Prince Harry makes statement about his new niece, and we find out when we’ll know the name 2



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It’s been just 48 hours since the beautiful new royal baby was born but she’s already had her fair share of attention! The unnamed girl is on everyone’s lips around the world, especially as we await her official name.

Prince Harry, uncle to the new bub, has released an official statement via Kensington Palace saying he is delighted at the birth:


Another statement, from the Duke and Duchess themselves, have thanked their loyal supporters. “The Duke and Duchess are hugely grateful for the messages of congratulations they have received from people all over the world,” the statement read. “It means a great deal to them that so many people have celebrated the arrival of their new daughter”.

Kensington Palace also said that the baby name……….will be revealed in due course.

Bets are still rolling in globally, with Charlotte, Alice or Diana are front runners.


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  1. The thing to remember is, the new baby is NOT ‘ours’. The new baby is Prince Harry’s niece. She is not even related to us.
    I am sick of Australian’s’ tax-payer dollar supporting everyone and everything from the Death Penalty in other countries, and the births of unrelated persons whose family members (Prince Charles) mutter against in in hushed voices (thankfully, picked up by media microphones) that regard the rest of us with contempt.
    Give the people of Australia what they deserve-recognition of their OWN worth, as individuals and families, as communities and a national as a whole.
    We are a blessed country with good, solid people, and have long been exploited by the self-interest of governing powers and personal politics and are forced to sit back and watch everyone share our wealth and worth while Australia and Aussies who pay the piper go without.
    We are not stupid.

  2. Who cares ? – just another “royal” to take the taxpayers money. Kate Middleton was only a commoner herself, until managing after lots of following & appearing wherever Prince William might be , to finally entice him. Call the new daughter Norma Jean – both Elton John & Princess Diana would appreciate that!

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