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Catherine Mayer has written a biography on the life of Prince Charles. The biography titles, Charles: Heart Of A King has been incredibly controversial with claims that Charles’ outward activism and outspoken views deem question whether or not he is fit to one day be king. The book also makes claimed that the Royal family is ridden with fighting and unhappiness.

These kind of accusations in this portrayal have caused Prince Charles’s most senior aide to fight back. William Nye, the principle private secretary has written the below letter to The Times who are serialising the book…


There has been ill-informed speculation recently, in your columns and elsewhere, about the attitude of the Prince of Wales to the role of sovereign. His Royal Highness has always preferred not to comment on matters which relate to a future whose date is unknown, and would arise only after the death of his mother.

After half a century in public life, few could be better placed than His Royal Highness to understand the necessary and proper limitations on the role of a constitutional monarch. Should he be called to the throne, the Prince of Wales will be inspired by the examples of his mother and grandfather, while drawing also on his own experience of a lifetime of service. He will seek to continue his service to this country and the other realms, to the Commonwealth and to the wider world.

William Nye

Principal Private Secretary to Their Royal Highnesses The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall


So tell us, what do you think of this very personal approach to the publication? Do you think Charles is “fit” to be King one day? Share your thoughts in the comments below… 

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  1. A small typo there makes a difference to the context. “….really fit to be kind”. Assume it should be “king”.

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  2. Of course he is fit to be King. I,m fed up with the Royal family being denigrated, like some B grade movie star….it makes you wonder what the true agenda of these so called writers are…trying to bring them down,I think.

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  3. Leave poor bugger alone. I’m not a royalist but as I understand it, got nothing to do with wether fit to be or not. He has some v interesting views a lot of which I agree with.

  4. Unfortunately the title of Queen Camilla, doesn’t quite gel, maybe they should go directly to William when ER2 finishes her reign, but I want to see her eclipse her grandmother’s reign.

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    • Oops, missed a couple of Greats there, I do like. Queen Elizabeth, she was crowned in my birth year, so have a soft spot for her… 🙂

    • There is absolutely NO provision in British constitutional law for “they” (whoever “they” might be) to somehow skip a generation and, after the death of Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II, not have Charles as King. Further, Charles and Charles alone, will decide what his name will be when he is King – he will not necessarily be King Charles III (Kings Charles I and Charles II being from the Scottish Royal Stuart family).

    • While the Queen is fit and able to do her job I see no reason for her to step down. She has and is doing a wonderful job.

  5. I think it’s sad he must wait until his mother dies before he is crowned king . They blame the abdication on the reason for the Queens unwillingness to step down but she would have been queen anyway as the duke of Windsor never had children , so I find the reasoning a bit odd. He will make a perfectly fit king anyway and there is no precedent for skipping a generation and putting William on the throne for any reason

  6. Prince Charles will make a wonderful king if he isn’t too old when he takes the throne. The Queen’s mother lived to 101 and Queen Elizabeth is very healthy too.

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