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The media is alight this morning with pressure on Malcolm Turnbull to challenge Tony Abbott in the lead up to the Canning by election which is expected to be a bloodbath for the Liberals.  With a sitting week ahead and the  it seems the pressure is on the destabilise the government and see if they crack under pressure, a game the Australian media have become rather good at.  On the same day the Trade Union Royal Commission kicks off again in Brisbane, others are saying this could be a smokescreen to distract from the messes in Labor ranks too.  Could it be that on a slow media Monday, with Parliament returning, a by election ahead and a potentially cutting blow coming from Trade Union examinations, that the counter attack might be well-timed by Labor?

There’s no doubt about it, the media race to sabotage Abbott is firmly in play, and with numbers not so strong it isn’t hard to do.  For some weeks now there has been word that Labor media players are feeding internal dissent stories into the machines of the major press.  And they seem to thrive on it.

Overnight, the first shot has been fired by the Herald Sun who is reporting that “Malcolm  Turnbull is refusing to rule out challenging Tony Abbott for the prime ministership”.

The ABC is says they has spoken to eight ministers and six believe Tony Abbott will be challenged no matter what happens at the Canning by-election in Western Australia next Saturday.

And the Sydney Morning Herald  says that some of Malcolm Turnbull’s advocates in the party are urging him to challenge Abbott for the leadership this week when Parliament resumes

Unfortunately for Mr Abbott it seems general discontent is hammering his cabinet and backbenchers, and they can’t keep towing the party line. Liberals are still ahead on a two party preferred basis, but the margin has closed to a 52/48 margin between the Liberals and Labor.

One Cabinet Minister told the ABC that the Government had given Abbott 6 months, 6 months ago.

“And that’s after we spent $1 million on that seat to save the Prime Minister, and Labor has spent nothing…He should just resign.”

Newscorp papers say the Prime Minister has brushed off any suggestions he will call an early election, saying he intends to govern until mid-next year.

Abbott’s supporters said to Newscorp that “the leadership “chatter” is heightening in a targeted strategy to sabotage the Canning by-election and bring on a challenge”.

Do you believe the media is being used to sabotage Abbott and the Liberals, destabilising the government before a rather challenging by election this weekend?  Or do you think it could be a Labor party fed media smokescreen for the Trade Union Royal Commission which will potentially expose unfavourable behaviours in the union movement?


Rebecca Wilson

Rebecca Wilson is the founder and publisher of Starts at Sixty. The daughter of two baby boomers, she has built the online community for over 60s by listening carefully to the issues and seeking out answers, insights and information for over 60s throughout Australia. Rebecca is an experienced marketer, a trained journalist and has a degree in politics. A mother of 3, she passionately facilitates and leads our over 60s community, bringing the community opinions, needs and interests to the fore and making Starts at Sixty a fun place to be.

  1. The media have been doing this for years. They get fed tid bits by power players like Rudd on Gillard and Turnbull on Abbott. It was far worse with Gillard because she was actually making sense if people had a chance to hear what she was actually saying and not what Rudd was leaking.

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  2. Hang in there ,Tony

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  3. Shorten is the only one talking about leadership changes. Is it him that is going to be rolled as leader of the labor party.

  4. Oh God. Now for a hellova lot of Left vs Right bashing. Heeeeere we gooo……

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    • And yet we have no left at all. Australia is centre right to far right. Left bashing tells me that person is ignorant. So I bash ignorants 🙂

  5. I find the media especially the ABC and the Canberra Media are plain trouble makers not worried about the trouble they are making our beautiful Australia. Just because 98 percent of the Media are so left. This government is slowly but surely getting us on the right road. Politicians need to grow up and get out of the school yard and start caring about Australia NOT themselves. If they stuck together they would get a far better result!!!

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    • Fact: the majority of Australian media is so far right that some people perceive balance as left wing. Just do some Googling about how much media (press, radio and TV) is own or part owned by Rupert Murdock.

      Abbott is an ignorant, self serving thug and he deserves to be challenged in the media. He is an embarrassment to our fine country and serves mining billionaires rather than those of us who vote.

    • What a delusional comment, with all due respect. The media is so far left , you must be deaf, dumb and blind!

    • Fact: the majority of Australian media is so far left that some people perceive balance as Right Wing.

      A recent survey of the ABC revealed about 85% (IIRC) admitted their political views were Left Wing. Simple observation of output demonstrates that seems to hold true for the rest. Murdoch’s outlets are privately owned and can say what they like. The ABC is supposed to be bound by its charter but ignores it as a matter of course. Further, editors of at least some of Murdoch’s papers have said that he’s never told them what to print and doesn’t interfere in their work.

      Pity we can’t say the same about the ABC interfering in the democratic process.

