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Another day, another scam… Scammers are stepping up their game lately, with numerous reports about fake police emails being sent to hundreds of Australians enticing them to download malicious software onto their computers.

The Australian Federal Police has been forced to step in after an email scam began to circulate over the past few days.

The fake email is headed “you are invited to the law court by the judge because of an offense against the law” and asks the recipient to provide “all necessary information to the court”.

The email includes attachments which people are told to download to view their case file.

The AFP tweeted out a picture of the scam warning people to delete it immediately if they find it in their inbox.

“We are not inviting people to attend court,” the tweet read.

They also warned about giving out personal details to strangers online, saying many people have fallen for the convincing looking document.

“There are several links in the email which may be malicious. Don’t click on the links — delete the email from your inbox and deleted items folder immediately,” the statement said.

“Remember, the AFP does not send emails requesting court attendance.”

The warning comes at the same time a second fake AFP email is making its way around the internet.

This email tells people they need to pay a $150 traffic fine.

As soon as the email is clicked into, malware infects the persons computer rendering it inoperable.

If you think you may have received a suspicious or scam email you should report it to the Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network.

Police are encouraging people to share the message with their friends and family.

Have you ever received a scam email or phone call? Did you fall for it?

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  1. yes, I received an email from the AFP. I deleted it straight away.

  2. So many email scams that we might as well go back to letter writing. Perhaps its the Postal services that are doing it,getting thecustom back!

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  3. There is a scam with JB hi fi logo telling you to enter the draw for the latest iPhone. Once you enter for a dollar the take money out of your credit card. I threatened them by stating i had contacted Australian federal police cybercrime division…it worked the money went back into the bank and I now have a new account

  4. received back twice through pure persistance.

    Took a year in one case. Went to bank who got my funds back after 3 months because I used my credit card.
    My sister who had health issues and elderly was invited to go on a holiday package – something she was not capable of doing.
    After the family tried, I took over and sent emails to appropriate govt bodies handling scams inAustralia. They managed to get the funds back less $50 . The sum involved was I excess of $600.00
    My persistence paid off and I was extremely grateful for the assistance given to me online from the govt bodyI deal with.

  5. Have had the ATO phone call over and over. Put in complaints to teleco and AFP. No luck. They are still doing it. Very frightening the first time.

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    • register on the ‘do not call service’, for three years you will only get calls from charities etc. My three years have just run out and I am inundated with scams, change of gas, electricity, telephone services and last night an email telling me i was facing charges under the terrorism act but, if I paid a few hundred dollars they would drop the terrorist charges. Thankfully our protection personnel do not take money to drop charges. Now I am going to reregister with Do Not Call.

  6. In 2 days I got an e-mail from AFP, Australia Post & AGL Electricity-all scams.

    Deleted them all and deleted from computer altogether then did a Super Anti Spyware Scan to make sure.

  7. I used to get ones telling me when I was due to appear in court. I just deleted them as I hadn’t done anything to go to court about. It was in Melbourne and I don’t live there.

  8. Think I might send an email to a Nigerian offering him free Australian CentreLink benefits.

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    • Well said Greg. I .laughed at your coment

  9. In the last few days I have received 5 threatening messages from a guy with an identifiable Asian accent; he is angry and implores me not to ignore this message….that I owe a tax debt, that it needs to be paid immediately otherwise the police are coming to get me. He also tells me not to ignore him. It’s not so much this idiots’ use of the English language that bothers me, but he sounds so angry and threatening and his anger and threats intrude into my peaceful home via the telephone and is dreadful. I wish our AFP would track him down and take HIM to jail for real!

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    • Try recording the times he phones then contact your phone provider. They may be able to block him. So sorry that you are having to deal with that. Good luck.

  10. I received 2 emails fr AFP (not). Last week 2 days in a row I received 2 messages on landline phone strongly urging me to phone them.

  11. I receive these emails daily that say I owe money and an invoce is attached . They want me to pay the money within a short time eg 48 hours but if you hit ” reply” the emails bounce back. As we are a busness tey seem plausible . You should not pay unless you know the company and are aware of a debt.👵🏻
    Also they now actually ring me up and ask for the bill to be paid over the phone. Ask for the number and ring them back. Not a real nmber👵🏻

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