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He was the butt of plenty of jokes when he was a wildcard addition to the Senate, but there’s more to Ricky Muir than meets the eye. As the leader of the Motoring Enthusiasts Party, he’s not exactly the most important person in the Senate, but he’s definitely one to watch.

Yesterday afternoon, Senator Muir made a rousing maiden speech to the Senate and it has garnered widespread praise. So what exactly did he say that has made people believe he is a diamond in the rough?

“I wear this suit out of respect for this great chamber and the position I hold. But most importantly, I wear this suit to represent people just like me”. Senator Muir would rather be wearing his usual get-up – jeans and a t-shirt – but he has shown that people from the country and from hard beginnings can make something of themselves. He rhetorically questioned why he was there but it seems he knew the answer, asking “would a rural-based, family-orientated, timber industry worker, with a love of family time, four-wheel driving, the bush, dirt bikes, and competing in motorsport put his hand up to relinquish his quiet idyllic lifestyle for the fast-paced, highly stressed, and highly scrutinised lifestyle that comes with being in the political spotlight”.

He delivered a frank account into where he’s come from: “I spent most of my time as a child growing up below the poverty line. I can tell you as somebody who was not born into wealth, who has had to work my way up with absolute honesty, that working-class Australia is absolutely sick to death of working our lives away just to pay the bills. And having to struggle to spend the very money we work hard to earn on actually enjoying our existence rather than feeling like a slave to the dollar”. Do you agree?

He also highlighted what would happen if the GP co-payment came into effect and said, “To everybody sitting in this chamber, if you think $20 a week is nothing, or just a pack of cigarettes or a few beers, you have never lived in the real world”. The government infamously failed to run their GP co-payment plans past the Senate because parliament wasn’t back for the year and Senator Muir called them out on it: “That doesn’t sound like democracy to me”.

The motoring enthusiast also struck a chord with working-class Australians when he talked of “feeling the pressure and losing sleep when the general cost of living went up by just a tiny $20”.

Twitter has been going off with tweets, praising Ricky Muir for his human speech:


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  1. Mike here-the likes of the Honorable Ricky Muir MP. The Honorable Jackie Lambie MP. Are what our parliament needs. Ricky & Jackie both grew up tough, know the meaning of a dollar & speak their minds but not in pollie speak.

    2 REPLY
  2. It’s good to see him finding his feet – hopefully he has seen through the liars and users surrounding him and he’ll vote for the people and not for big business.

  3. Someone with common sense and working class knowledge, how is this possible in Parliament?

  4. Its a sad world when a man with honesty and integrity stands out like this in Canberra. Our parliament needs more of Ricky’s stature and less of the university bred elite.

  5. we all know the political doctrine is to keep them poor and in debt so they can be easily controlled wel we are getting tired of this it might have been good for our forebares but not for us so start to wake up bib politics your time is gonna come

  6. At last an honest man in the senate can we elect more

  7. I thought it was a good speech, he is right too Politician’s $20.00 is not even tipping money, Joe’s Cigars would cost more than $20.00 each. But to us $20.00 can mean eating or not. I think Ricky is far more in tune with ordinary Australian’s than those fat cats in Canberra

  8. A Politician who know the value of the $ no matter how small and how it can affect people’s lives..is a rare breed indeed in Canberra

  9. Now all we need is 90 more politicians with the same attitude and we may get this country back on its feet, but fat chance of that I am afraid !!

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