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If you have boomerang kids who just keep coming back and starving you of money, we have news for you – Prince Charles has gone that problem three-fold.

Today it has been revealed that the next in line to the throne has three kids to support, even though all of them are in their 30s, and have their own jobs.

Prince Charles pays for the staff, travel and wardrobes of William, Kate and Harry, at a value of $4.6 million.

But how does Prince Charles pay for it? He draws an income from the Duchy of Cornwall, according to TIME, which is an estate given to the heir of the throne, totally $31.1 million a year.

Costs for his sons and daughter-in-law include their private secretaries and press team, and has risen by $60,000 this year.

“We can’t identify how much of it is allocated to their office,” the palace source told PEOPLE and, unlike in previous years, they are not breaking down specific costs.

Brits will be glad to know that like any citizen, Charles pays income tax on these earnings.

Interesting, Charles and Camilla’s carbon footprint report has been released and details their efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that result from their work. Per the report, Charles “has been a leader in helping to foster good sustainability practice for 40 years [and Clarence House] is committed to monitoring, reporting on, and continually improving its sustainability performance”.


Tell us, does the amount of money Prince Charles have surprise you? Do you think it’s right he foots the bill for the kids or is it just the way of the royal world?

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  1. Why not-they & Diana secured his future. Without them let’s face it we all thought he was a useless dork!!!

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    • I’ve never thought of him as a dork. Actually I like the guy. He has a few blemishes but don’t we all. Those who denigrate him because he ‘has money’ are ignorant of the contract between the UK parliament and the Royal Family as a constitutional monarchy.
      At least he pays his taxes………

  2. It would be interesting to know what William and Harry will do to support themselves in the future.

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    • They’ll get free housing and tax payer funded allowances for the rest of their lives.

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      • NOT taxpayer funded as explained in this article – the duchy of Cornwall which earns 31 million pounds, and pays income tax, is what pays for them. A whole mess of people are employed by it, industries are sustained by it, farms, villages and all sorts of enterprises. Look it up. To be honest I’d rather have these guys than the useless pollies we have who DO get taxpayer money for the rest of their lives even when they have stopped working. The royal family stops when working when they die.

    • i know that I live across the other-side of the world but haven’t I read in the media that Prince William and Prince Harry both spent a considerable time in the Defence Forces ( like 10 years), were in war zones fighting and still carried out Royal Duties? I would call that a job and supporting oneself! You people want more than your pound of flesh just because they are royal blood. I hope that your contribution to your country is as considerable as theirs.

  3. Well they can’t go out and get an ordinary job without permission so yes he should look after them. He rakes in enough dosh to look after a massive family, his little lot won’t break the bank.

  4. Charles is funded solely by the British parliament ( his Duchy of Cornwall business failed ) who meet the cost of the sovereigns offical expenditure …in a nutshell ….the whole of the royal family are social welfare recipients….who pay for nothing …..but don’t let facts ruin another royal propaganda story …

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    • Obviously a little research required I think. Let’s start with tourism earnings and go from there shall we.

    • .No tourism earnings ..people don’t go to England to see the royals ..try setting foot on their property and it’s jail time ..France has the biggest tourism revenue in Europe ..with not a royal in sight …Madame Guillotine took care of that ..

    • The Duchy of Cornwall brings in huge revenue. About 30 million a year. Charles income from that is over 20 million pounds a year. He voluntarily pays income tax on the earnings from the estates.

    • Rosanna you need to do some research on the Civil List and Duchy of Cornwall estates.
      Cracked me up when I read your ‘Duchy of Cornwall failed business’ comment…like we are talking about a department store.

    • oh dear you really believe the royals cost a few pence a day ..and their estates are propping up the country ….more research for you Shelby …anyway its goodnight from me …been nice chatting 🙂

    • I don’t pretend to know what the outgoings from the Civil List are. I’m sure it’s public record if I chose to look into it.

      I do know that what you have stated is incorrect re The Duchy of Cornwall. This is a very successful enterprise.

      Stick with facts and you will have a lot more credibility.

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