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An interesting night on the #QandA panel was seen tonight when the ABC did a classic move of stacking a solid portion of their desk with anti-Government supporters seeking controversy. And they were not to be disappointed. Far and away, the most entertaining part was the questions, which is what we all watch it for. And tonight two of the big questions made us roll our eyes in wonder, and they are what everyone on Twitter and Facebook are talking about…

1. Do you believe it is fair that people of the younger generation are struggling to afford a home, while wealthy retirees living in multi-million dollar homes are claiming pensions? I’m not saying they should have to leave their homes, but why should I be effectively subsidising somebody else’s inheritance when instead of claiming a pension, these retirees could take out a reverse mortgage?

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2. Elaine Wziontek asked: Miriam Margolyes, last time, when you were on Q&A in 2012 you said you liked Julia Gillard who was “fascinating”, while Bob Hawke was “ravishing”. Any similar thoughts on our current Prime Minister?

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Tell us today… What is your one word for the PM… ? And how would you pose a response to question number one?

Rebecca Wilson

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  1. Do you think the PM is right to lose respect for Professer Triggs when only now she is worried about the children when she knew of it years before and wasn’t worried then to do something for them. How could you know they were badly treated and do nothing for all that time when it was your job.

  2. I would think she would be better suited to another position, wouldn’t you?

  3. everybody has ruled this out but it was labour policy in the past in opposition

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    • I hope the ALP brings this in, taxpayers hate us thanks to Abbott, he said we are leaners, well not all of us are leaning, we are trying to survive. But those who are wealthy should pay for themselves..they are the leaners

  4. You are all sickening people haven’t got a clue

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    • That’s a bit judgemental Pamela. I watched Q&A fair enough some of the audience had silly perspectives but the panellists were spot on. This Govt. is bloody disgraceful.

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      • A stacked panel- yes that sounds about par for the ABC.

    • Stacked with Labor supporters I am a Liberal supporter we have an opinion too free choice thank God

    • Pamela I am not a liberal and definitely not labour. Never have been . but I agree stacked with labour supporters.. And this site is too… Disgraceful posts trying to destabilize the country. Posts are getting repetitious and boring. But you hang in there girl you on the right track , rest of them can’t see the forest for the trees….

    • if you had watch the show, they give you the percentage of what political Party the audience represents and there were more Liberal voters than Labor!!

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