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When she wrapped up her Olympics campaign, world 100m freestyle record-holder Cate Campbell had hinted that she may have been injured but refused to elaborate as she did not want to use it as an ­excuse for her underperformance in the 50m and 100m freestyle.

It has now been revealed that she will undergo surgery for a hernia for the second time in 12 months when she returns home from the Rio Olympics.

It was only after she anchored the Australian medley relay team to a silver medal on the last night in the pool that Campbell admitted she had not had a perfect preparation.

“Everyone has injuries and everyone has setbacks and I’m not about to put anything in print right now,” she said. “I want my results to stand for themselves and I want to be able to stand and take ­responsibility for my actions. There may be a few things coming out a little later but that is absolutely not relevant at the moment.”

She has now confirmed that she developed a hernia three months ago, before she broke the 100m freestyle world record last month.

She reiterated that her medical condition did not affect her ­performances in Rio. “I want it to be very clear that I do not make any excuses for my poor performances this past week,’’ she said.


After the 100m final Campbell said the uncharacteristic performance was “100 per cent my fault’’.

“There is such a thing as wanting it too much and trying too hard,’’ she said.

National head coach Jacco Verhaeren also pointed to Cate’s relay swims as proof that her physical condition did not prevent her from performing.

However, it is difficult to assess whether the physical problem had any impact on her confidence going into the events for which she was a heavy favourite.

Campbell’s coach, Simon Cusack, said the hernia was painful but it was not possible for her to have surgery before the Olympics without major disruption to her preparation. Instead, she had elected to swim through it and wait until ­afterwards to have the appropriate treatment.

Cate said she planned to have this second bout of surgery in October, after she returned from her post-Olympic holidays.

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  1. So proud of you and your sister you don’t always have to win be proud you represented our country well looking fwd to you both representing us Aussi’s T the next olymics . Have a great rest and holiday and good luck with the surgery xx Lorraine😊💕

    1 REPLY
    • Congratulations on all you and Bronte have achieved. You have both done Australia proud over your swimming career. As for not winning those races in Rio, you can only do your best on the day and winning is not everything. You showed great sportsmanship the way you smiled and handled your defeat. Keep up the good work…..Good luck with your surgery…….🏊🏊🏊🏊💗💗

  2. Extremely Proud of the whole Australian team. You don’t have to win. You showed integrity humility and passion be proud of what you have achieved. You did your best enjoy and be happy.

  3. Cate you are a true sportsperson, we are all so very proud of you, I hope your surgery goes well And you make a full recovery, stay strong Australia is with you.

  4. Cate you are a true sportsperson, we are all so very proud of you, I hope your surgery goes well And you make a full recovery, stay strong Australia is with you.

  5. Cate can justifiably be as proud of her performance as we are.
    Once again I am reminded of what great sportsmen and women we have representing our country. No excuses given no poor whinging just get on with the job and give your all. WELL DONE CATE..

  6. Cate, you did so well, silver is really good, and you all did your best, that is all we expected of you, get well soon.

  7. A true sportsperson on and off screen. Good luck with the surgery, can’t wait to see you lining up behind the blocks again soon xxx

  8. Cate you are a true champion, and god bless you for not revealing your injury at the Olympics.
    I too have had a hernia, and they are not so so, you have to be careful all wake hours.
    Good to hear you are getting it fixed in October. Well done young lady, you will go far
    Congratulations on your effort and get plenty of rest.
    Bob Pearman Toowoomba

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