Proof that Tassie is the most extreme place in Australia

Just a week out from the Paris climate negotiations, the state of Tasmania is staging the ultimate protest – with

Just a week out from the Paris climate negotiations, the state of Tasmania is staging the ultimate protest – with a display of the crazy, extreme weather we might expect should global temperatures continue to rise.

Hot on the heels of its hottest October on record, Tasmanians are preparing for… snow.

On Wednesday and Thursday this week, a cold front will sweep across the apple isle, and snow will fall on Tassie’s highest peaks, down to 500m above sea level.

In addition to snow, the cold front that passes through will bring potentially damaging winds from the North-West then West-South-West, according to Higgins Storm Chasing.

Tasmania could see up to 10cm of snow, including in Cradle Valley, and minimum temperatures of -2C in some areas.

In Hobart, it’s unlikely the mercury will reach over 13 degrees, and there’s plenty of rain to come, too.

Tasmanians are used to extreme weather, but this swift change could take even the most seasoned weather watcher by surprise.

In Paris next week, the world’s leaders will meet with the intention of setting global targets intended to slow rising global temperatures and reduce the risk of the world’s most vulnerable.

Have you noticed any change in weather patterns in your region? Do you worry about climate change? 



  1. Rob Weaver

    Another beat-up. I can remember it snowing on Mt Wellington, behind Hobart, on Christmas and Boxing Days 40 or more years ago.

  2. Fran Spears

    Its already been blowing a gale here on and off for days. I love the snow, hate the wind.

    • Rob Weaver

      You know, one of the problems of our world today is that so many people get their information about the last 50 or so years from the internet, particularly sources such as Google and Wikipedia. When we were young we got it straight from the horses’ mouths, or experienced it first hand.

    • Denise Knight

      I like both, love the sound of the wind in the trees, and watching the gums so tall and dancing to the wind. Looking forward to the cold this week, hope it gets to snow down here for the third time this year.

    • Fran Spears

      I love the snow and i love watching the tall gums behind my house swaying in a breeze, but not the strong winds we have had lately.

    • Dennis Hewitt

      Fran – You must be on a hilltop somewhere. I have been in the vicinity of Hobart for some weeks, although at lower elevations, and haven’t noticed any undue winds.

    • Fran Spears

      In Kingston Dennis. Blowing a gale as we speak. Saturday was horrible and just as windy in New Town on Saturday afternoon. Sunday wasnt much better.

  3. Fred McLean

    It snowed on Cradle Mountain in February 2000 and don’t forget the bushfires in 1966

  4. Nanette Dart

    Australia has only been keeping Records for under 150years, that’s just a spit in the Ocean as far as the Climate is concerned!

    • Joan Savell

      I agree we need records for at least 500 years to obtain even the haziest idea about the weather.

    • Joan Savell

      Rob it is also recorded that in the 17th centre(1600s) thst there was an eruption of that unpronouncable volcano in iceland the volcanis ash circle around europe and england and the atlantic for a number of years and fir thst oeiod it was much colder than usual the sunshine was very week and croos failed for 3 seasons and needless to say starvation was the name id the diet imposed on all the citizens of those areas. You are right Rob there is always something hapoening in our atmosphere that affects the weather.

  5. Cheryl Ann Shoobridge

    I can remember it snowing on Christmas day on Mt Wellington, so this is nothing unusual about this. I don’t mind the cooler weather, I just wish this wind we have down here at the moment would go away, it is terrible.

  6. Jenny Gericke-Ramsden

    Oh, the Left are good. Same old,, Same old. Every day they come out with more of their INSANE claims, expecting SANE People to believe their crap. Obviously they are trying to convince themselves because they want Australia to give the UN billions of dollars of our money. Complete Idiots.

  7. Libbi Elliot

    It sounds like you are going to have a blizzard Tasmanian’s, keep rugged up, we don’t want you to get sick for Christmas.

    • Dennis Hewitt

      Libbi – Ha. Ha. Ha. It’s Tasmania, not Antarctica.
      There are plenty of summer days where Hobart’s maximum temperature exceeds that of DARWIN.

  8. Christina Smith

    We’ve only been here full time for about eight weeks but on and off five years now and we love the climate, the absolute peace and tranquility the days are cool and refreshing. Not impressed with the wind as Fran has mentioned its been constant for the last week or so, putting the washing on the line is a challenge. But we need more rain for our grass in the pastures then we may have some hay for winter, fingers crossed.

  9. Lee Hauser

    What,s the point in worrying about a natural weather phenomena? The world has always been very hot and very cold, and all the waffle about humanity causing it is just that…waffle. If the climate activists think carbon is causing it they should stay home, instead of hiving off to Paris on a jet plane.

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