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It’s been a while since we’ve seen Ray Martin grace our screens but now he’s been enlisted to review one of the ABC’s most contentious shows.

It’s been revealed overnight that Martin will provide editorial insight into Q&A’s practices following their producers’ choice to involve former terror suspect Zaky Mallah on the June 22 program.

Mr Mallah remarked that the government makes Muslims want to join IS and it was met with heavy criticism of both him and the ABC.

After intense media scrutiny, the ABC conceded they’d made an error in inviting the man to speak.

Sky News reports Mr Martin and former SBS managing director Shaun Brown will look at the key editorial decisions behind the program, including audience, panel and subject selection and on-air tweets.

It has also been revealed that Q&A’s executive producer has received a formal misconduct warning.

‘The issues involved with considering Mallah’s appearance should have been referred up to senior management in the television division under the ABC’s editorial policies,’ the board said.

Interestingly, Q&A will need to have increased security to ensure a similar incident doesn’t occur, though it will remain a fixture of the Monday night schedule.

Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has said he welcomed the board’s decision to commission a review.

“Today’s board statement concerning the QA program of June 22 shows that the directors have met, considered the issues relating to that program in the light of their statutory responsibilities and taken some action”.


Tell us, do you think that an inquiry should be held into Q&A, or was it just an error and to let bygones be bygones?

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  1. free speech

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    • Nothing to do with ‘free speech’ the guy (idiot) is a convicted criminal who was invited to cause a sensation. He is an admitted terrorist sympathiser.

    • That actually isn’t the case at all if you’ve really looked into it and not just followed the sensationalist headlines

    • He was convicted for threatening to kill & spent 2 1/2 years in Goulburn. He was found not guilty on the terrorism charges

    • Great, Janine, and send all those Libs that verbally agreed to the threats to Gillard, you know, slit her throat, drown her, etc., I do believe Ciobo was one of them, along with your PM Abbort. What’s good for the goose…my friend!!

    • Mr RUDD & Mr SHORTEN respected her a lot , didn’t they !!!!! I sure didn’t, but sure wouldn’t have used their “Gutless” methods !!!!

    • Pretty sure neither of them verbalized her dead, Bud!! Politics is a dirty business, but you don’t wish an opponent DEAD, we’ll leave that to TERRORISTS.

  2. We need more intelligent shows like Q & A with media/audience input..the truth is not left unsaid & takes Government to our level.. Less trash shows( so many mindless renovator rubbish) more unbiased views & love ABC esp Australian Story please!!

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  3. And are you still pushing the tale that Mr Mallah, though loud of mouth, actually is/was a physical,threat??? What a brilliant job id being done of alienating the Muslim communtiy …and think about it even alienating quite a few thougtful whitefellas!!

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  4. Seems to me Mallah is laughing out loud look at what he has achieved.

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  5. I agree we should have more quality programs like Q&A which involve an across the board audience. If the minister had answer Zaky Mallah with a better demeanour this probably not be an issue and yes we should move on from it lesson learnt!!

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    • Very true Bonny, all the minister had to do was stay calm and present his government’s line. He totally lost it. Was like watching a slinging match in a playground.

    • Exactly Bonnie; the parliamentary secretary was boorish in his handling of the initial comment.

    • Total over reaction from people who should know better. But it suits their agenda doesn’t it? Look out the terrorists are here! And don’t think about the dreadful way this government is heading!!!

    • You must be kidding. ABC invited that criminal to be present and provided transport. I admire the Minister for his response to that creature.

  6. Christ, but I wish the fools who think the ABC did something wrong would STFU. They did NOTHING wrong, and owe NO_ONE an apology.

  7. Miss Q & A, refreshing to watch , a panel debate current issues , intelligent , thought provoking, with humour .Instead of all the other ‘garbage’ on TV.

  8. This whole issue is trumped up. The young Muslim revealed himself for what he is. Nothing wrong having him there, so that least the public are aware this type of person with their extreme views exist in our community.

  9. Q.A very interesting show ..Look forward to it each week. Wish it was longer ..Dont like it ?
    Then watch the reality or cooking shows.Plenty of that rubbish on other channels..

    1 REPLY
    • Very well said Sandra, they can easily change channels and watch that puerile rubbish that the commercial channels dish up !

  10. Yes it should remain on television, those who don’t like our freedoms here in OZ should FOQ.

  11. Love Q&A…the diversity of opinion from panel and audience…. ABC can’t control what comes out of peoples mouths like our current government is trying to do with all sorts of threats and bullying….

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