Prince Harry rushes to help elderly woman who fell during London Marathon 14



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Prince Harry is truly a knight in shining army, a prince charming! It has been revealed the 31-year-old Royal was at the London Marathon when he spied something in the corner of his eye.

86-year-old former British Olympian Sylvia Disley had tripped during the medal presentation. It wasn’t long before the dashing prince helped her to her feet.

The Prince, who is patron of the London Marathon Charitable Trust, took her arm to help her back to her feet before they both presented the Disley Lifetime Achievement award to Hugh Jones, the first British winner of the men’s title in 1982.

The Prince was seen holding her hand to help her away after the ceremony, reports the Telegraph. Thankfully, Mrs Disley was unhurt and was beaming after her encounter with the young prince.

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  1. What a true gentleman he is. Shows his upbringing has been a darn good one and due to BOTH his mum earlier and his dad during his years since her death.

  2. We wouldn’t have expected anything less from him. Such a true gentleman.

  3. How could anyone NOT love Harry a human first… Prince second………

  4. A good upbringing develops your feelings and understanding towards other human beings. Lovely man with great character and so thoughtful and caring.

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    • I believe his mother more than his father set the example & that has lived on in them. Lady Diana was a beautiful lady & cared for others & the boys saw that in her. While I am alive her memories will never leave me. I will never forget the day she passed away it upset me a great deal.

  5. Prince Harry is a carbon copy of his mother, Kind, considerate and compassionate, great roll model for our country God bless X X X

  6. A very down to earth young man, he’s a gent with no strings. Fantastic roll model for our younger generations. You don’t have to be a prince to have compassion and moral fibre.

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