Public service announcement: frozen berries may contain Hepatitis A 90



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If you have frozen mixed berries in your freezer, you might want to check they are not the Nanna’s brand. If they are, the Victorian Health Department has issued an urgent recall of the 1kg packet after consumers have fallen ill with Hepatitis A.

Hepatitis A can be spread through food, drinks or objects with traces of faeces with the virus, and is most prevalent in developing countries, i.e. Chile, where some of the fruit is sourced. China is where the berries are packed, but it’s not clear on where the contamination originated.

Health professionals are urging anyone who thinks they may have bought frozen berries from their local supermarket to check their freezers and the date on the packet – the contaminated products have expiries up to the 11 November 2016.

Pattie Foods, the Australian distributor have announced their is a nation-wide recall and that consumers should return the packs for a full refund.

“Patties Foods advises the voluntary recall is in the interests of consumer safety and that the health and well-being of consumers is paramount”, they said in a statement.

If you believe you or someone you know has eaten the berries, it’s advised to seek medical attention as Hepatitis A can take up to 50 days to produce symptoms. Symptoms include diarrhoea, fatigue, fever, abdominal pain and vomiting.

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  1. The big Companies keep importing cheap products from overseas knowing the products are below standard just for huge profits. When is the AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT going to Impose the same standards we have in this Country to all IMPORTS

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    • I found out yesterday that the nanas blueberries may be grown in Chile but they are packed in China I try to avoid anything to do with China lables should be clearly marked with every country that it product is from ( if product comes from a number of countries every one should be listed ) where it is packed ( country area ) and packaged and whole is the distributor so we can all make a educated choice if we wish to buy the product so if we want to buy australian we can

  2. I always thought N Z was ok but produce from there no good either ?

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    • no.. New Zealand is used as a back door for Chinese poison.. The Kiwis repackage, relabel and on sell to us idiots here in Australia. And I am sad to say I am a Kiwi.. I never buy frozen veg made in NZ, in fact the only NZ product I buy is Mainland cheese.But I do have to say Coles Brand is very very good now. Everyone needs to buy Australian owned, Australian made ONLY! This way our country will recover and become a food power house again but it takes all of us to spend that little extra.

    • right on Janet ..our senator Xenophon tried several times for a truth in labelling bill to be passed …been knocked back every time
      farmers markets are the way to go ..

  3. What about the packets containing blueberries only,and rasberries.all sourced from the same place..I think I will get rid of them all just in case..WTF.

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    • According to the packaging, the blueberry comes from Chile, also the strawberry, the mango comes from Vietnam.
      Raspberry comes from China, too.

  4. We try to grow as many of our own produce as possible, because you can’t even trust the well known brands anymore. Too much under-handed dealings going on these days

  5. Why the hell when we have such amazing produce in Australia do we get frozen berries from China and other places over the world, it is not RIGHT, COME ON THE GOVT. NEEDS TO DO BETTER!!!!

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  6. Thanks Janet Blackmore. I love N Z and kiwis but this stuns me. The problem is because Australian things are usually so much dearer we don’t support our country.

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