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Remember the day your daughter got married? The smile, the tears, the happiness and the heartbreak as you saw her walk down the aisle to her beloved. That is what Stephanie Scott should have been doing this morning.

This afternoon she should have been enjoying her first dance with her husband, Aaron Woolley with her head on his shoulder, perhaps contemplating her wedding night and honeymoon.

Instead of this, the town of Leeton will come together for a picnic to remember her and support each other through their loss.

Stephanie is the 30th woman in Australia to be murdered by a someine they knew this year. Many of them have been murdered by a man they have known prior and only three by another woman.  But what is our country doing about it? Are we even noticing this trending upswing in violence against women that is behind a terrible death toll?

It will be in many people’s minds all day the fact that Stephanie was found burned in bushland on what should have been her wedding day. But for us the thought will be short lived. Her family will never forget the agony nit even a little bit. Surely the public and private disaster of her death can help us place a spotlight on the growing horror of violence against women.

Never before can I remember such a large number of violent crimes against women in our country. All the while police statistics are showing no growth in crime overall. Are we just becoming more violent or is the media just focussing more on dramatic crime. Clearly it is about time someone shone a light on the issue so women like Stephanie don’t lose their happily ever after just before it begins.

Rosie Batty fights against family violence, the Morcombes have stood up powerfully to fight against stranger danger.  It is too raw for Stephanie Scott’s family now, but we can only hope that our country stands up against violence to women before 30 women becomes 50, a horrifying thought.

Stephanie Scott’s sister was going to give her speech this afternoon at the wedding, instead she has handed it on to the media.


Rebecca Wilson

Rebecca Wilson is the founder and publisher of Starts at Sixty. The daughter of two baby boomers, she has built the online community for over 60s by listening carefully to the issues and seeking out answers, insights and information for over 60s throughout Australia. Rebecca is an experienced marketer, a trained journalist and has a degree in politics. A mother of 3, she passionately facilitates and leads our over 60s community, bringing the community opinions, needs and interests to the fore and making Starts at Sixty a fun place to be.

  1. there just are no words to describe this senseless act ….who have we become???? as a society this violence just is not acceptable……ever

  2. Yes & that bad bad person took it all away from her..RIP Stephanie condolences to your family

  3. No excuse but it’s percentages haven’t changed but because more population more cases. I feel so much for her family and friends and those of other victims. I would think each new one open the wounds of previous cases.
    Solace for their families is what I wish

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  4. May the killer of this young lady rot in prison.

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    • This is the saddest story since Gillian Meagher got murdered in Melbourne….both beautiful good people taken by the low lives that shouldn’t be able to walk this earth ever again as free people….lets hope this creep hasn’t got previous form like Gillian Meagher’s killer and should have been kept behind barts forever in a day 🙁

    • Straight death penalty too quick for these mongrel animals. He should have his wedding tackle removed first with a blunt pair of scissors with no pain relief. Then let him bleed to death.

    • I agree absolutely that it’s time to bring back the death penalty. There are men out there committing crimes just to get back into jail where they get 3 meals a day, have their washing done and no responsibilities associated with day to day living. I hope this mongrel goes straight to hell.

    • Agree Kay, but prison is nothing for him to bare in comparison to what he delivered to this beautiful young lady. Burn him at the stake I say. What a rotter.

    • bring back the medieval stocks and a barrel of dung and let the people (Leeton) throw it at him leave him unwashed in his cell

    • They only have to serve a certain amount of time even if given a life sentence .. 25 years is not life. Then they can get an education in jail, counselling etc. tv, computers all at the tax payers expense .. go figure.

    • Trouble is he may be released early they are to easy death penalty is in order.the say it is barbaric but what he did is also barbaric.

  5. Yes and I feel so so very sad and sorry this should have been the happiest day of her life and her dads proudest as he walked her down the isle and mum looking so happy and sad and tearing up at the same time my heart goes out to the grooms parents also as they would be having similar feelings for their son. God bless this beautiful bride bury her in her wedding dress it should go with her. And the bastard who did this should be castrated with out any pain relief and paraded down the Main Street where he lives.

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    • With a flaming fire underneath his ass so he would know what cruelty really feels like. Totally agree Jenny. I have felt so sad all day & I didn’t even know this beautiful young lady. Sooooo sad

    • Let fellow inmates sought him out as I am sure they will as they have their own justice system behind bars especially for crimes against innocents as Stephanie. May she be able to rest in peace in her beautiful dress. God help her family & fiances family.

    • there is to much of this going on in our country now, i think we should bring back the death penatly, then they might think about taking a beautifull life,my heart goes out to her family, fiance, family, eye for a eye

    • Trouble is that he can say he fears for his life in Jail and they will put him in protective custody !!! I agree with Jenny ,parade him down the street and let the whole town STONE him so he suffers like he caused Stephanie…..

    • I agree capital punishment should be an option. A person who is capable of such a crime will never understand the wrong they have committed so why should we bother keeping them in the relative comfort of jail when we could be spending that money helping those unfortunate people who have suffered at the hands of these evil things.

  6. My daughter was married 3 weeks ago n went to Tahiti for her honeymoon . I have another daughter who is a teacher who goes to her school during holidays to prepare lessons . Im so lost for words n so so very sad for the loss of this beautiful life . RIP Stephanie

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    • My daughter is often at school alone doing prep. I have forbidden her to go alone. Her dad may need to go. What a sad sad world.

    • Before I retired I spent hours alone in my classroom, holidays, weekends etc this is such a tragic situation.

    • I worked in a college for 25 years I always felt safe at any time..this is Mother very sad event in our community..what is our beautiful Australia coming to

    • Mare, my daughter is a teacher too. Several years ago, at least 6, I went to school with her during the school holidays while she collected some work. I was horrified and asked her then never to go to the school alone. I think schools have a duty of care here and should not allow their teachers to enter the school after hours.

      I cannot help but wonder how that young woman would’ve trusted that cleaner and he took her life. Makes me sick to the stomach.

    • I have a daughter in law who is a teacher. This brings a lump to my throat this whole situation. She would prepare work at school after hours too. My thoughts today go out to the beautiful Stephanie. So so sad.

    • I am a teacher who, for decades, has regularly stayed very late at work (often alone) and gone in at the weekend / on holidays to do preparation etc. I’m feeling so sad that Stephanie’s dedication and sense of duty, like that of so many teachers, lead to such tragedy. What is life coming to? Heartfelt thoughts for her family, friends, loved ones, colleagues and students.

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