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In some exciting royal news, Prince Harry is said to be moving to Australia, before officially departing the armed forces.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s youngest son is headed to Australia to work with our defence force and will be living here for several weeks or months. The Evening Standard reported that he will quit the British military later this year after several posts in Afghanistan and a tireless record of military involvement.

After the Prince completes his service here, he will head to Gallipoli in April to pay his respects to those who fought before him at the 100th anniversary ANZAC dawn service. Then, the 30-year-old plans to focus on his charity work in field projects in Africa.

But Prince Harry won’t just be in the military the whole time he is Down Under – he’s also expected to make several public appearances on our soil.

A spokesman for Kensington Palace said: “Prince Harry is currently focused on his work supporting the Ministry of Defence’s recovery capability programme to ensure those who are wounded, injured or sick have appropriate recovery plans and the necessary support they require.

“It’s a natural progression from the work he did organising the Invictus Games. This involves working alongside case officers in London District’s personal recovery unit and visiting various recovery centres and partner agencies (such as forces charities and the NHS) around the country”.

And a senior source told the Standard: “The Prince thought long and hard about his decision to leave active military service but, having served his country on two tours of duty, he felt the time was right to leave. He has loved his time serving”.

What do you think about having a Prince on our shores for one of the longest periods ever? Tell us below.

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  1. He’s cute, well trained and probably good at his job. BUT, he is young and we probably have people just as well trained and being here six weeks, which is what they say he will be here, doesn’t constitute living here, by anyone’s standards. However, I hope his trip is a success…

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    • I agree, not really LIVING here, but have always loved young Harry & hope he visits Williamstown Raaf Base & he goes to the shops where I might see him. I think he does an awesome job for helping Veterans after leaving the forces and will him all the best.

    • Unless your coming to stay Ms. Bond apart from the fact you aren’t Royal, then NO, there will be no FREELOADER coming. All his trip and expenses will be paid for by People/Organisations OUTSIDE Austrlia, so don’t panic your bread won’t go up in price.!!!!!!!

  2. Gee he so looks like James

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  3. So . . . who cares? (apart from the tabloids and other print media who use his image to peddle junk pseudo-journalism)

  4. I guess we are paying for another royal freeloader

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