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Passersby were stunned to see the Queen behind the wheel of a green Jaguar as she drove herself to church yesterday – her first appearance since the Sun newspaper ran an image of eight-year-old Princess Elizabeth giving a Nazi salute.

Palace aides have launched an inquiry into the leak of the 17-second home movie and Buckingham Palace has confirmed it is considering legal action if any criminal activity in found.

The clip is from the royal family’s highly-restricted private archive and is thought to have been filmed by the Queen’s father King George VI.

However, the Palace has refused to be drawn into a debate over whether these and other private archives held at Windsor castle should be released as historical documents.

Historians are saying that releasing some of the material, which stretches back more than 250 years, would add to the country’s knowledge of the Queen and provide important historical context to the links between some leading royals and the Third Reich before the second world war.

Mark Almond, professor of modern history at Oxford University, told The Guardian: “Opening up aspects of the Queen’s early years is not going to damage respect for the monarchy. It can only reinforce her standing with the public.

“This film reminds us of how many challenges this country has overcome in the last eight decades under the Windsors.”

Interestingly, German newspaper Bild has slammed the Sun and its owner Rupert Murdoch’s decision to run the images as a cynical grab for money and attention. It also took a shot at the British attitude to Germany’s shared past.

“It seems hard for the British to understand that we ‘Krauts’ don’t really find Hitler so funny. And so it’s clearly said here: the man is the biggest mass murderer in history. In contrast, the British find it ‘funny’ if Prince Harry turns up at a party with a Nazi armband,” wrote the editor.

Do you think this royal family’s private archive should be released to the public? 

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  1. if the public is paying for their lifestyle, then yes they have the right!

    3 REPLY
    • Valerie, does that mean anyone on a pension or any other taxpayer funded allowance has no right to privacy also?

    • True Sue! Anyone that has had any handout from the government now has to air ALL their dirty linen in public….has the world got enough time to look at all this shite….just crazy….people seem to relish in dragging people down…they make it their life’s work…they should find something useful to concentrate their energy on!

  2. I think that whatever happened so long ago was done innocently and should be left in the past where it belongs. Whatever happen back then has no bearing on what happens today so why shouldn’t it be left in the past. Like very family they have skeletons int heir closet and like every other family they are entitled to their privacy. Leave them alone.

  3. Get over it people. Of course she has a right to privacy and she has her own fortune. As for yer nazi salute. Really it could have been anything and I think most of us have mimicked that at one time or another. How old was she? How petty are we??

    13 REPLY
  4. Its the furore that follows these things….the nazi salutes were before the nazis even became the known enemy….at the stage this film was taken……the nazis were only a registered political party in Germany……give us a break and keep things in perspective

    3 REPLY
    • Exactly …it’s only because it is the Royal family that it is made into a big deal…6 years before the war even started…so the hell what!!!

    • Yes a bit of respect here please , what would you do as an eight year old ? she was a child for goodness sake , an as a adult good to see her behind the steering wheel

  5. Not a Royalist as a matter of fact I think we should become a republic, but seriously this about the Queen is just ridiculous, I played Cops and Robbers as a child..does that mean I should now be put in goal? It is just kids games

    7 REPLY

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