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In a bit of good fun, Australia’s Auditors to the big guns, PWC have released a Melbourne Cup analysis like no one else’s. They’ve run the numbers past their analysts, computed the data and audited it to bring us all the “top 5 picks” for the Cup.

Bear in mind it is all in a barrel of good fun, and no one is making any promises.

So here they are… And for any of you statisticians that want to enjoy the whole story, you can pop on over to the PWC Melbourne Cup website.

PWC Horsey tips Melbourne Cup
















Analysis using Machine Learning… 

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 8.15.39 pm

Analysis using Linear Regression

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 8.15.19 pm


Image sources: PWC.



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  1. Ignore the whole thing, keep your money in your wallet. Look up the realities for most of the foals born to the racing studs. An unnecessary waste of resources and for many horses just cruel. End all racing of animals, be they greyhounds, gallopers or pacers.

    5 REPLY
    • I love the Melbourne Cup and remember listening to it in 1951 in Grade 6 in the playground as our country town did not get the holiday. Went to my first Cup day in 1960 which was the centenary, Hi Jinx won with Billy Smith aboard. At 75 almost, I still get a thrill and for you knockers think of the boost our economy gets in fashion, jobs, and creating world wide attention on our Victorian capital

    • Yes it is better to go to some organisation like Save a Horse Australia and all the money you were going to spend at the cup donate to them.

    • Fully agree…… Used to look forward to MC….. But after learning about abuse in the “industry”…… No thank you. SAHA or another equine rescue charity are a more worthwhile option.

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