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It’s one of the most important milestones in his mother’s life and overnight Prince Charles made a touching tribute on the Queen’s 90th birthday.

In the short video, the first born son of Queen Elizabeth II read an edited passage by William Shakespeare from the play Henry VIII.

The passage went as follows:

‘Good grows with her. In her days every man shall eat in safety under his own vine what he plants and sing merry songs of peace to all his neighbours.

‘God shall be truly known and those about her shall read the perfect ways of honour and by this claim their greatness, not by blood.

‘She shall be, to the happiness of England, an aged princess. Many days shall see her, yet no day without a deed to crown it.’ 

The Prince personally chose his reading in consultation with Greg Doran, artistic director of the Royal Shakespeare Company, and it is also a tribute to Shakespeare as the 400th anniversary of his death is commemorated this month, reports the Telegraph.

Watch the video below and tell us, what did you say to your mum on her last birthday?

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  1. He did that well and chose well I think he ages well! like his mum.

  2. How special! A fitting tribute to this wonderful lady.

  3. Good tribute however, I do feel sorry for Prince Charles and the curve his life has taken. Empathy makes me feel sad. I must exercise my fair mind and say while princess Diana did a lot of good deeds and Prince Charles who instigated the fuss with his behavior Princess Diana was no Saint.If Princess Diana tried to bring the house of Windsor down she was dreaming because it is a dynasty that has been going for centuries. Britain has a lot to offer the world with history pomp and ceremony.

  4. Although she is usually called princess Diana, she was in fact Diana, Princess of Wales. A princess is born a princess, the child of the Sovereign or a direct descendant.
    Agree with Joan Marshall, she was no saint but the media kept up the fairy tale image of her. Prince Charles has done a huge amount of good, most of it unsung, because the Press decided to ignore what he has done.

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