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When most of us go to the airport, we will dress well but also comfortably for our flight, and sometimes that means we will forgo enclosed footwear for the occasion – something that is now not accepted by Qantas.

In February, Qantas brought in smart casual dress guidelines for guests in its domestic Qantas Clubs and Business Lounges throughout Australia and it was enforced from April 1. The decision was made after complaints from passengers about their fellow passengers state of dress. Now, passengers are complaining about the rules, saying on social media that they have been rejected from the lounges for wearing thongs, despite wearing business dress or other expensive items.

To enter the Qantas lounges, you now may not wear singlets, bare feet, thongs (of any type) and clothing with offensive images or slogans, though hi-vis work wear is acceptable.

Despite the furore, SMH reports that a Qantas spokeswoman has said that the dress policy changes have been welcomed by offended customers and most even want the standards to apply to all guests.

“Since [Wednesday] the only discrepancy has been with customers wearing rubber and leather thongs, which are no longer within the dress code guidelines,” she said.

“We appreciate this may have caused some frustration but we’re not in a position to flip-flop on the policy”.


What do you think? Do you think that passengers should have a dress code across the board? Tell us below.

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  1. Why not. Dubai has some strict codes of dress. And showing a bit of respect doesn’t cost anymore. D.

  2. They did this because Business people continually complained about the FIFO flyers in casual gear.

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    • Not many mine workers wear their hi-vis wear as not allowed on a lot of the planes that fly directly to the mine sites to the regional air ports!

    • My husband used to work for Qantas for over 20 yrs, now on the mines. This IS what stirred it all up.

  3. Glad there is something life threatening for airlines to worry about. Obviously the passengers who complained are a cut above the poor souls who like to travel in comfort. Thongs are intrinsically Aussie. Does this mean that we are no longer Australian or does this mean that Qantas is no longer Australian.

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    • You are correct, Marina but that does not mean that all Aussies wear them only for the beach. No. Qantas is an Aussie icon. Does that mean an Aussie icon has no place for another Aussie icon? I have flown about 16 times in the last 4 years and you know something, I have never looked at another’s footwear. In actual fact I have rarely looked at another person and said to myself that I would not like to be on the same plane as he/she. I have always tried my best to look as good as my purse allows me but when I see people different than me boarding a plane, I see no reason to complain. If you really want to know what should be requisite on a plane is deodorant. Many men seem to think this is not required, but let me tell you that sitting next to someone who thinks he is some sort of Casanova and smells like a pig at a trough is an all too frequent occurrence. Forget thongs and make deodorant compulsory. Can you imagine the smelling those hostesses would have to endure.

    • I agree with you Marina…thongs are for the beach and not for travelling in, whether it be in the lounge or flying in them. For safety reasons too, thongs are inappropriate footwear.

    • Things are to wear in the shower to prevent fungal infections not to travel on an aircraft. Closed in shoes are the minimum requirement for safety.

    • I can’t believe some people have got nothing better to do than complain about clothing and shoes that people wear. Must have a pretty sad life and you must think you are superior.For these people that complain how do you know that what you are wearing and look like doesn’t offend them. Let’s face it you are travelling, you want to be comfortable why can’t you wear what you want. It’s not as though you are going to a wedding or to meet the queen

    • I usually wear thongs on a flight and comfortable. When travelling cattle class you need to be comfortable. It’s ok for those who can afford to travel business or 1st class to complain but they have a little more room to play with.

    • My complaint would have to be about the passengers ( and flight attendants ) who marinate themselves in perfume! I am allergic to perfumes and end up having an asthma attack !

  4. I agree no singlets and thongs allowed. But can dress sandals be worn by men?

  5. I have no problem with the dress code, since I can’t afford to travel business class anyway!
    I do think folk are very slack in their dress these days, not that I want to go back to the days of corsets, stockings, hats and gloves just to go to the shops! 🙂

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