politician’s houses for a meal and a good chat. On last night’s show it was clear the episode had been filmed months prior, as Scott Morrison made several comments that suggested he didn’t want to be the Treasurer at all.

Mr Morrison slammed people who said he wanted to be the Treasurer, saying “They’re just wrong. I don’t know how many times I’ve had to say this.

“I do get a lot or people ascribing motives and positions to me. Look, I just see that as their issue. Not mine.

“What should I have done? Not stopped the boats?”

Even before Malcolm Turnbull and the ballot, there was speculation around Mr Morrison and whether he would take over the job should Joe Hockey be ousted.

Viewers of last night’s program watched as the now-Treasurer ate homemade Sri Lanka fish curry, samosas and chapatis with host Annabel Crabb and discussed asylum seekers, saying becoming a people smuggler’s worst nightmare “was the only way to stop them” while he was the Immigration Minister.

Despite this, Mr Morrison assured Miss Crabb and viewers that he is a human being and these issues “impact me that impact anyone else,” he said.

Later, he talked of his religious viewers and that he disliked being criticised for his faith. SMH reports he also said that his local Shirelive Church, is “incredibly mainstream” and “Often people attack what they don’t understand”.

Viewers were quick to jump on Twitter and share their opinions on the man who denied he ever wanted to be in the role he’s now in.

Take a look and tell us, what is your stance? Are these just the games politicians play or should the position be given to someone who wants it?

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  1. Of course ScottnofriendsexceptMurdoch didn’t want to be treasurer. He wants to be leader! He is like the proverbial spider – won’t you come into my parlour said the spider to the (gad)fly!

  2. Morrison by his own admission is the liberal hatchet man. Treasurer is the most important post in government & to do it well you have to know economics intimately & understand the nuances of the decisions you make.Morrison doesn’t have any of that & will lead Australia to disaster the longer he remains as treasurer!

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    • The biggest problem is he doesn’t understand the people especially on welfare. He has to cut back on something as we are borrowing money to pay each week for welfare. We are still bringing in refugees who once established in this country and earn over $54000 do not have to pay money back like HECS. We are given money to other countries yet people in the drought areas have to rely on the generosity of people to give hampers to them so they can have a Christmas. I don’t have the answers but I do believe you have to look after your own backyard before worrying about other people backyard.

    • Yes Cheryl, those who have lived in Australia all their lives are presumed to have made their millions & are considered to be alright when in fact they need genuine help to keep their heads above water. That help is something that neither major party can provide & is why we need to reduce bureaucracy to 20% in order to adequately fund the help needed.

  3. Morrrison is a bully boy, he would do really well in charge of large Prisons or concentration camps

  4. Here is another one who professes to be Christian, and exhibits bullying and cruel behavior,I would hate for Morrison to ever be PM he is not a likable man at all

  5. OMG Joe was no good now Scott is no good would you be satisfied if anyone was the treasurer….he has only been in the job for a few weeks give him ago, I believe he has to bring in a Budget before anyone can have a squeal…..most of you think you could do a better job than our PM and our Treasurer anyway…..a country of Synics….

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    • We still have a choice in this country, we can choose to like you if you are pleasant or even just for doing a good job, but this man has displayed an arrogance and bullying behaviour in whatever job he does, if you like him fine, that is your opinion but you don’t speak for everyone

    • In your opinion…..yes you are entitled to like and dislike and have your opinion, and so are people who have a different one to you.

    • The rich who are supported by Liberals will always have a different view to most Aussies…it is always about looking after themselves…..its called greed!!!!

    • I think the Treasury Job is a hard one but what I have heard of Morrison so far is that he wants to claim down on Welfare as we are borrowing each week to pay for it.. When you look at this in a leger as figures and not people you can see where he is coming from. . Unfortunately their are people in that leger that needs looking after. We are going to take in an extra 20000refugees at a very big cost to the Welfare budget, We are given aid to poorer countries and where I live we have been ask to contribute to hampers so the farmers in drought stricken paces can have a Christmas. Somehow that doesn’t seem right to me. Perhaps we should be helping Australians before helping other countries.

  6. He can go, nobody keeps him back!
    If a treasure makes a good job, what works for everybody, not just his mates , and not hurt for the poor people he has nothing to fear from, he can stay!

  7. It really doesn’t surprise me that he said he didn’t want to be treasurer. Who would? It would have to be the most thankless job in Cabinet. Whatever he does someone will hate him.

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