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There has been speculation for a number of weeks now and Campbell Newman has set the record straight: the Queensland election has been called for 31st January.

Mr Newman has asked Acting Governor Tim Carmody for this date for the state election, so that his seat of Ashgrove in Brisbane can be contested, as well as his position of Premier.

There have been whispers that the reason a snap election will be held is because Premier Newman believes Labor is not ready and they want Queenslanders to be taken off-guard. He also issued a statement via his Facebook:

Queensland’s economic recovery is too important to be jeopardised by ongoing election speculation.
I’m heading to Government House this morning to ask the acting Governor to issue writs for a state election.
There’s no time to waste securing Queensland’s economic future with our strong plan for job creation.

It has been a rocky three years for the LNP, who have held power in Queensland since 2012. At this stage, the polls are saying that Labor and the LNP are neck and neck, with not much between them for a win. ALP leader Annastacia Palaszczuk will be challenging the Premier in the 31st January election, in what is sure to be a very difficult fight for both parties.

Since the LNP scored their landslide victory in March 2012, the ALP have struggled to gain momentum again after losing crucial electorates, though they remain confident they will secure the seats they need. Miss Palaszczuk told the Courier Mail, “We’ve got nine seats in the Queensland Parliament. I’ve been very encouraged by the strong support Queensland has shown us in Redcliffe and Stafford in the most recent by-elections. I’ll be out there listening to Queenslanders and talking to Queenslanders and at the end of the day, it’s up for them to make that judgement”.

In the face of losing his position as Premier, Campbell Newman has stood strong in what he can offer to Queenslanders, though time will tell what happens when we go to the polls.


Who will you be voting for if you live in Queensland? Do you think Campbell Newman should remain Premier? Or is it time for a change? Tell us below.

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  1. Rumour. Isn’t he moving to NZ. Might meet Elvis & Joh B

    6 REPLY
    • oh rubbish Jenny Young and who do all the work if Labor voters left? you can fix your own car? you can butcher your own meat? you can do your own plumbing and electrical work? You can teach children and do the job of a nurse , a fireman, a garbage man ( you might be able to do that you talk garbage)..without Labor voters this country does not run !!

    • Don’t inflict these two on our cousins across the ditch, send them off on a leaky boat.

  2. And the Lefties are out in force. You have to laugh.

    5 REPLY
    • I don’t know any radical right but will be sure to keep on the lookout for them. Thanks for the warning.

    • it is childish and at our age when you start acting like children , the next step is probably dementia

    • That’s a typical comment from an obvious coalition voter – no one else can have an opposing point of view that isn’t “lefty”. God help us if the lnp gets back into power.

  3. This man and the LNP have waged war against just about everything other than developers and big business. no way again

  4. Oh here’s an idea lets vote Labor back in they did such great job last time Don’t forget the Peter and Anna days they were a disaster.

    5 REPLY
    • not, I believe Anna did an amazing job under the circumstances. just being female is enough to cause you to lose faith and she never did.

    • Why does it have to be either one of these 2 screw up parties?!! I won’t be giving either my vote… Environmental terrorist or Budget retards?!! They both suck and need to have legitimate third party competition…

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