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Last night Prince Charles addressed a group of Australians at the British Museum and he had the group of Aussies roaring in laughter!

Opening a new museum exhibition, Indigenous Australia, he spoke fondly of his youngest son, Prince Harry and his current post in Australia with the military. He had everyone laughing by using Aussie slang to recount some funny stories…

“Incidentally, my younger son, Harry, has in recent weeks gone walkabout with the Australian Army alongside Aboriginal soldiers who patrol, if you can believe it, nearly 700,000 square miles of land in the Northern Territory and in the Kimberley region of Western Australia.

I am told that the soldiers are from some 100 different Aboriginal language groups, yet are united in their love of “country” as well as in their extraordinary hunting and tracking skills.

I suspect my old Harry is pretty well acclimatised by now and will probably be eating Lamingtons, Vegemite sandwiches, iced Vo-vo’s and violet crumble bars – and may even be threatening to buy a pair of “budgie smugglers! 

Whatever the case Ladies and Gentlemen, I am sure he’ll be happy down under because of the Aussies’ fondness for ‘rangas’!”

So have a giggle at them chatting about “us Aussies” today!

What do you think is the most Australian thing about Australia? 

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  1. Good on you Charles and your lovely sons.Keep your sense of humour,it is the most important quality a person can have.

  2. Harry Hewitt must be proud

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    • Charles acknowledges Harry as his son that is good enough for me, we really don’t need snide remarks on his birth right. Are you sure who your father is Kempe?
      In the Jewish faith if born from a mixed marriage you are only regarded as a Jew if your mother is Jewish, because we can be fairly sure about our mother being our mother but never 100% about the father

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      • Actualy that makes Hitler a jew As his mother was jewish .

    • Check his eyes – he has his grandfather’s eyes.

  3. being a Ranga myself ( not anymore the white has taken over ) I know he will be much loved.He is just so down to earth and would rather be treated as an equal than a Royal.
    We want to keep him.❤️❤️❤️

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    • I love Harry for his done to earth attitude too and he has his mother’s caring nature. I bet he is having a great time here in Australia. Yes! We do love him.

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      • Perhaps we should make him King of Australia . Now wouldn’t that stick it to the republican movement .

  4. I am sure most aussies will appreciate Prince Charles has a sense of humour. I am not sure of how many languages are spoken by our traditional owners – but I am sure they will introduce him to some great traditional tucka. Our aboriginal women are great botanists and know what is good for us at the different seasons. Good luck Prince Harry and welcome to Australia.

  5. Very funny Charles. I didn’t know you had humour in you 🙂

  6. Hope Prince Harry enjoys his time with the Aussie Army and learns a lot. He seems able to “fit in” wherever he goes.

  7. Prince Harry has certainly grown into a very handsome man – with the giving, caring nature of his mother & down to life attitude, that unfortunately some of our royals do not possess. Very pleased to welcome him here in W.A. & should he wish to pop round for a cuppa or even a pint or two, to our humble abode – he would be more than welcome.

  8. I laughed when I heard these comments on the news , Prince Charles has always had a sense of humour and I am sure his son will be enjoying himself here .

  9. He is probably the most human of the royals.gets it from his fathers side .

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    • Which Father ? – Biological or Royal ?

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