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Scott Morrison has some new plans for senior Australians but again, ordinary older Australians will be the ones who suffer.

It’s expected that later today he will discuss what can be done to make the superannuation system fairer for seniors who are approaching retirement, and build reform from the consensus.

But he’s also asked Australians to be resilient to the changes.

“These are obviously difficult days, there are lots of headwinds … we know that we have to swim against the tide in many respects but I think we are swimming against the tide incredibly well,” Mr Morrison told Sky News yesterday.

“(We want) a tax system that builds growth.

“I think there has been an opening up (of superannuation policy)”.

We know that Mr Morrison has been opening up the wounds that affect older Australians, with his decision to crack down on those over 60s with assets being slammed across the board.

National Seniors chief executive Michael O’Neill told The Courier-Mail that any new changes are inconsistent with the Treasurer’s new ‘work, save and invest’ mantra, and “In three years’ time super concessions will outstrip the cost of the age pension. It’s not unreasonable to look at the tax concessions on $1.5 or $2 million super balances.

“Super tax concessions, which have tripled in cost since 1999 to around $32 billion in 2015 and in 2018-19 will outstrip the age pension at $50 billion, remain untouched.

“Suggestions of limiting tax concessions on balances over $2 million are not unreasonable considering that the current average at-retirement superannuation balance is $198,000 for men and $112,600 for women”.

Mr O’Neill also believes that the attack on pensioners could encourage some to use up all the money they’ve saved and then live off taxpayer funds.

“The reality is tens of thousands of ordinary mid-to-low income older Australians who have worked and saved under a certain set of rules will in 18 months find themselves living off less than someone with no savings receiving a full pension,” he said.

On Tuesday, Ian Yates, chief executive of Council on the Ageing, told The Australian Financial Review that he welcomed Mr Morrison and Malcolm Turnbull putting superannuation taxes back on the table as part of a deeper look into retirement incomes. He also urged the government to abandon its ideas and assess pensions much more critically than they have.


So, over to you: Do you think Scott Morrison should be listening more to our issues? Does he need to change superannuation? Will it really become fairer?


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  1. I see Morrison’s face and I begin to worry straight away, I don’t believe anything he does will be in the best interests of baby boomers

  2. The 3 major parties have sent the so called ‘baby boomers (of which I am one) to the scrap heap & appear only interested in the problems of those overseas & future retired @ age 70. (You’ll never see a politician retire at age 70 as the retirement money they receive from the taxpayer is an exorbitant amount which is probably the only thing that all sides will agree on.
    “It is a F’k you Jack I’m alright attitude.”
    They are continually attacking pensioners as there is no way we can retaliate apart from changing our vote – to a different side with the same ideas.
    Sad, but I fear little can be done except maybe vote for the ‘sex party’, ‘shooters party’ & anyone else that is ‘out there’.
    I am sure that if anyone of the major 2 parties (Liberal & Labor – as the greens really are irrelevant) read this statement they wouldn’t give a shit nor care about the situation that current older people are in.
    Australia lucky, not anymore, especially current older persons.

  3. He has some new plans for Seniors ? that sounds ominous

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    • I am so sick of worrying and I might be going slightly insane from stress from this Government because I am sitting here telling myself

    • try not to stress, nearly time for the next election, tell everyone you know and we all vote them out

    • Come on all retired pensioners we worked hard all our bloody lives to be given disrespect from our bloody politicians…………let all take a stand and unite together to have our say enough is enough…………start stopping baby bonus…….stop the dole ….stop giving our money away to migrants……and think of your own first.

  4. Another idiot that thinks baby boomers are wealthy, this is what happens when people with accounting skills but nothing else are allowed to control peoples lives. This man is tarred with the same brush as the rest of the Lnp cronies, don’t give him an inch.

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  5. This is the same man who is still talking about raising the GST so he can give higher wage earners a reduction in income tax. All aimed at hitting the less well off while continuing concessions/benefits for the more wealthy.

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  6. he is going to screw those who cannot fight back, except for voting next year. People who rely on hard fought savings and no longer work, over 65. a typical bully boy.

  7. I think Old Scotty “”Loomed Large”” as they say in Racing circles but I feel his “”prescence”” and Wherewithal “” is dying on it’s run.With Abbott as PM he looked te Golden boy.Liberals are just playing musical chairs with their port folios sacking one and moving one from one portfolio to another.Kevin Andrews is an example and Hockey, they are in my opinion opting for the “”Moving target is harder to hit”” system and achieving NOTHING . Same as Keating when h3e got in a corner he would raise the FLAG issue .While I have your audience I was wondering can Muslim’s build mosqués on Native Title Land ?

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    • I hope not. If some have converted it probably is because they are not being heard by our government The politicians in this country are elected to a duty of care for the people of Australia. They should listen very carefully to all our people. Every human beinghas the right to make a choic and if they are not being heard by the ones who make the rules then they will turn to someone who wil listen.This is how the Muslims work .They get many conversions this way.

  8. For everyone that has their money in super I would like to know what happens to the dividends from all these investments, they certainly aren’t returned to the people saving their super for retirement, why not

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