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Did you know the average Australian has 297 friends? Maybe not actual friends, we’re talking about Facebook friends – you know, those little square faces that float across your wall along with cat videos, pithy comments and photos of breakfast.

This is one of the findings from the fifth annual Sensis report on social media usage in Australia, released this morning.

The report shows that Facebook still reigns supreme in the social media world, with 93% of users who are spending the equivalent of a whole working day – 8.5 hours – on the site each day.

More of us are checking in first thing in the morning (45 per cent) and just before bed (41 per cent), and with the vast majority accessing Facebook or other social media through an app on smartphones and tablets, we’re far more likely to be diving in when out and about. Social users connecting in cafes, on buses and at work is up to 32 per cent, that’s a 10 per cent increase from last year (hands up who got a new phone or iPad for Christmas!).

Another fascinating trend that’s up on last year is that we’re checking in more frequently. Almost a quarter of social media users will sneak a look more than five times a day.

Now it’s time for you to fess up! Take our poll and let us know about your social media usage. Are you a Frequent Facebooker? Do you check in when you’re out and about (or tucked in bed at night)?

We know Starts at 60 readers are social savvy so we’re really looking forward to seeing the results!

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Tell us: what’s you favourite thing about Facebook?

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  1. I love Facebook, my family are in different states and countries so it’s our way of staying connected. I love it. Always check in at breakfast to see how they are going in UK. Have a very small list of friends and family though, I can’t have people I don’t actually know on my list.

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  2. I love facebook but I don’t spend as much time as it seems, I have posts like SAS on notify and come an respond, it only take a few seconds to type in a comment and a few more to tick likes on others posts

  3. I love it. It is a great way to keep in touch with friends and relatives. I only have people I know on it though

  4. Facebook is a great place for making friends, in many ways it like real life, if your outgoing and friendly, you can make a lot of friends easily..if your withdrawn you will only keep the same base you always had

  5. I love it. Keeps me in touch with friends family and ex students worldwide.
    What I don’t like is that on two occasions I found out about the death of someone close to me, on Facebook!

  6. I love face book I get to write a lot and stay in tough with love ones all over the world and play lots of games keeps my Brian active

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    • Not that active Ann, apparently, – unless you have a special name for your BRAIN – of BRIAN !!

  7. Some people think Facebook is a great place to push their own agenda. Though it isn’t actually doing anything.

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