    • The division is not left right but instinct versus evidence based. ABC hire educated people so they will naturally be evidence based. Murdoch relies on ratings and clicks so will hire more reactionary types than educated professionals. So we get Bolt for eg, stupid as they come but can get people into in emotional state. Like a jury versus a lynch mob. So the left become the scientists and the right the flat earthers. However technically belief in science is not a left wing thing. But anti-intellectualism is a far right reactionary thing where the follower are primal. So we now call anyone rational left wing even if they put forward right wing argument like a price on carbon. But we have no left wing, just emotional types versus rational types. Centre right versus the nutter right

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      • I would have A Bolt over anyone ,at least he speaks his mind, and often gives PM &Libs a spray, . Even Channel 10 have such bad ratings they are hiring him for the Project to boost ratings , as his Sunday morning show is going gangbusters

    • There is ONE network, the ABC that could be construed as left biased, but that’s only because the other networks, ALL OF THEM, are so far to the right. As for getting us back on track? Doubling the deficit and increasing unemployment are real good ways to go about that. Good on you for supporting all that. I hope you don’t have kids entering the workforce or lose your job and need to get another one.

    • Biggest load of crap I have ever seen written here and believe me that is saying something, even if the bungles this Government was not reported by the ABC and the media, it would get out, today we have the Independent and free press online and bloggers are everywhere, Liberals just don’t like the truth being told, it is that simple

    • David James It beggars belief that some people still think Abbott’s doing a good job. His own party want him gone, and the media can’t force them to have a spill. That’s his own ‘friends’ doing that

    • Wow so many ill informed people on this page with heads firmly stuck up their arses..

      Murdock has nothing to do with what is printed. This is done by left editors and reporters. Fairfax is so left it goes around in circles. Wake up idiots we are being played by the Media hell bent on removing Abbott.

    • How right you are Kevin, some people have their heads firmly up their arses. You’re one of them

    • Wow Sue i never really believed people so delusional as you existed guess i learn how ridiculous people can be every day.

    • Kevin Smith like Abbott himself said when the ALP was in Government, if it was a good Government there would nothing negative to report. Unfortunately for this Government it has been nothing but lies and broken promises and bungles. There has been plenty to report

    • Murdock has nothing to do with what’s being printed.are you having a laugh Kevin. Great comment sue Todd

    • This Liberal Government has managed to upset many in the press from the ABC who they promised no cuts to before the election to Fairfax who Hockey took to court and sued, there is and old saying the Liberal Party has not heard of. Never offend a man who makes a living out of a bottle of ink..and they have managed to do just that. But they are only reporting the truth

    • Thanks Brian.
      I wonder how the Liberal supporters will explain the spill when it comes. Unless of course leftie Murdoch forces them at gunpoint

    • I agree with every thing you say. The other part of the trouble is Turnbull, he’s like a bad smell.

    • So out of touch!
      You think the media all 98 percent look after labour what fkn planet do you live on

    • Could not agree more with Maria….the media and especially the ABC commentators and Fairfax commentators never give up on making mischievous, exaggerated and untrue comments about the Abbot Government . Hopefully the Australian public will see through these lies and their intent to create instability which is not good for Australia.

    • Good god , you are so right . But I am astounded that there are STILL people who support that absolute criminal shorten . When will they see the light for goodness sake . NO labor government has been successful in running this country . Of course they think they have , but how they reach that conclusion is beyond me . When we always finish up in so much debt . Yet they will never own it . And their union mates ALWAYS get richer .

    • Susan Fernance you might want to check the polls 🙂 and not all of those people would be watching the ABC or reading Fairfax, all this Government has done is lie and break promises, Australian’s do not like that

  6. Sounds like dirty Labour tricks are in the air again. Somebody should put a bomb under the media, they are the cause of most of the unrest in the country today.

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  7. Since when has the media been sympathetic to the trade unions? Unless the smoke screen is to deflect from the fact that (wether or not you support the union movement) the current Royal Commissioner has shown his true bias by not disqualifying himself and charging us tax payers …. what was it $50,000 ……. for the three days it took him to deliberate on and make that decision.? I have been surprised though that even past media supporters for the conservative government have been openly critical recently, but I also very much doubt that they have have swung their support to progressive government. As far I am concerned, there is nothing but lies coming from politics, and the current media has no idea about truth and balance – so how is anyone expected to know what is really going on?

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    • Mike here-agree, biased findings, when they arrive, probably just before the next election but the findings are all that abbott has to build his next campaign on.

    • Are YOU for real Liz Deakin – this BS by Labor and the unions about the Royal Commissioner is just that BS. Its ALL about covering their own arses and NOTHING else. They don’t want anything at all coming out about their dodgy practices – the stand over tactics, bullying and helping themselves to other peoples money and the list goes on. Shorten is in it up to his neck and is staying mum at the moment because his masters have told him to shut up!! They say jump and little billy says how high? Surely YOU and a hell of a lot of other people can’t be that dumb not to have sussed this out for yourselves or are you happy for hard working people to be dudded by these rogues. Labor and the unions need to clean up their act and labor needs to distance themselves from the unions if they are ever to have ANY creditibility at all. And I would say the same about the libs if it is every needed. We don’t need that sort of shit in this country.

    • Turn the news on Liz just so you are aware, just reported on Sky News, Julia Bishop went in to see Abbott before Question time and Turnbull went in after question time to let him know a spill was on. TV interview with Turnbull we be on the news in about 15 minutes and NO you can’t blame the press or the ALP for the actions of the Liberal Party.

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