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The Cost of Living Around the World report conducted by Movehub has found that Australia really is too expensive. The survey, that took into account a number of every day expenses, has ranked Australia sixth on their final list – that is the sixth most expensive place to live.

It came behind Switzerland, Norway, Venezuela, Iceland and Denmark and was followed by New Zealand, The UK, Ireland and France which were all spread amongst the top 14. The United Stated didn’t even rank in the top 15!

Movehub used New York as a benchmark and compared the cost of living in other countries to life in the Big Apple. They took into account the cost of groceries, transportation, restaurants and utilities. Groceries took into account the price for meat, bread, rice, eggs, fruits, vegetables and alcohol. Transportation included one way tickets, monthly passes, petrol prices and other vehicle running costs. Meals were prices at mid range and inexpensive restaurants as well as the prices of coffee, alcohol and water. Electricity, heating, water the internet were the utilities assessed.

It was a fair assessment of these categories and of course there are other things that could be tested like healthcare, education and housing but it is a good starting point to start getting the message across that Australia really is too expensive!

The top 15 and lowest 15 are featured in the image below.

Tell us, what is your biggest expense? What do you think is too expensive in Australia? What could be lowered to make the biggest difference to you? 


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  1. Cigarettes !

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    • No, it’s not unfair, give up smoking. I saw an older woman possibly my age, pass over $103 for her smokes, I think 3 packets, how on earth could she could afford that is beyond me, what is she doing without?

    • every poor complainig person i know smokes ….smokes pokies ect are not a cost of living .neither is fast food or restaurants.

    • hahaha come on Percy answer him.. umm Graeme Percy is a Liberal voter and what he chooses to do with his his choice ..NOT YOURS

    • Thanks Leanna and Bindy for your support. No, I don’t answer to ratbags they can GGF. Yes, I smoke ciggies all day, my pipe in the evening with a peg, and Cuban cigars all night as I’m a night owl. As for voting, I’m a swinger currently supporting my dear friend Jelena of the Aust Sex Party, who is my comforter.

    • well good on you Percy, you do as you many people try to tell us how to live our lives

  2. Yes the cost of living is high and it is becoming more and more difficult to afford to live. The GST added on to items make it even more unaffordable and now The Liberal Government is talking of adding the GST onto fresh food, making a food a luxury item that many will not be able to afford and raising it on every other item

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  3. Food and electricity. Housing would be highest for those who don’t own a home. I’d like to see more affordable housing.

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    • It is time we create a new paradigm in cooperative housing for people living on Centerlink benefits. Sharing and caring for each other. This can be done.

  4. With LNP Government cuts to the CPI rise pensioners will find it almost impossible to make ends meet, none of us know if the states will continue to support our concession cards. In N.S.W we only have a guarantee from the State Liberal Government of keeping it for 12 months and that will be up in July. That coupled with the petrol tax and calls the rise the GST and any other charges they seem to want to hit us with, will cripple many pensioners

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    • excuse me Noel Hawes? I am making a comment and not spamming anyone, by answering me with rubbish your probably spamming me

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      • Lesley you 100/percent about comments about ex pm

    • What about telling pensioners that they are a burden on society…the biggest burden to society is the pension cost of ex politicians and ex PMs.
      Each former PM, including multi millionaire Rudd, is entitled to an expensive office, at least two staff, including a senior private secretary, and the annual wages bill of each is nearly $300,000 plus.
      The former PMs have their home and mobile phone bills paid by taxpayers, as well as unlimited allowances for publications, a private self-drive car, and air fares for them and their spouse. All this on top of their indecent pension.

  5. I am finding it harder to manage the bills and food that is was 2 years ago, I fear it will only get worse. As an old age Pensioner I am finding it difficult to manage now , I dread how hard it will be by the time this Abbott Government has finished with us. This old leaner is well and truely sick of them.

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    • Time for us all to fight back, Elise. The two major parties are hell bent on convincing us that Australia is a duopoly, it isn’t. Check the other political parties in our democracy and find the ones whose policies are more pensioner friendly and vote for them.

  6. The cost of housing is truly scandalous, made worse by investors and negative gearing pushing the prices up. The young ones will find it impossible to get into the housing market. Get rid of negative gearing I think, although no government will do this. Build more villas/houses for the elderly to downsize to. I love this country but we seem to be going backwards in so many ways and the cost of living has soared and will become more expensive if governments and establishments do not keep up with infrastructure NOW. Put things off and then it costs twice as much. This is why the electricity prices increased; it had very little to do with the carbon tax.

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    • keating abolished negative gearing lasted 6 months investors stopped building rental housing and we had a rental crisis .lots of the rental accomodation is owned by ordinary mums and dads who have their house partly paid for and borrow for the second house ..the negative part is where your interest rates insurance ect brings your income from the house down to

    • its for poor people to get ahead and provides housing for other poor people ..ban it and you will have the problem keating had AGAIN …

    • Someone suggested building more villas etc for people to downsize to but they need to be pet friendly and without an exit fee. I think that’s why many of us are reluctant to enter these. I thought about it but I like owning my own property.

    • Keating should have persevered. It would have resolved itself. As for the poor people getting ahead, this is nonsense. It is only those with money who can buy a house and investments, not the poor people. All people need houses, so the builders would have carried on building, for both buyers and renters, since the cheaper the houses are to buy the more likely those less off (financially) would be able to buy. As it is now it is very hard to buy a house as it mainly investors who are able to buy – you only have to look at the auctions.

    • I think people who want to get ahead and are prepared to take a chance and work a little extra are investors. They also go without.

    • Eileen, my grandchildren work hard, go without, and would like to get ahead, and take a chance, BUT as fast as they’re saving, the faster the housing is increasing. So they can’t even get into the housing market, which is my main point. I never said that investors didn’t work hard etc and it’s not their personal fault for pushing prices up but the system that allows it. Many others work hard and go without, not just investors as your comments imply.

  7. Do you just buy fresh food & cook Elise? For just one or two people it doesn’t cost much for fruit & vegetables. Turning off the equipment when not in use helps also. We find it not a problem on the pension.

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    • yes I only buy fresh food but it is becoming so expensive now, I do anything I can to save on water and power..I use to love watering the garden, I can’t afford to any more. We seem to sacrificed the simple pleasures in life

    • same here and I am not managing brilliantly either, I have the same bills as everyone else . I can just cope now, I won’t be able to if we get less money

    • Our electricity in Qld has risen by 50% in three years. It is harder to manage, rates, water, gas, petrol, food, services have all increased. It is harder to manage, no I don’t drink or smoke, and buy fresh veggies when in season.

    • Why are you asking Elise Kolar if she buys fresh food ? When your profile picture shows you with a cake and cans of coke…

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