Malcolm Turnbull: unexpected star of the Mardi Gras 11



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Last night, Malcolm Turnbull became Australia’s first Prime Minister to attend the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

Sporting a pink shirt, Mr Turnbull became one of the night’s biggest stars, with supporters flocking to get selfies with the PM.

For the LGBT community and its supporters, this is certainly an encouraging step forward. However, his support was not quite the grand gesture it could have been. Mr Turnbull chose not to march in the parade itself, and of course, remains noncommittal on moving Australia forward with marriage equality.

This is my Prime Minister at our Mardi Gras!

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“You can’t be half arsed when it comes to equality,” said Opposition Leader Bill Shorten, who joined the march.

“The old Malcolm Turnbull would have marched in the parade but the new Malcolm Turnbull can’t march because he’s so in thrall to the right wing of his party”.

Mr. Shorten took the march, marking the first time an active leader of one of the two major parties has done so.

The social media reaction was similarly mixed. As voter pointed out: “Malcolm Turnbull has a hide turning up to Mardi Gras after doing nothing other than make life more difficult/hurtful for LTGBI people”.

“To paraphrase The West Wing: it’s not enough to say you’re protecting people’s rights, Malcolm, you have to actually do it”.

What do you think of Turnbull and Shorten’s support of the event. Is it the right way to send the right message?

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  1. They are both just drumming up voters and I hope most of the crowd vote for Labor!

  2. Strange how suddenly both parties are at the Mardi Gras, Shorten big noted himself by marching in the parade because Turnbull didn’t! They were both there seeking votes, neither of them care about Gays, heterosexual, bisexuals or asexuals as long as you vote for them. It’s all politics!

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    • Malcolm Turnbull has been attending the Mardigras for years now, so nothing unusual there!

    • Malcolm Turnbull has been attending the Mardigras for years. Nothing unusual there.

    • You know this for a fact do you? Bill Shorten had said he was going weeks ago, Turnbull only decided to turn up today, so your statement regarding that is incorrect.

  3. Bill just marched to get one up on Malcolm.
    Malcolm won’t be there next year ’cause the election is this year.
    Bill won’t be there next year, the new leader of Labor will be – might be Tanya – good luck with that one Tanya, get some tips from Julia.

  4. I believe it is a start from both political parties to show their support of the mardi gras as one day soon one of these leaders does have to make a ruling a gay marriage. Sylvia

  5. Ah! Our Malcolm, freind if all, decider of nothing. Did he bring his fence to set on.

    And what can you say about sooky shorten? Opportunist supreme.

    And we have to chose between them soon. What a depressing thought.

  6. Means nothing other than self interest , from both of them. Very poor we need some real leadership people who do what they say .Not just try to score points.

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