Queensland’s welcome sign has a clanger of a typo, yet it was up for a week! 225



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Locals are furious about a mysterious sign that appeared on the roadside at the Queensland-New South Wales border after it was left up for a week despite a glaring spelling error.

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 12.08.00 pm

Worst of all, neither the state government nor Gold Coast City Council will admit they erected the sign, reports Fairfax media. The Department of Main Roads said Kent St was a council road therefore it was not responsible for signs. Meanwhile, council said the sign was the responsibility of  State Government.

The sign has now been removed, but it will have done nothing for the reputation of Queensland, which was, for a brief five-year period, referred to as “the Smart State”, until then premier Campbell Newman decided not to renew the trademark in 2008.

Mistakes happen, but still, you’d think that someone would have picked this one up before it was concreted into the ground!

Here are another couple of sabotaged road signs, to give you a giggle today:

What’s the worst “clanger” of a spelling mistake you’ve ever seen in public?

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  1. What’s wrong with the spelling in the picture

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  2. This is how you spell Queensland Where is the mistake

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  3. Love it, that is so funny, someone should tell the states they have a lot of boarders heading to the state BORDER

  4. Go to the story and all is revealed. I crossed the state line and became a Queensland “boarder” for a few days over Xmas/New year. Enjoyed my stay. Thank you Queensland.

  5. Amazed by the number of folks who comment before reading the article.

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